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ScreenName: laner423 [ More ]
City/State: Garrison, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: Mount Saint Mary College
ScreenName: luringattraction I'm grateful to CNet and the people who have voted for me. I'm thrilled to have won CNet scholarships. CNet is the best kept secret. I've learned new things,... [ More ]
City/State: New York, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: New York University
Pace Univ at New York City
Pace Univ at Pleasantville
ScreenName: fa1th3rs I finally finished school and am embarking on that exciting journey of repaying student loans! Can I get a whoop whoop!? [ More ]
City/State: Sunnyside, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: SUNY Coll at Purchase
ScreenName: arianadawn Hi! I'm Ariana. I am a junior Psychology and Spanish major at RWC. I aspire to work with children with developmental disabilities in the future after (or... [ More ]
City/State: Peekskill, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School
College: Roberts Wesleyan College
ScreenName: Samanthapuff [ More ]
City/State: Cortlandt Manor, NY
High School: Walter Panas High School

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Subject: Re: Are we too over-politicized?

Forum: Are we too over-politicized?
It seems that we use the term "political" as if it's synonymous with "agreeable". There's no denying that there are often ugly things said in political discourse, but that doesn't mean we should abandon the conversation. We need to stop labeling dialogues that make us uncomfortable "political" in an attempt to guilt people into silence.

Subject: Your Right to Assemble

Forum: Your Right to Assemble
When was the last time you participated in a protest? Do you actively seek them out or do you join if it's convenient?

I participated in a march last night in support of Attorney General Robert Mueller. I'm fortunate in that it was only 2 subway stops away from my job so after work I hopped on the train and joined the protesters for a few blocks before going home.

I almost didn't go, despite the convenience, because no one else was going with me, I wasn't feeling all that great and I didn't have a sign. But then I asked myself how I'll react when protesting is no longer convenient but is absolutely necessary.

Subject: Re: What is the best concert you have been to?

Forum: What is the best concert you have been to?
So far I think my favorite show was seeing Iron Maiden play at Barclays. The opener was a band called Ghost, which I love, and they performed live just like they do on the album. But in person the singer takes on a silly, pseudo-formal persona and almost has the dinner-theater exchange with the audience so it's really capitvating.

And Iron Maiden killed it of course. Lots of cool light effects, great music, good anecdotes between sets. It was a great show!

Subject: Re: Bliss vs. Power

Forum: Bliss vs. Power
Yes, knowledge can be painful, that's why people find the news so depressing.

But, knowledge can also liberate you from fear. Fear of failure or other dangers often prohibits us from living up to our full potential. But when we realize that taking a risk by entering a contest won't kill us, we may find that we win. Or when we learn that people from different ethnic, religious, etc. backgrounds are still people who don't intend to harm us, our communities thrive because of mutual respect and trust.

In those cases, I would say that ignorance is actually more painful.

Subject: Re: Will You Post On CNet After You Graduate?

Forum: Will You Post On CNet After You Graduate?
Congratulations to bluedolphin on graduating and to you Song for getting so close!

I don't think I will be visiting here once I graduate. I still have a long time before that happens but now the only way to motivate myself to make time to post is because I know it's worth it to help me with my financial goals.

I enjoy reading people's responses, especially since there are some really well-articulated ones, but life can be rather busy and when you have obligations it can be hard to make time for something that doesn't give you an immediate benefit.