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Subject: Re: worst sickness symptoms T-T

Forum: worst sickness symptoms T-T
Ahhh Eskay,

We were just talking about not getting sick. This stinks!

Honestly, I really hate when I have to wipe my nose so constantly that it starts to hurt. I would rather have it plugged. I'm more of a mouth breather anyway.

But I don't think either are as bad as coughing with a sore throat or coughing with a headache.

The pain that my throat and head feel when trying to cough through soreness is pure torture. And not being able to sleep because every time I start to doze, I get tickles in my throat and another cough attack and then my head pounds harder. Yea, nightmare.

So on that note, I would rather my nose run and run or be plugged. A little bit of Vaseline helps the nose burn and I can breathe through my mouth. But nothing seems to help the pain of coughing with a sore throat or headache.

I hope you get better soon and have a lovely day!!


Subject: Re: Have you ever taken pain pills?

Forum: Have you ever taken pain pills?
Hi Falconmarie,

I've taken vicodin a couple of times in my life. And they pretty much had the same effect on me as they did you. They made me sleep, very heavily. And I woke up feeling groggy.

I was given them for my wisdom teeth removal (all 4, plus 4 mollars), and 2 different minor surgeries I had in the past. I took off of work each time as I knew the healing would take a couple of days, so I was kind of glad I was able to sleep through the misery.

I didn't get scared of getting addicted to the pain pills when I took them because I didn't like how they made me feel. I just liked the fact I didn't have much pain. If I remember correctly, I never even finished any of the prescriptions I had.

Other than those few occasions, I don't take any sort of pain pills. I'm pretty healthy but when I do have aches, pains or headaches, I can usually cure it with a heating pad, a massage from my husband and/or a nap.

Hope you heal fast and have a lovely day!!


Subject: Re: Credit Scores...The Mysterious Magic Numbers.

Forum: Credit Scores...The Mysterious Magic Numbers.
Hi Heather,

The passed couple of years, I have been working really hard on improving my and my husband's credit score for the same reason. We would love to own a home one day.

My score is important to me, as is my husband's because his effects me too.

I have two major credit cards that I use to help build our credit's and they both allow me to keep up with our score's and alert me of any new activity. It only updates our score once a month but it sends an email immediately if there is any new activity.

I love the feature and definitely take advantage of it.

I don't think it's totally fair to do a credit check for jobs unless the job is handling money because someone who doesn't have good credit could be a darn good worker. But what do I know.

I think my credit score seems to be quite accurate for my debt to income radio. I do see it slowly rising though and it is so darn exiting.

Good luck and cheers to building our credit's ^▪^

Have a great day!!


Subject: Re: How r u?

Forum: How r u?
Hi Karlie,

Glad to see you back! I saw you were on vacation with your brother. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

At this very moment I'm feeling a bit blah. It's still quite early and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet but I am looking forward to my day.

I have a busy day at work and this always excites me because it makes my day fly by. I have a couple of regular clients scheduled today too. They always make my day great.

We also took out the fall and Halloween decorations at work on Monday so I'm stoked to put those up.

Responding to this post has me excited for my day now. Thanks!!

Have a good one!!


Subject: Re: Sleep Apnea...

Forum: Sleep Apnea...
Thanks for responding Christy. I really appreciate it. It is frightening but I do have hopes we will have this under wraps soon.

My husband isn't over weight but I am big on natural remedies and have tried so many different oils, diets, sleep positions, different pillows, 3 mattresses etc and nothings helped him. It's when I noticed he stops breathing that I became a wreck over this and made him do the study.

He indeed needs a machine to aid his breathing, it's figuring out which one will be best for him since he's a bit more complicated.

Early congratulations on your final win this afternoon. I really hope you still visit us and keep us posted on your journey.  Take care.