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Subject: Re: If you saw someone getting mugged...

Forum: If you saw someone getting mugged...
If I saw someone getting mugged, I would yell for help while calling the cops. If the person took off, I don't think I would chase them, and it wouldn't be because I wouldn't want to. I just know that I wouldn't be able to catch them.

This makes me wonder about what the majority of people would do though. I've heard people are more likely to help rape victims if they yell "fire" instead of "rape." Maybe people are always concerned about the person having a weapon, but I wouldn't just walk away.

People also drive by car accidents a lot when they're the first on the scene. On this one, I honestly have to admit that I would not stop unless I had a male in the vehicle with me. I would certainly call the cops if I was in service or go get help. I'd always heard about a woman that stopped to help with what she assumed was a motorcycle accident. Two men were waiting in the bushes, and they kidnapped and raped her.

It's sad that you can't always help people in despair because you have to be cognizant of your own safety first.

Subject: Re: Least Favorite Word

Forum: Least Favorite Word
Hey there! Ya I would definitely agree with your word.

The word I really dislike is CAN'T especially when it's in reference to me. I'm not talking about things such as you can't break the law, etc. I'm referring to when people tell me that I can't do something as in I won't be capable. I had an academic advisor tell me once that I wouldn't be capable of doing something. She basically said I was ignorant to think that I could accomplish the plan that had I set out before myself. I'm proud to say I proved her wrong. She doesn't know that though because I never went back to see her.

In reference to other people, I don't like the word useless. Everyone is good at something or has some redeeming quality. Yes they might be a diamond in the rough, but maybe they just need to be nurtured. If you tell someone that they're not good for anything for a long enough period of time, they'll likely start believing it themselves. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Subject: Re: ...were you a "difficult" teen??...

Forum: ...were you a "difficult" teen??...
If you want the simple answer, then yes.

I've been told that out of all of my siblings I gave my mom the most gray hairs. Unfortunately, I used to sneak out. I used to get detention. I used to date guys that weren't necessarily "good guys."

I never got bad grades though. I was super involved with sports and other extra-curriculars. I turned out alright.

Looking back now, I do feel bad. You just don't really think about it as a kid. You always knew best. You were too smart for your own good.

What's going to be ironic is when my kids are the same as I was. Karma.

Subject: Re: It's now what I was looking for...

Forum: It's now what I was looking for...
Disappointed. There is nothing like putting in a lot of work to have someone tell you that you didn't perform up to their standards. It would be entirely different if you didn't feel as though you gave it your all in the first place, but if you worked your hardest, that comment is hard to take.

It also depends on the type of project too. If you put in a lot of work but the project involved something that you're not as passionate about, it's not a big deal.

On the other hand, if you have passion for it, it's tough. It's even harder if it's your first time putting yourself out there for that given passion. I've always wanted to write a book, but I'm terrified of tough critics. I guess that's how you learn though!

I hope that someone didn't say this to you recently. If they did, work harder and prove them wrong next time!

Subject: Re: Should We Just Give Houses to the Homeless?

Forum: Should We Just Give Houses to the Homeless?
Give a rehabilitation program your all just to be put on the streets again and struggle again to find a job or turn to something that placates the pain temporarily?? Homeless people that suffer from one form of addiction or another should not be on the streets where the temptation to take drugs is probably the highest.

Give them houses.

From what I understand from reading the Carrier article, most if not all of the places that have a housing first program have had success with reducing costs associated with caring for a homeless person. Both Cire7 and Nichole 90 mentioned that we'll have to watch out for people that will take advantage of the system. Admittedly, no system will be perfect, so Cire7 suggests we come up with a reasonable goal.

An additional perk of the housing first programs (as stated in the Carrier article) was that they DID provide access to health services, rehabilitation programs, etc. to help people manage their illnesses. They DID NOT simply give people houses and except that would solve the problem in and of itself. No one expected this to be a single solution for the issue of homelessness.

I was researching further into the housing first program in my community. I've seen progress, but I have not seen any metrics that measure how successful the program has been since it was implemented. If you're interested in looking at a plan, here's the link for my community's plan (

I do agree that I'd like for every American to be self-sufficient, but I just don't think it's possible. Don't get me wrong! I do believe in the power of hard work; I grew up on a ranch and helped my dad every day after school and all summer come rain or shine as soon as I was old enough. I just think we have to be realistic.

Yes, there will be kinks to work out, but in the end I say:

Give them houses.