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ScreenName: softballhoty2008 [ More ]
City/State: Ham Lake, MN
High School: Blaine High School
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ScreenName: StevieB Hey hey, I'm a 22 year old dude thats going back to school for bus. management! I started college with the "I'm too cool for school" mentality which allowed... [ More ]
City/State: Blaine, MN
High School: Blaine High School
College: Globe College
ScreenName: jenward04 I joined the military pretty much straight out of high school and took a "detour" in life, if you will. But now I plan on going to college to get a degree... [ More ]
City/State: Goddard, KS
High School: Blaine High School
College: Wichita State University
San Antonio College
Univ of Texas at San Antonio
ScreenName: CarlinaJane Hello, fellow collegiates! My name is Carlina and I'm a sophomore at NDSU pursuing a degree in pharmacy. I love the Lord and serve through the NDSU Chi... [ More ]
City/State: Blaine, MN
High School: Blaine High School
College: North Dakota State University
ScreenName: Paul I am a motivated self starter. I was an Executive Chef and out of work when I decided to pursue a carreer in energy. I am now currently enrolled at Alexandria... [ More ]
City/State: Miltona, MN
High School: Blaine High School
College: Alexandria Technical College

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Subject: Re: Zoos, your thoughts?

Forum: Zoos, your thoughts?
I really enjoy going to the St Paul Como Zoo. Why? Because it is free, though they do have a collection box asking for donations at the entrances.

As for zoos being glorified cages? Well, that does seem a bit harsh, although I do recognize that there are bad zoos out there. But for many species (no, not all) it is perfectly possible to keep them in a zoo or wildlife park and for them to have a quality of life as high or higher than in the wild. Their movement might be restricted, though not necessarily by that much. But, then again, these animals will not suffer from the threat or stress of predators, or the irritation and pain of parasites. All their injuries and illnesses will be treated, and they won’t suffer or die of drought or starvation.

Zoos also act as conservators. It’s not an exaggeration to say that colossal numbers of species are going extinct across the world, and many more are increasingly threatened and risk extinction. Moreover, some of these collapses have been sudden, dramatic and unexpected or were simply discovered very late. Zoos protect against a species going extinct. A species protected in captivity provides a reservoir population against a population crash or extinction in the wild.

Just food for thought.

"Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild." -Jack Hanna

Subject: Re: voting for someone, does it help YOU?

Forum: voting for someone, does it help YOU?
Hi, Kasey. I'm glad you posted this forum. I've been feeling the same way. It has been especially maddening to start a week rated in the top ten, and ending up at number 20 at the end, especially with the amount of effort I typically put in.

Like others here, I honestly try to give out my votes to those who have not only answered the questions, but have given reasons as to why they feel the way they do. The post has to make me think and/or engage me in some way, and doesn't have to reflect my personal views. One liners - unless they are extremely funny - don't work for me.

I do make an effort to look for noobs and give them a thumbs up if they've created a good forum, or have responded well. It takes time to develop a voice here, after all. But, like others have said, there are certain people I tend to vote for pretty consistently because of the quality of their work.

I don't know. Spring break is coming up. Maybe it's time for me to walk away from CNet for a bit, and reconsider whether all this effort is really worth it. If I calculate it all out, I've only brought in roughly $45 a week for 14-15 hours worth of work each week. And that amount is dropping. I could make more with a part-time job. But I would miss the socializing on this site.

Subject: Re: 5$

Forum: 5$
Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?

**starts humming**

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got {5} dollars in my pocket
I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up
This is {gonna be} awesome

Except, I'd never pop the tags, of course.

Subject: Re: My 4th Grade Teacher is a Pervert ?!?!

Forum: My 4th Grade Teacher is a Pervert ?!?!
Thanks for responding, Pike. Your comments touch on the core of something I just don't get.

You see, it seems like most adults are wired to protect kids. A child screams, and every adult in earshot will look up and around to make sure the kid's okay. Heck, musk ox, dolphins, and elephants will even circle around the young in their herds/pods if they feel they are threatened.

So what's wrong with these individuals that molest kids? It's it mental? Is it a chemical imbalance? Are they a product of their environment? All of the above?

And, most importantly... can the ever truly be rehabilitated?

Subject: Athletes and P.E.D.s Can/Should it Be Stopped?

Forum: Athletes and P.E.D.s Can/Should it Be Stopped?
So, with Maria Sharapova joining the Lance Armstrong Hall of Infamy, the question needs to be asked - can anything really be done to keep professional athletes from taking Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)?

Take a look at what Sharapova gave as a reason for taking the drug, meldonium, a Latvian-manufactured drug popular for fighting heart disease in former Soviet Union countries. Meldonium treats ischemia, or lack of blood flow, but can be taken in large doses as a performance-enhancer, BTW.

Sharapova said she began taking meldonium for "several health issues I had back in 2006," including a magnesium deficiency, regular influenza, "irregular" heart test results and early indications of diabetes, of which she has a family history.

Now, wait a minute. She's been taking this drug for 10 years? Even though it was on the WADA watch list prior to it's being banned? And, remember, Sharapova lives in the US (though she is not a US citizen), where meldonium isn't even available. She was importing it illegally??

This is where you begin to wonder - can athletes ever really be prevented from taking PEDs? It's not the "whys" that are in question. Heck, Sharapova lost her Nike sponsorship for her screw-up, which was valued at $70m. It's the "can it be prevented" issue I wonder about.

I mean, though they condemn the use of drugs, international athletic associations and their corporate sponsors, covertly encourage drug use by demanding higher standards of achievement from athletes in order to reach fans and gain profit. And, when you think about it, for every drug that gets detected and banned, another one takes it place, often from drugs originally designed for use in animals.

So, what do you think? Can PED use by athletes ever be stopped? If not should drug testing continue? Or should the effort to reign in athletes from PED be dropped, allowing them to take whatever "cocktails" they desire?

An interesting article in case you'd like to read more:

I'll be interested in seeing your responses.