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Subject: Re: Your last pro-con list.....What was it about?

Forum: Your last pro-con list.....What was it about?
Hi Mary!!!

po-con currently happening!! haha.

So am undecided on whether I should stay at my current job position or take on a new position that is one grade higher than my current one.

more money
better hours potentially

more work (like I would actually need to do much more work lol)
more responsibilities
learn a lot more material
maybe not as much flexibility as I currently have
more supervision from management

As I am typing these pros and cons, I am seeing that the cons aren't that bad ... but I am just so undecided. I do very much need the extra money though, so that is a big seller for me.

decisions, decisions!

Subject: Re: Preference: Mouse of Touchpad?

Forum: Preference: Mouse of Touchpad?
Hi Jason!!

I use both. But since I do use the mouse way more often than a touchpad, since I barely use my laptop.

At work I use my mouse all day every day! When I get home and want to use my laptop (the few times I use it), I automatically reach over as if I am going to grab my mouse! It is too funny.

I do prefer a touchpad though since I do not like bulky things or cords. At work my mouse is cordless and so is my key pad. I hate seeing cords on my desk.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Skin Care

Forum: Skin Care
Hi Iman!!

I am the same! I am very much into my skin care and into anything skin care! I also love trying out new things for my face. I always have to be careful though because some new things I've tried have broken me out.

I too had forehead acne in my early high school days and it was the worst. Thank God it is long gone and I barely ever beak out now.

My skin care routine consist of 5-6 steps, sometimes less steps in the morning. I start with removing my make-up (if I am wearing some) with a makeup remover sheet, then I wash my face with my face wash, I then put on a mask for about 5-10 minutes. After my mask I put on my serum, then my night cream. In the mornings I skip the mask part and instead of night cream I put on my day moisturizer and sunscreen.

My husband makes fun of me all the time, he says that what I do is too much work. I think taking care of your skin, especially face, is very important and I like to care for myself.

I have been into Korean skin care lately, but boy their skincare routines are like 10 steps!! that is pretty intense!!

Anyway, it's nice to hear that others are also into skin care! ♥

Subject: Re: I have a CNet Addiction....

Forum: I have a CNet Addiction....
Hey Alexis!!

I am with you! I love cnet too. Cnet has been the best thing I've found online really. I am always thinking about cnet topics and I write some down that I know will be good ones.

I check cnet everyday, maybe about 10 times a day or so. I am constantly checking is people have responded to my forum, if my forum has made it to the popular page, I also am always checking to see if people have responded to the post I made on others' forums. And, of course I always check to see what ranking I am in, who is before and after me!

Cnet is so much on my mind that I talk about it at home all the time with my husband, he is even into it for me! He is always checking what ranking I am in and always tells me "you're slacking" when he sees that I am lower than 13 :(

I really do love it here, not only for the money but for the people and everything we learn from each other.

Have a great day! ♥

Subject: Re: Who's your favorite superhero?

Forum: Who's your favorite superhero?
Hi Riley!

My favorite superhero would have to be Batman also. I love his disguise, I love his bat-mobile! I love that he is dark, but good at the same time. He really does mean well, but others like to think otherwise.

I also like spider-man and his building climbing abilities!