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Subject: Re: Do you read "for dummies" books?

Forum: Do you read "for dummies" books?
Hey Hey,

I have never used one. When I need to learn to do something, I usually google it or use youtube. My dad has actually used them before, but I don't know how much success he has had because he is not good at following directions. That just gets him in trouble a lot, LOL!

I can see the appeal, and maybe at some point I will use them, too. Our library has a bunch of them, so I would have easy access. I am glad they worked for you.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Extinct species

Forum: Extinct species
Hey Max,

Back before those species became extinct, the world was not mobile like it is now. You can find numerous examples of nonnative species "hitching a ride"with some traveler and ending up overtaking their new area because they have no natural predators. An example that is close to my area is the Asian carp. They traveled up the Mississippi River and entered the Great Lakes and are affecting the fishing and other industries and the health of the lakes. Bringing back extinct species could quite possibly have a similar, and maybe more dire consequence.

I think that we should put our efforts into preserving the species that are in danger of becoming extinct rather than bringing back tho ones that are already gone.

I agree with Cassie, it would be dangerous to mess with it.

Jurassic Park was kinda fun, but only in the movies.

Thanks for the forum,


Subject: Re: "What song is this, siri?"

Forum: "What song is this, siri?"
Hey Alex,

I do this all the time, even when I am driving with the radio on. This is such as awesome feature! I use Siri, too.

I wonder what people did before this technology was invented?

Have a great one,


Subject: Re: The big debate: soda or pop?!

Forum: The big debate: soda or pop?!
Hi BethRose,

Definitely a POP area here. If you say soda, you are referring to a treat with ice cream mixed with a sweet, carbonated beverage.

Kathy is right, there are lots of differences within our country, and English is hard enough to learn. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to be new to the country and have to learn all this?

Thanks for the forum, and have a good one!


Subject: Bubble gum machine memories

Forum: Bubble gum machine memories
Good morning!

Yesterday when I was at a store, I passed some bubble gum/toy machines and it brought back so many memories of being a little kid. I remember when I was in fourth grade the big deal was eraser pets. I played indoor soccer that winter and they had the machines at the building. Kids at my school used to give me money to get them some every time I went. After the game, my parents used to wait for more than a half an hour for me to feed all that money into the machines and get the goods for my classmates, my brother, and me. I think my brother still has some. For me, it was the pursuit of the "treasure" rather than the treasure itself that made it fun.

When I was in second grade, it was all about the pursuit of the red and purple gumballs. My least favorite was the orange ones, and I used to be really upset when I "wasted" my money on the orange ones.

Did you used to get stuff from bubble gum machines when you were a kid? Do you have a favorite memory?

Thanks for reading, and have a super Saturday!