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Subject: Re: How do you get your energy?

Forum: How do you get your energy?

Or soda, but mostly coffee! I love coffee I have it just about every morning. It helps to wake me up and get me going for the day.

I drink soda at night if I need to stay up later than usual. Sugary, sweet, and caffeinated goodness!


Subject: Re: Teachers on Social Media

Forum: Teachers on Social Media
I have a few teachers on Facebook. I have graduated already so I feel that is okay.

They find it so awesome seeing their students grow up into adults and I love seeing their comments and post as well.

One thing I did find out that a teacher of mine is gay, he posted it on Facebook. He had a could 'angry' reactions on the status by I'm guessing parents.

I can see how some parents may be upset for a teacher to post something like that for his students to see. I don't see anything wrong with it if the student is already graduated but it could come off as unprofessional.

Contact between teacher and student should be through email as stated alreay, not social media unless of course they are no longer your student.

Subject: Re: Do you ever skip showers?

Forum: Do you ever skip showers?
I try to shower everyday.

I say try because sometimes I do skip a day but it is not that often. If I do absolutely nothing that day I probably won't shower.

I just bought new bubble bath soap from Bath and Body Works so even if I do nothing that day I still take a bubble bath because I love the smell!

As for the dry skin I just use a bunch of lotion, I have to be careful because I do have eczema and my skin dries out VERY FAST. I can't help it though I love bubble baths!


Subject: Re: Blocking Someone

Forum: Blocking Someone
I never really had to block anyone, unless it was a spam account.

On Facebook I tend to share mostly dog pictures and funny memes, I don't comment or read up on much drama so I don't really have anyone to block lol. A lot of my friends from high school use Instagram more also.

I feel like unfriending someone would be just as effective, unless that person is harassing you of course.


Subject: Re: Disney :)

Forum: Disney :)
Oh my!

I LOVE Disney! This is a hard question for me because I love all of the Disney princesses, they each have their own unique personalities.

I would say that Frozen is my favorite Disney movie though, my favorite character would have to be Anna because she is funny, cute, sweet, and smart! I also really love Olaf in that movie he is super cute!

Ariel from The Little Mermaid is another good one. She has a great personality as well.