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ScreenName: MaryJP Hi Everyone! I am a graduate of Northern Michigan University with an Associate's in Business Administration. I am returning to college, now at a Wisconsin... [ More ]
City/State: Appleton, WI
High School: Ishpeming High School
College: Fox Valley Technical College

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Subject: Re: Food safety when preparing food

Forum: Food safety when preparing food
Hi all!

I am a C-Net graduate just stopping to say "Hi."

I have to admit that I am very clean about food prep and serving, too. I don't go so far as to take temperatures at home, but I did do this when I worked in a restaurant. One day our restaurant chef went flying out the door in the middle of our huge evening dinner time for a family emergency and I ended up being the chef that day! I love to cook, so I was all for this and my generally good standards were well within guidelines for public serving.

I tend to be a germ phobe. I cannot stand it when people serve from their bare hands! Use a utensil, at least, spatulas are real handy. I don't eat off of anyone else's fork, spoon, or drink from anyone's cup. In today's world that is too much for me.

Yes, I am very careful about how I cook and serve food, and I appreciate the same good service to me, as well.

I like that you live that way.


Subject: Re: Do you name your car?

Forum: Do you name your car?
Hi Kat!

I am a graduate of C-Net just popping in for a look at how this all has changed. I love your question, so I thought I would respond to it.

You should absolutely name your car. I am also getting a newer car this week and I have named every car I had in the past and plan to name this car, too.

My first car was solid white, so I named it "Snowball." My second car was gray in color, so I named it "Fox." This newest car is light green in color and I am asking for help in naming it. It is more of a mint green color, but I was thinking of the name "Jade" for this car.

It's just a fun thing to do. I really enjoy driving and I like having a personal relationship with my vehicles. We go through a lot together, so why not give them a name.

I say do it! Good luck,


Subject: Re: How long have you been on C-net?

Forum: How long have you been on C-net?
Hey Leland!

Welcome aboard! I joined C-Net in late April of 2016 and just this week graduated with the max $10,000 being earned. I suggest that you post a question each day, answer four other forums each day and get your two votes in each day. Remember we can vote twice on Wednesdays (two votes before 3 p.m. and two more votes after 3 p.m.). These votes and forum responses mean a lot to all participants so be sure to do what you can to help yourself and others here.

I found this forum to be fun and got to know some people here along the way. I came across C-Net by accident on the internet when I was surfing for some grants to pay for school. It was a blessing to have found this! I am very grateful for this help.

You will be winning scholarships as long as you keep participating. Come up with some interesting questions and you will get more attention that way. More postings means more points for you. I think this all went fast for me. Where else can you earn over $1,000 a month for school?

Hang in there and stay with it. All of this will work out for you.


Subject: Re: Do you know your blood type?

Forum: Do you know your blood type?
Hey JeneluRose:

Just wanted to send a special good-bye to you. I graduated from C-Net this week and will no longer be able to earn any more money here. I really enjoyed your postings and encourage you to keep up the good work.

I wish I knew my blood type. I even asked my doctor to perform the test, but they won't do that. They said I could donate blood and find out my blood type there. I even had nasal surgery and they will not tell me what blood type I am! Why the big secrets on this?!

My brother is a rare "O" version, so it would be nice to know if I have a rare type, too. I'll have to head to the blood bank, I guess. I would really like to know what blood type I am. Funny how you can learn this in a Biology class lab and I cannot get professionals to tell me.

Such is life!

Take care,


Subject: I'm a C-Net Graduate!!!

Forum: I'm a C-Net Graduate!!!
Hey Everybody!

This week I reached the $10,000 mark on my C-Net earnings and am now a Graduate of this forum. I can't imagine leaving this group without taking the time to say what a pleasure it has been to know all of you. I wish you all the best and hang in there on your studies and postings to C-Net. It is well worth it.

I am so grateful to CollegeNet for this tuition help. I would not be in college today without this assistance, so thank you so very much.

For the Newbies on board, I suggest posting a new question each day, or as often as you can, because these postings get you noticed and you earn points faster by posting questions. Also, answer four other forums each day and make sure to vote for two candidates each day - we can vote twice each Wednesday (once before 3 p.m. and once again after 3 p.m.).

I wish you all the best. If you want to contact me: majpep1989@gmail.

Take care,