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ScreenName: Caitlin Hunter My objective is to major in Accounting and earn a bachelors/masters degree in a five year period. [ More ]
City/State: Endwell, NY
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: University at Albany/SUNY
Binghamton University/SUNY
University of Scranton
ScreenName: justval420 im not sur what this is all about but i know college is expensive! my county and surrounding counties have gone thru a natural disaster in sept .....the... [ More ]
City/State: endicott, NY
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: lTomasl | Irish/Filipino | 25 | Freelance Writer | Humanist | Music Geek | Advertising & Photography http://www.sohowarethings.tumblr.com (not active with... [ More ]
City/State: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
ScreenName: follybeach [ More ]
City/State: Charleston, SC
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Broome Community College
Binghamton University/SUNY
Trident Technical College
ScreenName: smithcl7 I am expected to attend South College's Accelerated BSN program this January. Becoming a nurse has been a long dream of mine and I am excited as I embark... [ More ]
City/State: Knoxville, TN
High School: Union Endicott High School
College: Clarkson University
South College-Knoxville

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Subject: Santa Spirit

Forum: Santa Spirit
Hey Collegenet!

With the holidays right around the corner I’d like to know what your experience was like when you found out the “secret” about Santa?

How did you find out?

How did you take it? We’re you crushed or did you suspect?

How would you teach your kids about Santa in the future?



Subject: Re: Drawing a blank

Forum: Drawing a blank
Hey mistervancleef,

I try not to over think it. Some days I feel like I post in depth debate topics and other days I just make a post about something I’m genuinely curious about just to get opinions! I wouldn’t over think it too much and just post what feels the most natural to you!


Subject: Re: Wednesday Weekend

Forum: Wednesday Weekend
Hey karajos629!

The last thing I ate was a chickpea chicken salad I made for lunch! I’ve been trying to eat vegan as much as a can lately and this is one of my favorites!!


Subject: Re: Goldfish or cheese-its?!

Forum: Goldfish or cheese-its?!
Hey courtcong!!!

Definitely cheez-it’s for me!! I’ve always been a fan ever since I was a kid because they are packed with that salty cheese flavor!!


Subject: Re: What is yor middle name?

Forum: What is yor middle name?
Hey jawarrior876,

My middle name is Lee, I really like it because I feel like if flows with my first name. I also am proud of it because it was my dad’s middle name. Since I was a girl and typically wouldn’t carry on our last name he and my mom gave me his middle name, which I always thought was pretty cool!