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City/State: muskogee, OK
High School: Muskogee High School
College: Connors State College
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High School: Muskogee High School
College: Northeastern State University
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City/State: Muskogee, OK
High School: Muskogee High School
College: Tulsa Community College
ScreenName: kirklyneaton My name is Kirklyn Eaton. I am 17 years old and a senior at Muskogee High School. I plan on attending the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2011. [ More ]
City/State: Muskogee, OK
High School: Muskogee High School
College: University of Oklahoma
ScreenName: Auntiec HI! I am a second grade teacher in Montana. I love exploring the beautiful state I live in as well as reading and gardening. I would love to pay down my... [ More ]
City/State: Whitehall, MT
High School: Muskogee High School
College: Lesley University
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Subject: Re: Best frugal hack?

Forum: Best frugal hack?
Hey teebeetoo,

After reading your reply to my 5 grand in one store post, I think that I will change my mind and go with a college gift card! Putting that money towards and eventually paying off my student loan quicker would free up budgeted money for other things as well as go a long way towards peace of mind!! Double Win!! What a great idea!

I wish I had some great frugal tips to add to your post. But after reading some of your past posts and financial tips, I think you are on top of things! So, my tip to you is to consider blogging about this topic! I don't know how hard it is to break into it and to make money at it, but it seems to me like you'd be good at it! I've picked up several good tips from you!

As for me, I'm trying to live with intent and focus. I've got several financial goals to achieve and living and consuming with purpose and intent are helping me to realize them. It basically boils down to thinking about needs versus wants at this point and time in my life! It's not always easy let alone fun, but peace of mind is priceless!

Thanks for the forum. Good luck with your home ,, a challenging and satisfying project for sure!


Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to next week?

Forum: What are you looking forward to next week?
Hi Dymphie,

Wowza!!! What a plot twist story of getting your degree! That was no doubt a flurry of emotions! Just another reason to be so very proud of your accomplishment! Enjoy every second of it!

As to next week, I am just looking forward to enjoying life one day at a time! I don't have any big events next week. I am trying to slow down and take in my daily events and enjoy some holiday festivities each and every day! Time flies and I don't want the whole holiday season to go by without me really enjoying the best of it and the things that make it special to me! So, I will try to be living in the moment! :)

Congrats again!


Subject: Re: Do you go somewhere to see Christmas lights?

Forum: Do you go somewhere to see Christmas lights?
Hey Kyle,

First of all ,,, um ya, rolling up Santa's head in the window ,,, LOL literally! I can picture your sister having a near panic attack as Santa approached the window to be followed by a panicked Santa with his head stuck. The only that could have been better/worse was if would Santa have broken out in a flurry of cuss words! Bahaha! I bet you were surprised when you found gifts on Christmas morning!

I love to drive around and look at Christmas lights! I haven't come any huge displays around where I live, but the small ones are pretty too! The best display of lights that I have been to would be at the Phoenix and Tulsa Zoos.

Thanks for the forum and for the much needed laugh! If you are still studying for finals, good luck! If you are home ,,, enjoy!


Subject: Re: What is your major malfunction?

Forum: What is your major malfunction?
Hey Eman!

This made me LOL and gave me a much needed smile!

What is my major malfunction you ask? Well it is my ability to overthink everything! Ughhh ,,, I haven't always been like this and it's a bad habit that I am definitely working on changing! I need one of those statement t-shirts with "Wait, let me overthink this! On it.

As for quirky or foolish traits ,,, I am funny and dramatic ,,, I am a second grade teacher so I come by the performer side of me naturally! I've gotta keep 20ish kids engaged in order to learn and retain information. So, I guess I'm not afraid of being funny/goofy in front of a crowd!

Thanks for the laugh! And, I'm going to throw that question around this week!


Subject: 30 Minutes to Spend 5,000 in One Store ~ Go!!

Forum: 30 Minutes to Spend 5,000 in One Store ~ Go!!
Hey CNetters!

You have $5,000 to spend! The catch ,,, you can only shop at one store and you only have 30 minutes! Go!!!! Happy Shopping!:)

I'm going to Home Depot. I could use a new washer & dryer and a few other things for home repair. And, I'm sure my husband could find some tools that would be useful. I think I could drop 5 grand there in a hot minute let alone 30!

Where would you go to spend $5 grand in 30 minutes?