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Subject: Re: When a stranger calls out...

Forum: When a stranger calls out...
I've never said anything like that, I don't think I know how to do it. The only way I think I ever hit on a woman was in writing and no one has ever cat called me. I laugh to think that there must have been times when women came on to me and I'm so clueless I didn't know what they meant.

Have you ever brought food to the beach and then been swarmed by sea gulls? No doubt you shouted "Get away!' because after all you did not bring all that food to the beach just to feed the sea gulls. When a young, attractive woman walks by and the men act like sea gulls at the beach, I can't say I'm surprised. It just shows you that boys (and I do mean "boys") don't know how to act.

Subject: Re: How do you anchor yourself?

Forum: How do you anchor yourself?
I have come to accept that my life is more than half over, that there were some things that could only be done in the first half and that I will not be able to slow the march of time. While I still can, I mend fences with people, rekindle old friendships, I compose and record music in the hopes that one of my songs will outlive me, I work so that, eventually, my family will be better off financially. I pay forward the debts that I incurred while I was younger.

I exercise often because I want to live until I die. I don't want to be the guy sitting in the chair watching others live. Although I won't be in any triathlons this year, I am at the point where I can swim indefinitely without having to catch my breath. That took a while! I try to accomplish something small in a short period of time that could lead to a larger accomplishment. I think that is how I managed the swimming. 30 minutes here and there and then one day I realized I didn't have to stop any more.

I still look back and sometimes the memories hurt me. And then I remember to focus on the present. Sometimes, do you catch yourself in a memory and then realize "Bother! How much time did I just waste deliberately making myself feel bad about a mistake that is many years old?" That's when you realize, the present is our anchor.

Subject: Re: 911-Have you ever had to call?

Forum: 911-Have you ever had to call?
A former girlfriend threatened suicide after I told her we were done as a couple. She phoned the threat as I was on my way to a rehearsal (where else?) Any way, I was in the rehearsal but distracted so finally I apologized to the other band members and called the Suicide Hotline. They take every call seriously and transferred the call to 911. I described the problem as I was driving back to her apartment. By the way, it is illegal to talk on your phone while driving but when you're talking to 911 they don't care. The police arrived at the apartment before I did. Girlfriend had overdosed on Oxycontin and vodka and was in a coma. The ambulance pulled away as I drove up. If I had not called when I did, she would not have made it.

Subject: Re: Who Gets to Be American?

Forum: Who Gets to Be American?
Imagine you are in a lifeboat the night the Titanic sinks. There are a few seats left in your boat, but you are not sure how many more survivors can safely fit before risking the lives of the people aboard. For some of us, our own survival is paramount, we stiffen our resolve, we watch our brothers and sisters die of exposure or drowning. After all, it is "our" boat. Others will attempt to save every life possible even if they take too many people aboard. Ideally, if the disaster had not been a surprise, we could have worked out a decision-making strategy e.g., is a woman's life more valuable than a man's? is a child's life more valuable than an adult's? Too often, in the heat of the moment, it becomes every man for himself. The US needs an immigration policy that allows as many people as possible to become citizens without risking the health and well-being of our own kids. But we don't agree what that point is because we are as emotional as the survivors of the Titanic.

This nation was founded by white people who systematically exterminated the natives in order to make room for more white people. If there is a God, that being knows the truth of the previous statement. Aside from the survivors of that genocide, there is no one in the Western Hemisphere who can claim "this is my country." If you buy stolen merchandise on the cheap and are confronted by its rightful owner, you do not get to say "well, I paid for this, it is mine and it has been in my family for generations." That defense is worthless in property law, it follows that it should be worthless in immigration court. America was stolen from the original Americans. How does the saying go? "No one is illegal on stolen land." Something like that? Don't talk to me about "illegal" immigrants when we both know full well your great grandparents just showed up same as the Mexicans.

This harangue will last forever unless young and non-white people get off their collective, complacent and sometimes idealistic ass and VOTE!!!!!! Old white Americans think they own the place. The problem is, apparently, so do the rest of us. Young people think the country belongs to the old. Non-whites think the country belongs to the whites. The day we shift that paradigm, all of the monsters go away, just like the end of Lord of the Rings. Trump, Pence, Sessions, DeVos et al. gone. Dreamers become citizens, religious nuts are marginalized. We can still have a happy ending.

Subject: Re: What's your complete focus?

Forum: What's your complete focus?

Good luck on your exam! As I get older, it seems to take longer for me to focus on anything. But the thing I end up focusing on is music. I have gigs where, for financial reasons, I have to play the bass and the keyboard parts at the same time. It is the only time I have ever broken a sweat while playing the keyboard. Your brain processes chunks of songs and each hand has a plan similar to what a sports team might practice. For example, the left hand executes a line while the right hand arpeggiates a chord while adding one or two non harmonic tones to spice things up. Before each chunk is over, you need to anticipate the next one. Sometimes the chunks are only a measure long, each measure is about two seconds long and there are 32 chunks in a song. It feels like you're a character in a Star Wars movie using the force and your light saber to parry the blasts from the enemy. Only in Star Wars, no one ever makes a mistake.

Here's a tip for focusing. Sit very still, control your breathing as though you are hiding from something or someone the way an animal does when it sees you are near. Don't think about anything. When I do this, I realize I was thinking about something unrelated to the task at hand. Do I need to go grocery shopping? What's that new sound my car makes? Will humanity pollute the earth so much that all my grandchildren will die? All of these are important and, arguably, more important than whatever I am about to do. But since none of them is relevant, it is important that I put them all away. Take control of yourself, then you can focus.