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ScreenName: mistervancleef Tom Van Cleef. [ More ]
City/State: Somerset, NJ
High School: Bound Brook High School
College: Kean University

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Subject: I've graduated!

Forum: I've graduated!
I have graduated!

I want to thank everyone here on College Net who has participated in all of my forums and have given their view points!

I have learned so much and gained so much!

Thank you!!



Subject: Re: Should humans eat to live or live to eat?

Forum: Should humans eat to live or live to eat?
I say live to eat. However, I know that there is food disparities across the county. People in poverty don't have access to much food and for them they eat to live. I would love for the entire world to live to eat. Enjoy trying new foods and experience the wide variety that could be offered. Enjoy snacking with friends and make it a social activity. That is one main reason why I love food, because I live to eat!



Subject: Re: What is Your Favorite Fruit?

Forum: What is Your Favorite Fruit?

My favorite fruit are raspberries. I love that they are sweet yet tart. They are the perfect pick me up snack for me.

They are a bit expensive though.



Subject: Re: Country living or city lights?

Forum: Country living or city lights?
I would pick city life over country life. I really like the suburbs best though. I like to be near things, but I don't like to be too over crowded. In the city there is always something to do. Living in the country, you have to be creative with how you entertain yourself. There are more opportunities in a larger city.



Subject: Re: What's your favorite comfort food?

Forum: What's your favorite comfort food?

For me it is guacamole. I am lucky because avocados are very good for you, so enjoying guacamole every once in a while isn't a bad thing! I love missing it with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, lime juice. Delicious!!