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Subject: Re: Amusement Parks?

Forum: Amusement Parks?

When I was younger, I loved amusement parks! Even now, I love the water slides but I am too old to go on rides where you get spun around. When I was younger, I used to laugh at my sister for throwing up after the ride. Now that I think of it, I also had to control the urge to laugh when my wife hurled on the Ferris Wheel. But it's not so funny when you are the one who feels sick. As I write I have flash-backed to a summer evening when my ex, my two daughters and I all went down the water slide at the same time. Between the four of us there had to be 400lbs. of human on the tube. Can you imagine a 400lb. fat guy riding down the water slide? That was us. You could tell we were accelerating because each time we came to a curve we went higher up on it just like NASCAR drivers do. When we got to the pool at the end we flipped and my two year old went flying. I laughed but neither she nor my ex found it funny. Good times!

Say, while I am thinking of it, thank you so much for your response to my forum on how to register new voters! I went to the headcount website and found it valuable. Thanks Matt!

Subject: Re: Sleep

Forum: Sleep

I average a little over six hours a night. I keep thinking I should do something about that but I'm not sure what I can stop doing. Meantime, to make up for it, I often nap in my car. I've slept in parking lots and rest areas. I've also slept on the floor during breaks at work, I've fallen asleep while getting my hair cut, I've fallen asleep sitting up in my chair during mixing sessions in recording studios.

When you work nights either because you work late or start early, it often interferes with your circadian rhythm. Your brain knows what time it is and expects to sleep on its own schedule. It is not good for you to force it to accommodate a different schedule. Sometimes for work or school we need to do so anyway. Take naps!

Subject: Re: How Good Is Your Memory?

Forum: How Good Is Your Memory?

When I hit submit the software repositioned everything. All the notes in the spaces were shoved back so they are left justified. The correct order of pitches is B E C F G D C E

Subject: Re: How Good Is Your Memory?

Forum: How Good Is Your Memory?

You already know this but it bears repeating, music aids memory. If it were my account number or password and I had to remember 03145980, I would turn it into a melody. If I translate this into solfege it works like this. 1 is Do, 2 is Re, 8 is Do up an octave and 0 is either Ti one half step below Do or Mi a Major 10th above depending on which is easier to sing. The number 03145980 becomes:

Ti Mi Do Fa Sol Re Do Mi. Or, if you can read treble clef it looks like this:



At any rate, we all need a code to transfer short term memory into long term and music works.

Subject: Re: Give Thanks

Forum: Give Thanks

I'm thankful that I drove home last night without getting sleepy! I was up late (for me) Friday night, got up early Saturday and then had an out-of-town gig. I was sleepy on the way there and rather grouchy knowing that it would take two hours to load in and set up, four hours for the gig, an hour to load out and then the drive home which would take a little more than an hour. Even on a good day, I honestly don't know why anyone would want me at a party and yesterday....fuggedaboutit. When I wasn't playing I was trying to find someplace where it was quiet.

So anyway, on the drive home I kept expecting to fall asleep. I was ready to roll the windows down, crank the radio, take off my clothes and if all else failed, someone I know had a suggestion that can't be mentioned online. But I didn't need any of that. When you are alone driving at night and tired, sleep is like a monster that lives in the woods and you are at a campfire looking around wondering "is it out there?" Last night, I was spared, didn't even feel drowsy and I am thankful! And then I slept for seven hours without waking up! Double bonus! I'm on a roll!