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ScreenName: lisamb [ More ]
City/State: Rockaway, NJ
High School: Morris Hills High School
College: University of Vermont
ScreenName: jcrev [ More ]
City/State: rockaway, NJ
High School: Morris Hills High School
College: U of South Carolina-Columbia
ScreenName: KLummie I went to high school and college in New Jersey. I graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in elementary education, special education... [ More ]
City/State: Philadelphia, PA
High School: Morris Hills High School
College: William Paterson University

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Subject: Favorite Game

Forum: Favorite Game
Good morning all! My question to you is - What is your favorite board game and why?

My boyfriend and I play Yahtzee all the time (and even started playing it on our phones lol), but I also love playing Trivial Pursuit with my family. What is your favorite??

Subject: Re: Do you drink alcohol?

Forum: Do you drink alcohol?
Good morning! So I do enjoy the adult beverage most days of the week. I am not getting wastey face drunk, but it is nice to unwind with a glass of white wine. I usually don't have more than one or two, and I stay away from alcohol when I am dieting, however it is nice to sit on my couch, catch up on some Netflix and sip a glass of wine! If it's the weekend and I am out to dinner with friends or my boyfriend, I will usually go with a vodka and soda just to change it up. But we don't usually keep hard liquor in the house, so I save that for nights out!

Subject: Re: Early bird gets the worm

Forum: Early bird gets the worm
I am such a night owl that it isn't even fair! I am a teacher so I have to get up early and be alert, prepared and ready to deal with very very energetic elementary school kids. I have tried getting up earlier, later, working out, eating breakfast but nothing really gets me ready to go for the day. I am most productive at night, cleaning, exercising, planning my lessons etc. My boyfriend is the complete opposite, so mornings are hard for us lol. I am hoping that as I get older (even though I have been teaching for 7 years) I start to shift in my productivity times!

Subject: Re: What can this word be?

Forum: What can this word be?
This is fun! I'm going to say Like and Pine

Subject: Re: Psychic

Forum: Psychic
Hey there! So I have never been to a psychic but my sister swears by them. Apparently the psychic predicted that she would get pregnant this year and she would have a boy. She did get pregnant (and was actively trying) and it turns out that she is having twins and one of them is a boy. I really feel like psychic are just blind squirrels who find a nut every once in a while. I know it's fun to predict the future, but I would rather live it and make my own circumstances rather than be told what will happen. Oh, and save a few dollars in the process :-)