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ScreenName: ljpalmer [ More ]
City/State: Coeur DAlene, ID
High School: Sentinel High School
ScreenName: TenkenNoKaiten Welcome welcome to my profile page! I'm sure you're the first in ages to visit, so don't mind the cobwebs or the fort made of ramen noodle cups. I'm... [ More ]
City/State: Mars Habitat, Mauna Loa,
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Embry-Riddle Aero Univ-FL
University of Hawaii at Manoa
U of Hawaii-Honolulu Comm Coll
ScreenName: Bucketts84 [ More ]
City/State: Honolulu, HI
High School: Sentinel High School
College: University of Hawaii at Manoa
ScreenName: SSenne My name is Samantha Senne, I grew up here in Missoula, Montana. My life has always been involved with soccer and with that I followed soccer up to the... [ More ]
City/State: Missoula, MT
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Montana Tech of the Univ of MT

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Subject: Re: What would it take for you to run 26.2 miles?

Forum: What would it take for you to run 26.2 miles?
A playlist of wolves slowly gaining on me, or the boss nagging me, or knowing that there are many bikini clad ladies with pizza and beer waiting at the end.

I have run one of these before, while I was in the dome, and I pulled that one off by needing an escape from boredom, mixed with the commander being a super health nut and essentially demanding that I do a marathon. She sassy. But, she did make little bread cakes and stuff for me so that I could snack while I jogged. Had to do the whole thing on a treadmill since you can't actually go outside when you're on "Mars" which was boring, but trust me, I feel your pain! Plan for the rest of the day to just lounge yeah? Get some ice cream, you'll have burned like 3200 calories on the run, you'll deserve it.

Subject: Re: Relationship deal breakers?

Forum: Relationship deal breakers?
I would never date a cannibal! I mean first off kissing her would just be gross, but like...what if I have a heart attack and pass away, and she's the first person that finds me? Uncool man! I mean I know I'm delicious but that's more in a metaphorical sense.

I'm trying to think about anything aside from the obvious. I mean obviously conservatives are off the table, they're just grody, and anyone who's a bigot can suck it, I won't even talk to them casually.

I'd actually be severely irritated if she was completely disinterested in science and understanding how the universe works. It's like, if the sky is just some points of light to you and nothing else, and you don't understand why the sun is hot...we're never going to have a real conversation about anything.

Also, clowns, helllll no to all clowns. If she's a clown, hard pass. I don't have anything against pies and seltzer, but I'd rather not get murdered.

Subject: Re: CNET would be even better if...

Forum: CNET would be even better if...
I wish they'd let me play again -tear-

Subject: Re: December Blues- Are you feeling it?

Forum: December Blues- Are you feeling it?
I'm actually getting more energy and a little excited because I'm like THIS close to starting my winter break from work. Over two weeks of doing whatever I want, getting into shenanigans, and not sitting around that shitty office. Also winter blues sounds like an amazing christmas soul-guitar ballad. Santa why you no love me, dahhh NAhhhh na bowwwww....crowd loses it.

You're in a loop, you need to do the computer thing and shut yourself off and on again. Do this by like...ahhhh running a marathon, that's a painful exhausting thing that'll make you feel accomplished. Or just something out of the ordinary that breaks the lull in your tempo.


Subject: Re: Should assault weapons be banned?

Forum: Should assault weapons be banned?
Plenty of other people here have made the points I ascribe to, such as that the second amendment was for militias (and if you read the histories closer, southern militias to put down continuous slave uprisings and maintain power, it was added to help the south stay interested in being part of the country) and that our background checks are hilariously lax. Even if I can legally own let's say...any gun I want to, should I be able to have a .50 cal machine gun if I have dementia? We don't let people drive with dementia, why should they get a heavy duty machine gun? Because it's the law? The law isn't always right, and it's often how we justify things that are objectively crazy or bad.

Let's even just simplify the whole thing down to a "where is the line" argument. I have the right to bear arms, sure ok let's say I do and I totally agree with that. If I acquire a howitzer can I use that? If I go mad scientist and develop my own nuclear bomb should I get to keep it for home defense? Of course not, that's stupid. It is entirely too likely that the weapon would only hurt me or those around me. So what about assault rifles? If you're a responsible owner they're locked in a safe apart from their ammunition, so you're not going to instantly fight back against a guy breaking into your house. Why aren't people excited about really strong doors? Guns are fun, that's why. But too many people are too irresponsible with the power that an assault weapon has. It shouldn't be easier to get a weapon exclusively designed for killing people than it is to get a drivers license.

Should you be able to get one? Sure, I'm all for gun ownership, even if I personally think they're stupid. But take a safety class, lengthy background check, annual renewal and re-certification, no gun sales at gun shows, no open carry crap, minimum age 25. I can't rent a car? I can't have an assault rifle.

It's like...come on. Look at our history and tell me we're handling guns like mature adults. Kids are dying.