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Subject: Re: What is your go to healthy snack?

Forum: What is your go to healthy snack?
Hey Karen,

I like to mix it up otherwise I lose interest in keeping up with eating healthy. I really like frozen fruit bars or ice cream bars made with Greek yogurt or coconut milk when I'm craving something sweet. They're usually about 100 calories and aren't chock full of added sweeteners for the most part. I also really like Siggi's yogurt; the yogurt is apparently made in traditional Icelandic style. It's super thick, has great texture, and doesn't use added sweetener. I'll go for fruit as well whether it be a banana, apple, pineapple, berries, or something else seasonal.

If I'm craving something more savory, I do like veggies and hummus, a spinach salad with roasted red pepper dressing, hard-boiled eggs, etc. If I'm craving something salty, I'll eat pretzel crisps (usually buffalo flavored).

I think it's best to have a variety of go-to's and know how to portion them.

Good luck to everyone on their healthy journey. It's so critical, and getting over the hump of just starting out is definitely the hardest part, but you'll thank yourself later in life. Not to be morbid, but I went to a funeral where the deceased had written a letter to be read aloud at his funeral, and his last words of advice were to pay attention to your health and be adamant about making good choices early on in life. He wished he had sooner, but by the time he tried, it was too late. He was an extraordinary man that was lost too soon, and even in death, his last words have stuck with me.


Subject: Should we require home-ec, taxes, etc. in school?: In Moderation

Forum: Should we require home-ec, taxes, etc. in school?

I'm definitely on the fence for what amount of time should be devoted to teaching life skills; perhaps, students could take two periods of class a week for learning concrete ways to succeed later in life. On the other hand, with a quick search of the internet, a person could easily research how to create a budget (standard versus in line with cash flows, etc.), how to prepare taxes (or follow the simple step-by-step instructions on a preparation software like TurboTax or file free via the IRS website below income limits), and watch videos on how to prepare a variety of dishes. I don't think it would hurt to teach life skills in primary education just to get students thinking about what they might face when they're on their own. I'm 100% on board with what MorganP06 said about student loans though. Everyone should either be taught the consequences of interest in high school or be required to pass a somewhat rigorous test before being approved for FAFSA to ensure understanding...

I would like to see more diversification of physical education classes. Oftentimes, we played team sports during that period and our instructors neglected to demonstrate personal workout techniques like weight-lifting, yoga, etc. Where the nuances between different techniques are so subtle and one way means success while the other means injury, the realm of physical education (which is theoretically to teach everyone how to stay in shape) could use some revamping.

I don't think that we are wasting time learning useless equations and reading useless books. Sure, though I haven't used every equation I learned in high school, most of that knowledge built a foundation for what I learned in college. Because my degree was science based with a moderate component of math, I recognize that not everyone might choose to follow that path; however, challenging ourselves by reading literature and solving complex equations, provides development of skills that allow us to see beyond just black and white regardless of future career path. Speaking of career paths, I also really liked Wames' idea regarding fast track to technical schools. By opting out of taking elective classes like music, media, or shop, a student could have ample time to get a jump start on a trade or skilled craft.

Subject: Re: Summer Vacations?

Forum: Summer Vacations?

It sounds like you've got a full plate of traveling for the summer. Fun, fun!

I've already been to Portland and Scottsdale this month, and I'm hopefully going to make a trip to Denver where my brother and his girlfriend moved about 5 months ago. If plane tickets are around $200, it's totally worth the trip for me especially since they have room in their apartment for myself and my SO to stay.

Eddie, Jamaica would be an awesome trip and tremendous adventure. Hope you can make it happen!

Kasey and Megan, I hope you're both able to make your beach plans happen and that you're able to enjoy some R & R in the sunshine.

Hope you all have an adventure-filled summer!


Subject: Re: Long Distance

Forum: Long Distance
annabridgette, jwade13, Kamila1981, dymphie, and Ethnies12345,

I have to hand it to you all for trying and sometimes succeeding at LDR's. I've got to say that I don't think I would ever do it again. I was in graduate school only about three hours from my boyfriend for 1 year, and I really felt like we totally grew apart during that time. When I was extremely busy with school and work, it was super difficult to schedule time for my SO especially since I'm not much for phone conversations or Skype. During that time, we probably saw each other about twice a month though which was nice.

I must just need a ton of physical closeness and intimacy on my end. I think I'd be fine with an SO that traveled ~30-40% of the time for work, but otherwise, I'm not sure I'd be willing to compromise. Sure, it depends on the circumstances whether those be military obligations, etc., but I'm definitely going to try to avoid another long distance relationship in the future.

Props to those that are making them work. Your wherewithal and commitment is to be commended.

Thanks for the post, Anna, and I hope you continue to have good luck in your current relationship!


Subject: Re: What Scares You The Most About Dying?

Forum: What Scares You The Most About Dying?
Hey Eddie-

I'm not scared of dying per-say. I think I'm more afraid of the unknown and uncertainty life ends. For some reason, the thought of eternity seems quite terrifying to me since it's something that I can't really fathom. I would be sad for those that I'd leave behind, but hopefully, I'd die later in life, so that grieving would take less of a toll on the ones that I loved.

I've always thought that I'd like to die in an interesting manner (like I'd go sky-diving and my parachute wouldn't open). I don't know that I'd simply like to fall asleep and never wake up.

slynch8686...your comment made me laugh. Thanks for a nice reprieve from Wednesday hump day.

Awesome forum, Eddie. Nothing like death and dying to really make one think!