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Subject: Re: Are your parents religious?

Forum: Are your parents religious?
I was raised a Christian and could recite all the Books of the New Testament when I was four. Since I could also recite entire psalms in front of the church school class (even with the other kids trying to distract me) since I never did anything wrong and the Sunday School teacher loved me, I actually thought I WAS Jesus and it was only a matter of time until my secret came out. Then of course, life happened over and over and in time I realized I was wrong.

I would be more lonely and frightened (than I already am) if I did not believe in God. But I did not make a priority of instilling religion in my kids, I wanted them to choose and they are still in the process. Meanwhile, they tolerate my need to pray from time to time. I don't often discuss faith with friends mostly because these days Christians are thought to support the monster, the white patriarchy, nationalism and guns. I have difficulty believing in, much less worshiping, a God who is in favor of any of that crap.

I agree with the need to nourish ones spiritual self, I believe in God, I know I have a sinful nature that follows me as my shadow does, it makes sense that I need salvation and redemption. On the other hand I can not accept salvation as carte blanche for wanton sin and social darwinism. Far too many of my Christian friends and relatives seem to have no problem with that. The rational side of my brain that knows right from wrong and that sees what Christians are capable of as a group wants no part of Christianity.

Here's what I mean. 1) White Christian men invent machines that lead to an Industrial Revolution. 2) The machines burn great amounts of fossil fuels 3) The burning of such fuels leads to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere but the White Christian men say they are entitled to continue 4) Ocean levels rise as the planet warms 5) A billion people live at sea level 6) A storm greater than any we have ever seen bears down on Bangladesh 7) A million people die in the span of 30 minutes 8) White Christian men offer their thoughts and prayers. Think that's far fetched? I have $10 that says it will happen during your lifetime.

Assuming God is not - pardon my French - a retard, what reaction would you expect from such a being? So I wonder some times, am I a Christian? Do I still want to be one?

Subject: Re: Green or black olives?

Forum: Green or black olives?
I love all kinds of olives, black and green! I love the taste, the texture, the salt, you name it. The only thing I dislike is the pits. I'm missing a molar partly as the result of biting into a pit. My former girlfriend made me a salad for lunch and included olives with pits. SInce I had less than five minutes to eat, I tried to wolf it down, bit into one of the olives and it cracked the crown the dentist had put on the molar.

Subject: Re: Is this racist?

Forum: Is this racist?
Racist? Yes. Surprising? No. Since we learn how to behave from our parents, we acquire our parents' attitudes in the process. As a parent, I did my best to teach my daughters to accept others, to value diversity and to look for the good in all people. Yet I noticed one day that their dark skinned doll was, more often than not, the villain in their play. I don't know how it all comes about, but I do know that the first step in solving a problem is to admit that it exists. All too often, Americans are in denial of the problem.

One sure sign of denial is when we rationalize our behavior. When someone starts a sentence "I'm not racist but...." you can stop listening because what follows is sure to be bullshit. All of us are affected by racism, not just the "bad" people. If I leave my house at night and there is a strange young black male on the sidewalk, I go back in. That's racism. It's not my fault, I'm not "bad", I didn't start it but it is still racism. If I were living in the midst of a bunch of people who were sick with the flu and then I caught the flu, it wouldn't be anyone's fault. We don't need to blame anyone.

If my one of my daughters had chosen a black doll as a gift for a friend or relative, I would not have tried to correct them. But I would be nervous for their sake that somehow the gift might not be appreciated. In this case, it seems as though some of the guests had a problem. I wonder, how many of them would admit it now?

Subject: Re: How do you help when someone isn't ready for it?

Forum: How do you help when someone isn't ready for it?
This has to be the hardest question I have read on C-NET. I would have an easier time answering a question like this:

lim (8 - 3x + 12x2)

In your case, I think that somehow your friend needs to empathize rather than sympathize but I have no idea how one actually does that. In similar situations, I tend to sympathize. In other words I am better at working with things rather than with people. I give your friend lots of credit for handling what seems to me an impossible task. Tell your friend I said that in his/her next life to stick to easy stuff like differential calculus.

Subject: Re: What what your parents do?

Forum: What what your parents do?
Parenting is tough. Like much of life, it is like a game of rock-paper-scissors only in parenting the choices are reward, punish ignore. If I take your example and substitute my mom and myself as the actors, under the circumstances, my mom would have slapped my face, probably more than once (unless I dodged first). I laugh when I think of how many times I was hit, how many times I had my mouth washed out with soap, the spankings, the occasional belt, being sent to my room, grounded etc. Those were the days! The story my kids like best is when I was a child, learning a piece on the piano and my mom sat next to me with a stick waiting for a mistake. If I goofed, she hit my fingers with the stick! Decades later as my mom was dying of Parkinson's Disease, I told her how proud I was to be her son, what a good mom she had been to me, etc. You know what? She remembered the hitting stuff, it was like a ghost that haunted her. I told her I had deserved it and at any rate, I couldn't help but laugh when I remembered, it's ok mom, you didn't do anything wrong....

With my own kids, I waited until they did something good and then I made sure I rewarded them. Like the lady in the store, I tended to ignore bad behavior. I could never have hit my kids for fear of being haunted with the memories. And my daughters turned out just fine! I kept waiting for them to rebel or something - e.g, smoke, drink, have sex, not come home - and they never did. The younger one swore at me a few times but I can see why (that's another story). Their mother and I did not just praise the good behavior, we nurtured the good behavior as though we were tending a garden. And I know it was part luck too. Much of my life has been a failure, but I helped to raise two beautiful people.

If you are lucky enough to have kids of your own, you will see that the task of raising them is the hardest thing you can ever do. Day by day, you will pour your life into theirs. If you could watch a video of my parenting, you'd find my mistakes. You would also see my kids lying on top of me while I read their favorite stories and made the animal noises. But I guess the point is, when I see kids that don't know how to act in public, I suspect the parents aren't spending enough time with the kids.