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Subject: Re: The C-Net President & Cabinet - Cast YOUR Vote

Forum: The C-Net President & Cabinet - Cast YOUR Vote
Hey everyone! I just popped in to read some forums. I've been signing on everyday to vote, but haven't really been keeping up with posting and competing. I hope you all are well! I have been enjoying my little break! Even my boyfriend said that I seem less stressed! He is dreading the day I decide to come back to CNET! Well, sorry... but it's addicting! I am certainly not going to stay away forever!

Anyway, I had to reply to this forum! (Dexter, props to you for creating this! I like when everyone gets in the spirit of what is current!)

Thank you Goober, Mhill, and Dare for the nomination! It was super cute and made my day. Totally wouldn't have even thought I would be nominated for a political position... ever! If I were the real president of the United States, the country would be doomed within a week! Ha ha. However, on the politics of Cnet... that might be more up my ally. But I am unfortunately no Cnet expert. I like to do detective work. It's like a big puzzle... and fun!

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on the nominations! Thank you friends, you are all really sweet. If I had to ultimately choose a president for CNET, it would probably be Bear. He has been around CNET longer than any of us! If it were the real presidency, I would nominate Adrian. He seems like he knows a lot about our country and keeps himself up-to-date with the issues. Thank you friends! I promise I am here in the background supporting you all. I will try and leave little posts here and there until I feel I can see CNET in a fun light again and not so much something I need to stress over!


Subject: Re: Um...I'm Lazy????

Forum: Um...I'm Lazy????
Thanks for all the input!

Yes, malaise can have another definition. If you look it up in the dictionary it means you are exhausted. Well, our definition is all the same... so she definitely meant I was un-kept. Ha ha.

I tried not to let it bother me. To let you all know, this girl is sweet, but she takes nursing too seriously. Obviously this was just a practice with friends, so I wasn't going to critique something unless it was necessary. She really went all out in critiquing me.... I haven't let it bother me in terms of the way I look, however.

I told my other nursing friends, and we have been laughing about it all week. They keep teasing me about how much malaise I have....

I honestly feel sorry for this girl. I don't think she meant to come off as harsh. Honestly, even if she would have done my evaluation first, I still wouldn't have knit-picked her flaws. I feel that is childish and petty. I think she has more problems than me going on in life, so I can handle some criticism.

I also agree with many of you that wearing sweats on campus should not make you think of someone as lazy. It is hard to do all that feminie grooming when you barley sleep and you are exhausted.

By the way everyone, thank you all for being so kind since I got back on CNET. Competing in this last tournament made me realize I took CNET so seriously it became a chore and no fun. Today, for the first time in weeks, replying makes me feel relieved. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Like with that girl, things and life shouldn't be taken so seriously something. I think I got so into competition mode, that I lost sight of my health and sanity. I need this community. I want to try to go about CNET in a different way... so thank you to everyone that has been so supportive and kind, even with little things like a girl calling me lazy in class. It makes me feel really good. Good and bad things are going to happen to me, but the way i deal with them is going to determine how they affect my life.

I am not going to let a rude comment ruin who I am, and I am not going to be let down by not placing in this tournament.

Good luck in your schoolwork, and this new competition everyone! And, again, thank you all very much!


Subject: Re: Going to school or work sick?

Forum: Going to school or work sick?
Hey, Mhill!

Well, it really depends on the illness and situation!

For one, I don't think you should go to work or school sick EVER if you are in the medical profession. You and other students are working around people who might die if they become ill.

I think it is VERY irresponsible! However, if it is something like a sore throat or a cold, I might not skip class for it. (Well, before I was a nurse, anyway!) Sicknesses like this are airborne, yes, so you need to be conscious. Also, you need to be careful what you touch and share in terms of being around others. It is the responsible and sanitary thing to do.

Mhill, something dangerous, especially the flu, should be taken with caution. I would be upset as well if one of my fellow students came around me with the flu. It is actually much more common than you would think to die from the flu. It should be handled with caution.

This is just the nurse in me, but everyone should get a flu shot every flu season. I know everyone has different ideas about this shot... but it really does do more good than harm in the long run. You can stop the pathogen at its source, and therefore prevent spreading it to others. If the pathogen has no reservoir, it can't be passed to anyone else. This is why it is extremely important to be mindful of germs around you, to take care of yourself, and not to put yourself in a situation that might spread your germs.


Subject: Re: Favorite Song

Forum: Favorite Song
Hey, Joy!

My favorite songs change with my moods!

I love me some Linkin Park (their old stuff) I love some new age rock like Black Veil Brides when I feel pumped or aggressive. When I need a relaxed mood, I listen to Something corporate, or some 90's stuff.

I also love any sort of dubstep music when I go out with friends! It is really fun and just gets you dancing!

Sorry that didn't exactly answer your question! I really can't decide between like 5 songs!

Cute forum, hun!


Subject: Holidays: For Fun, or Profit?

Forum: Holidays: For Fun, or Profit?
The holidays are unavoidable. They come the same time every year, and I always have friends with mixed feelings. There are always a few that hate Halloween because of the religious side to it, and others that hate Thanksgiving because of its history, and Christmas because they believe it is just a holiday to support the economy... apparently this makes them not special.

I don't know. I have always seen the holidays in a good light! They are a time to relax from work, and spend time with people you care about. I know each holiday has its good and bad, but I have never been one that likes to be mindful of the bad.


How do you feel about the holidays? Is there a specific one you love or hate? What are the reasons? Do you think people are justified in assuming the holidays are made nationally acceptable because they are for profit or just an excuse to take work off?

I will state more of what I think later!

Good luck to everyone in the new tourney! New beginnings, new opportunities!