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Subject: Re: Are you a good patient?

Forum: Are you a good patient?

@runjoce--Oh boy! That does sound bad. And with the root canal comes a lot of jamming and pulling of the gums. How horrible! Hopefully you got a discount somehow.

@five--I appreciate your sympathy. I hate the dentist. Because of that, this morning when I partially broke the temporary crown, I decided that I'm not going back to the dentist for a few days. I'm boycotting them! (for a few days)

Oh my gosh! Your dentist experience sounds terrible! Some of that mouth pain is really, really bad! What was wrong with that dentist?! I hope you punched him for realsies and didn't tell us. Dentists and doctors should be patient, knowledgeable, and pain-free.

@luring--You as a patient sounds a lot like me, including the fear of shots/blood. I find that I often try to talk my way out of getting these things, and have been successful once or twice. And yes; I walked out of a Promptcare with a sadistic nurse who "needed" to draw my blood but would not give me a reason why and thought I was making a big deal out of the needles. Bitch. So yeah, I understand where you are coming from.

Lucky that your Mom was a nurse! She was probably very calming when you had to get blood drawn.

I also get mad about the waiting room time too! I wish that medical providers had some sort of train-like schedule where you could see your initials and the estimated time of (room) arrival. It seems like the office doesn't care about getting you through timely and treat you like cattle. I haven't met too many pleasant people that worked at medical providers, unfortunately.

@tobias--You sound like a Type A patient! I'm not that good. I don't care about how many questions I ask.

I agree about the drilling. You hear it and you smell it. Yuck.

Wow on the pregnancy test thing. What happened to doctors listening to their patients? And what is up with your chemical burn? I'd like to hear that story sometime. Poor thing!

Subject: Re: ...Is Jordan (the country) reacting correctly to ISIS?

Forum: ...Is Jordan (the country) reacting correctly to ISIS?

I was furious when I read about this yesterday, and even more furious when I saw that the pilot had been killed within a few days of him being captured. If insult could be added more to injury in this case...

These guys are just out of control. I would relate them to a gang of unruly, bratty toddlers whose babysitter left the house to go have sex with her boyfriend. They had their own ideas of what they felt was paradise and now have no one to control them. Unfortunately, they have followers who follow a similar twisted version of religion.***

My point is that the terrorists are playing a simple game of perceived "you take my toy, I take yours". They don't see their responsibility in the airstrikes that killed civilians and their own nut jobs. They are not playing a fair game in any sense of the word, therefore, is it right that Jordan executed the terrorist prisoners? Well, under normal circumstances, no. In a reasonable world, countries and groups would discuss issues and come up with solutions. Jordan openly said that they were willing to trade the pilot for those terrorist prisoners, but ISIS killed the pilot within a few days of capturing him. It's pretty obvious they were never going to play fair. And they won't, as long as they have some sort of power. In this situation, I believe Jordan was correct in executing the terrorists that they planned to execute anyway. They followed through with their word, and made it clear to ISIS that actions warrant consequences.

You could argue that an "eye for an eye makes the world blind". That is correct, but ISIS would have killed the pilot anyway. At least the execution of the ISIS prisoners' gives some semblance of justice to the family of the pilot. I am hoping that the death of the pilot will continue to make people feel rage at the act, and eventually work towards a peaceful solution. Unfortunately, as of right now, that is not happening anytime soon.

***(I also read that a French journalist was captured by ISIS and spent 10 months with them. He mentioned that they did not have Qurans and therefore insinuated that it was obvious religion was not a major factor, even though that is what the terrorists use as a gauge when they kill people for breeding pigeons, being adulterous, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc.)

Subject: Re: Your routine breakfast?

Forum: Your routine breakfast?

I am a terrible breakfast eater. It's my least favorite meal of the day because I wake up, I am starving and I need to eat something just to do something productive. Breakfast annoys me. I don't even eat traditional breakfast foods like cereal, waffles, or fruit. That stuff doesn't hold me well. If I have to make a 'traditional' breakfast, then I enjoy some sort of eggs with vegetables and cheese with potatoes. I have a weird thing where I will not eat eggs without potatoes. I know I'm weird! ;)

I do love bagels though--especially the asiago one from Panera. Einstein Bagels used to have an asiago bagel that had a sheet of asiago on top of it. When you bit in the middle, it was a thick chunk of buttery asiago. YUM! YUM! They recently changed their recipe though. Dammit. I think they are in cahoots with Frito-Lay for changing things that I love.

My breakfast varies from day-to-day. Today, it's spaghetti with canned alfredo sauce that I got on sale. Yesterday, it was a delicious S'more protein bar. Sometimes, if I feeling extra healthy, I have a homemade peanut butter and banana shake.

That's pretty tasty, but I just like to eat more substantial things for breakfast. I actually like to eat lunch things for breakfast if I can, but that is normally saved for the weekend. This means spaghettio's, pizza, cucumber sandwiches, veggie burger, salad, pasta salad, etc. Lunch is my all-time favorite meal, and I wish deep-down that I could have lunch for all of my meals.

Subject: Attracted to other people while still being monogamous?

Forum: Attracted to other people while still being monogamous?

This is one of those time-tested questions that swirls around my head on a regular basis, but I forget to write it down; until now.

**Can you be monogamous and be attracted to other people?**

This question comes about from time-to-time in our relationship. For example, on Sunday night, we were watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show and my longtime crush, Lenny Kravitz was on it. I told my husband that I thought the Lenster was totally hot.

My husband doesn't mind because I will never act on it, but I still can't help but feel a little guilty for being attracted to someone else at all. I mean, I should only be attracted to my husband, right?

**What do you think?**

Subject: Re: Are "breastaurants" degrading to women?

Forum: Are "breastaurants" degrading to women?

Thank you for all of your responses! You guys/gals definitely gave me some things to think about.

Skella--Awesome! Thank you for writing your first post on my forum! Great points that the woman has the choice to work there and flaunt her stuff. I also agree that the boss buying the boobs is a waste. That money could have been better spent towards' her education.

Yanno--I'm glad you're one of those guys that respects women and doesn't ogle! Good for you. I do also agree with you that it seems like a marketing ploy, and that is what I am uncomfortable with.

Falcon--True that we all have to work for "the man", and be who we may not want to be for money. I have also grinned and beared it for tips, so maybe there isn't a lot of difference? I personally wouldn't like the ogling, but you're right that it is the womens' choice. Horny men are stupid!

Zhicks--I don't think that men looking at Hooters' women is so bad, but I have seen women flirt pretty hard and men literally ogling the women. That, I don't like. But, that's probably why I wouldn't be a Hooters girl.

Cassy--That's true that we have viewed womens' bodies as works of arts for centuries, but I think what bothers me is some of the college-aged jerks that I've seen from time-to-time and dealt with. Their parents didn't raise them to respect women, and I don't think that we need to give up the goods so quickly. I've also seen that with older men who are in business and are used to getting what they want. That's not every guy, and maybe I'm a little jaded by my own experiences, but I just hope that the women don't use their sexuality in place of their intelligence and personality.

Luring--I often think of losing my boobs as well. My mother also had breast cancer, and luckily did not succumb to the disease. Meanwhile, I did not get my boobs in until I was in 9th grade, (my Mom lovingly called them "buttons" or "nips") and they grew a bit. They grew a bit more after high school. Then, I took a magical birth control pill called Natazia, and they grew a bit more. Now, they are decently big, and I wonder how I would feel if I lost them? I'm sure I'd get over it, and my husband would love me just the same, as he would be happy I was still there, breasts or not. But yes; I definitely hear where you are coming from.