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ScreenName: Caitlin Hunter My objective is to major in Accounting and earn a bachelors/masters degree in a five year period. [ More ]
City/State: Endwell, NY
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: University at Albany/SUNY
Binghamton University/SUNY
University of Scranton
ScreenName: justval420 im not sur what this is all about but i know college is expensive! my county and surrounding counties have gone thru a natural disaster in sept .....the... [ More ]
City/State: endicott, NY
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: lTomasl | Irish/Filipino | 25 | Freelance Writer | Humanist | Music Geek | Advertising & Photography http://www.sohowarethings.tumblr.com (not active with... [ More ]
City/State: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
ScreenName: follybeach [ More ]
City/State: Charleston, SC
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Broome Community College
Binghamton University/SUNY
Trident Technical College
ScreenName: smithcl7 I am expected to attend South College's Accelerated BSN program this January. Becoming a nurse has been a long dream of mine and I am excited as I embark... [ More ]
City/State: Knoxville, TN
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Clarkson University
South College-Knoxville

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Subject: Re: Famous

Forum: Famous
Hey Le Penguin!

I honestly would need to know what I was becoming famous for. If it was for the right reasons (not like Kim Kardashian *cough*) then I would probably be okay with becoming famous overnight. I understand that it comes with a lot these days, paparazzi, tabloids, people judging your every move; however I feel like I would be able to use it for positive factors. If I were to become famous I would love to visit schools for public speaking and donate to charities. Some of my favorite life experiences have been when I volunteered my time to help others who were less fortunate. I’m sure there would be some obstacles along the way, but to me I’ve never backed down from a challange and I think a lot of the fame could be used to better the world.

Thanks for the topic!

Subject: Fit for the Field

Forum: Fit for the Field
Hey CollegeNet,

I was talking to my classmate the other day about our experiences as Nursing Assistants. We got on the topic about how it is a known fact that America has become the most obese country in the world. With this fact most of the patients in hospitals easily weight over 200lbs. This fact brought up an interesting issue to me.

Do you think nurses and medical professionals should be able to pass a basic fitness test of some sort? Nurses and nursing assistants are often the ones lifting and moving patients during their stay at the hospital. Do you think it is wise, for their safety and for the safety of the patient, that they be required to pass a fitness test before being able to work on certain floors?


Subject: Re: Onion Rings vs. French Fries

Forum: Onion Rings vs. French Fries
Hey Bluedolphin,

For me this answer is simple.... ONION RINGS!! I have always been a huge fan of onion rings ever since I was little. As an adult, I have even gone to legnths to go to two separate places of fast food so I can have onion rings as a side with my burger or chicken nuggets of choice. For me, at the end of the day nothing beats a nice beer battered ring with a salty onion in the middle.

Thanks for the post!

Subject: Re: Network Marketing

Forum: Network Marketing
Hey Nathan!

I really like this topic. I personally am not a fan of network marketing. I understand it works well for some people, but I feel like for the majority of people it wastes a lot of their time and money. Personally I participated in network marketing without even knowing it! I was applying for a job after graduation and I company described the position as an “entry-level position with room for advancement”. There was numerous parts of the interview but I assumed it was because they were picky about who they hired, so naturally I was excited when I got the job. Low and behold, I found out the only way to advance in the company was to convince more people to apply “train them” as your team and then eventually use your own money to start another “branch” somewhere else. At this point I did more research into the company and found out that they were considered “network marketing”.

I found a problem with this because I had always pictured network marketing as Avon or Rodman & Fields, never as something that could essentially scam new graduates into thinking they landed a great job. That’s my opinion on the matter and it is based heavily off my experience. Like I said some people do have success with this kind of a job but I personally have yet to meet someone who has been successful.

Thanks for the topic!

Subject: Re: Your name

Forum: Your name
Hey Tom,

In a way, I’m named after my dad. My Mom and Dad both came up with my first name together and naturally I inherited my Dad’s last name. However, since I am a girl and will most likely take my husbands name when I marry, my parents decided to let me carry on my fathers name in a different way; his middle name. I really liked this idea because people tell me all the time how I look so much like my mom but I identify a lot with my dad too! I feel like by carrying his middle name, I carry a part of him along with me even after I change my last name. This idea has also inspired me to carry on the middle name when I have children one day.

Thanks for the topic!