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ScreenName: ljpalmer [ More ]
City/State: Coeur DAlene, ID
High School: Sentinel High School
ScreenName: TenkenNoKaiten Welcome welcome to my profile page! I'm sure you're the first in ages to visit, so don't mind the cobwebs or the fort made of ramen noodle cups. I'm... [ More ]
City/State: Mars Habitat, Mauna Loa,
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Embry-Riddle Aero Univ-FL
University of Hawaii at Manoa
U of Hawaii-Honolulu Comm Coll
ScreenName: Bucketts84 [ More ]
City/State: Honolulu, HI
High School: Sentinel High School
College: University of Hawaii at Manoa
ScreenName: SSenne My name is Samantha Senne, I grew up here in Missoula, Montana. My life has always been involved with soccer and with that I followed soccer up to the... [ More ]
City/State: Missoula, MT
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Montana Tech of the Univ of MT

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Subject: Re: Appropriate age for a cell phone?

Forum: Appropriate age for a cell phone?
Lol, well for me...I didn't get my first phone till I'd graduated high school. And I only got one because I was driving across the country for 6 days and my parents wanted me to be able to call for help or something if I needed it. Times have sure changed since then, as I'm currently charging a tiny computer that's more powerful than the Apollo space capsule by a devastating margin and manages my finances. Err...

I at times miss the innocence of being a kid, not knowing the time (or at times the month) and just loving the neighborhood and people and living my life. A kid could totally have a phone, and all that entails, but at times I think it costs a little more than just the money. Grow up a little faster, sigh.

Subject: Re: It's past my bedtime!

Forum: It's past my bedtime!
Sleep? I drink a lot of coffee at work, so when I get home, I'm still pretty....awake. Then I'm trying to be productive with hobbies and personal time, so maybe more coffee...I don't think I've actually been unconscious for like 7 years. But hey! An extra 8hrs of awake time means that I've experienced an additional like...2.4 years of life in that time period!

It's weird to think that taken as a total sum, we spend YEARS asleep. Like, if I live to 100, I'll have presumably spent some 35 years of my life unconscious. That's more time than I've been alive right now.....what?!

Subject: Re: Where in the world are you?!

Forum: Where in the world are you?!
I have no idea! I tried asking a person in the street but after a minute or two of thinking I was being mocked I realized I was shouting at my reflection in a window. Glad nobody saw that one.

Last time I checked I was up on a mountain somewhere! Now I'm behind a bakery.

Subject: Re: Prepare for Disaster! Oops, sorry False Alarm!

Forum: Prepare for Disaster! Oops, sorry False Alarm!
Oh man I was here for that, I actually got one of the texts on my phone while waiting in line for coffee at the farmers market. It was literally the start of the weekend so I was like...ya know what, North Korea has shitty missiles, I've been following the news and I know they can't mount a warhead yet...I bet this is a false alarm. Can't outrun a nuke but I can watch a light show with coffee. So I summoned all the nonchalance I could for my potential doom and got my damn coffee. Turned out to be the right choice, ha!

My own plans are usually just "Stay calm, react as best you can, and don't let panic kill me". I'm a brand new graduate so I do NOT have the money for cans of food, an amazing mountain bunker, or a boat loaded with supplies to escape to an uninhabited island. I have pressing concerns like feeding myself now and paying loans off. However! My friends and I do have plans to simply meet up and begin building a fort or something (I have contractor pals) and essentially making a really cool survival gang. If it's an invasion, zombies, or a bomb, as long as the first moments don't wipe me out I'll survive! I'm like a cockroach! But a handsome one with a great butt!

Confidence is important to survival too? Hehe.

Subject: Re: Board Games

Forum: Board Games
Oh man we played so many of those in the Mars dome, we had an actual game night (Wednesdays) and while Settlers of Catan made the list, I think like 4 months was spent playing Pandemic Legacy. I can't get into everything (spoilers) but that is a lengthy, well planned and crazy game that will definitely satisfy anyone who likes Risk or other strategy board games. Oh but it's way better than Risk. King of Tokyo was fun too, easy game with some dice, you get to be assorted big monsters and totally try to own Tokyo and be awesome.

Maybe family activities too? The only thing stopping anyone from having a killer family band is just practicing and getting everyone together for the sessions. Make a box fort, couch cushion fort, any fort really. Whimsy is a wonderful way to build connections between people as well.

Whatever you do, don't play Monopoly, that game single handedly destroys families, and I've heard rumors it's what brought the Roman empire down. Dangerous!