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ScreenName: laner423 [ More ]
City/State: Garrison, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: Mount Saint Mary College
ScreenName: luringattraction I'm grateful to CNet and the people who have voted for me. I'm thrilled to have won CNet scholarships. CNet is the best kept secret. I've learned new things,... [ More ]
City/State: New York, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: New York University
Pace Univ at New York City
Pace Univ at Pleasantville
ScreenName: fa1th3rs I finally finished school last year and am embarking on that exciting journey of repaying student loans! Can I get a whoop whoop!? [ More ]
City/State: Sunnyside, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: SUNY Coll at Purchase
ScreenName: arianadawn Hi! I'm Ariana. I am a junior Psychology and Spanish major at RWC. I aspire to work with children with developmental disabilities in the future after (or... [ More ]
City/State: Peekskill, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: Roberts Wesleyan College
ScreenName: Samanthapuff [ More ]
City/State: Cortlandt Manor, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School

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Subject: RBF

Forum: RBF
For anyone unfamiliar with the term, Resting Bitch Face is when you look kind of angry/annoyed all the time. I definitely get it when I'm concentrating at work and I used to have a co-worker (a female one mind you) who would see me clearly focusing on something and say "Smile Faith, it's not that bad!". Which would only serve to change my expression to Active Bitch Face because now my train of thought was gone!

Do you think you have RBF? Does it bother you when people try to "cheer" you up?

Subject: Re: What shoe brand are you wearing today?

Forum: What shoe brand are you wearing today?
A pair of black pumps I got on clearance for $20 at DSW lol. The only shoe I bought by the brand name were my Doc Martens because I like the look and they are a great deal. Otherwise I just buy what looks good, feels comfortable, and is relatively affordable (i.e. $30 or less).

Subject: Re: Is it harder being a girl or boy?

Forum: Is it harder being a girl or boy?
I'm going to say girl (for the most part). I feel like girls have higher expectations imposed on them at a better age- we "mature faster" so if we're being silly or loud or disruptive in some way we get punished because we're supposed to know better. Same goes for how we dress, because apparently poor boys can't get anything done if there's a female body present so we have to sacrifice our comfort for the sake of boys and possibly disrupt our education if we get sent home to change while theirs remains protected. Girls are favored as baby-sitters at a younger age because apparently we're designed to know instinctively how to rear children.

It's incredible to me the duality of opinion people have about gender. On the one hand, by the way we protect them boys are favored and possibly seen as superior, but the justifications of those procedures make them sound so fragile. Conversely, women are lauded for being strong and independent until it goes against the things white cis-males feel comfortable with, then we're hysterical or irrational or man-hating or sluts.

Subject: Re: Occupation

Forum: Occupation
I'm a legal assistant, which is basically a junior paralegal. I do a lot of formatting/editing documents, legal filings, minor research and document retrieval as well as managing the firm calendar and keeping the attorneys on their deadlines. I like it a lot because I feel that I'm doing substantial work. I also don't have much contact with clients so I don't have to constantly have my Customer Service Face on and it allows me to focus on the task at hand rather than the impression I'm making.

Subject: Re: Have you ever considered becoming vegan?

Forum: Have you ever considered becoming vegan?
I wouldn't intentionally do it but I would go days where I was eating vegetarian/vegan for the sake of expediency and economy. For instance I usually have a lot of coconut oil around because I make my own body scrubs/lotion bars so I felt like buying butter was just redundant. I'm not a huge milk-drinker so I buy almond milk because it has a long shelf-life and I don't have to worry about it going bad before I make my next batch of pancakes.

I don't know that I could go fully vegan because I love cheese. I always have a block of mozzarella or cheddar in my fridge and will cut off a chunk when I'm still a little hungry but don't want to eat a lot before bed- or for a snack between meals when I'm feeling super hungry. And even though I don't bake often, I'm too lazy to find an alternative for eggs.