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ScreenName: ljpalmer [ More ]
City/State: Coeur DAlene, ID
High School: Sentinel High School
ScreenName: TenkenNoKaiten Welcome welcome to my profile page! I'm sure you're the first in ages to visit, so don't mind the cobwebs or the fort made of ramen noodle cups. I'm... [ More ]
City/State: Mars Habitat, Mauna Loa,
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Embry-Riddle Aero Univ-FL
University of Hawaii at Manoa
U of Hawaii-Honolulu Comm Coll
ScreenName: Bucketts84 [ More ]
City/State: Honolulu, HI
High School: Sentinel High School
College: University of Hawaii at Manoa
ScreenName: SSenne My name is Samantha Senne, I grew up here in Missoula, Montana. My life has always been involved with soccer and with that I followed soccer up to the... [ More ]
City/State: Missoula, MT
High School: Sentinel High School
College: Montana Tech of the Univ of MT

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Subject: Re: What's on your bucket list?

Forum: What's on your bucket list?
All of those things sound amazing! I was in Germany just a month or two ago for some lectures and ended up being driven by my friends dad on the autobahn. Had no idea till I looked at the speedometer. Was just over 130mph, might have tightened my seatbelt a bit, so crazy. I hope you do all those things! Motorcycle across New Zealand!

I want to get into space, at least to the moon, and get all my professional licenses. I need to get south of the equator, pay off all student loans, and learn to dance really well. I also want to be making solid money on my art, be good at music, and find inner peace. Someday someday

Subject: Re: What Natural Disaster Is Scariest to You?

Forum: What Natural Disaster Is Scariest to You?
I think the natural disaster I fear the most is just humanity. I mean...look at what we're doing. Climate change and the atrocities coming with that is one thing. But industrialized meat market, pollution of the oceans, burning the rain forests, destructive fishing wiping out sea life, war...that's a big one.

No natural disaster save the 5 or 6 mass extinction events in the Earth's billions of years of history compare to the disaster that is us. And we still have time to become the 7th mass extinction. Or not, but do you think we'll make the changes necessary in time???

I wonder.

Subject: Re: What’s the best part about having siblings?

Forum: What’s the best part about having siblings?
Hmmm....well I've got step, half, and full blooded siblings so the best part is they're all a bunch of dorks. Zing! My little sister is my favorite. But she's everybody's favorite. Except grandma, I'm her favorite, hatcha.

I guess it's fun having friends that are obligated to play with you, haha! I was a lot closer with everyone (save for a cantankerous younger brother) when we were all kids, and I think we did know each other super well. Played games, adventured in the forest, all that jazz. Lots of teasing about girls and the like, sports together...but we've long since grown apart. We live all over the country.

Gotta admit, I read some of these posts (lookin at you manapua) and I'm like....dammit, that sounds amazing. I love the idea of that kind of knowledge/experiential intimacy with people who have been there your whole life. I actually feel really alone in that regard. Big sigh.

Subject: Re: Plane, train, bus, or car?

Forum: Plane, train, bus, or car?
I'm good at flying for freakin ever on planes, but I gotta agree with manapua that it gets cramped and shitty after awhile. I'm just good at tolerating it. Cars are fun too, for all the reasons stated (and I would love to drive around solo so I could belt out some tunes and have nobody hear me, sigh) but I have had fun on trains too.

See, they just go. And you can walk around, go to the dining car, go to the viewing car, take a shower even. I've been on trains in Thailand where I had a bunk, watched a Taiwanese guy named Lucky do goofy and obvious magic drinks, and drank beer with some brits while we watched the jungle drift by in the night. It was a groovy time and you don't have to steer.

The bus sucks though.

Subject: Re: College graduates vs in college/high school

Forum: College graduates vs in college/high school
I actually graduated about a year ago, so I'm officially an adult, boooooo. You can see my profile has a little graduate thing as well, so I guess I'm double graduated, haha!

I actually have several (older) friends who have kids that are nearing the high-school age, give or take. I've been telling them about this site so once their kids come of age they'll be able to start competing the year before they go to college and save up some tuition!

Oh and in case it isn't obvious, I also graduated high school. Triple graduate right heeeyaaa!!