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Subject: Re: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?

Forum: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?
Where I work, we have the official holidays set. Then, we have different hours we accrue by working. Depending on how many years you have worked, you accrue both sick and annual leave. So, for me, I get 3.5 hours for every 40 hours worked, but in 2 years, it will increase to 5 hours for every 40 hours worked.

We don't have a set number of days that we can take, as long as we are using our annual leave. Usually we have a few people take 4-10 weeks of annual leave, whether it is for a vacation or sick child or vehicle problems or service being done on your home, etc. We are not required to take a vacation or use annual leave, as the time rolls over year after year. But things happen.

Instead of being called PTO (paid time off), my employer calls it annual leave.

Honesty, I like this system. Because if you get a set number of days, what happens in the event of an emergency and you are out of the set amount of paid vacation/personal time? A lot of times, you don't get paid.

However, there do need to be checks and balances if this system is in place so that the same person can't keep taking off all the time.

So, yes, it is reasonable to expect employers to paid for time off. Employees can't control everything and emergencies, home problems, car problems, sick kids, them being sick, etc. happen! Employers should be accommodating to their employees.

Subject: Cultural Differences

Forum: Cultural Differences
So I went to Sequinoa and Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Park last year in California for my vacation.

One of the big differences I noticed was the lack of friendliness from people as you pass by. Let me explain.

In South and parts of the West, when two random strangers pass each other, one usually smiles or nods and the other follows the gesture. Just a friendly gesture.

Now, in California, I noticed that there was a lack of "returning" back the gesture. Almost everyone kept their frown, never nodded back, never smiled; just eyeballed.

Which led me to think: What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with a friendly gesture? Why can't someone at least smile or nod back?!

Do they think it's weird that I'm do a small smile and nod when I pass everyone? (Something we do in the South often).

Is it cultural? The individual person?

Out of all the people I nodded to or gave a small smile to, no one returned the gesture. Yet, when I get back some, suddenly, everyone is returning the gesture.

What are your thoughts?

Subject: What Are You Looking Forward To?

Forum: What Are You Looking Forward To?
School is almost here- just a few more weeks!! (At least in Louisiana, anyway).

I was shopping for school supplies this past weekend that are being donated to a 5th grader at one of the local schools. I love shopping for school supplies, but since I graduated, I have no use for all the pretty stuff!! :(

Anyway, I was wondering what are you looking forward to this new school year/semester?? What classes are you taking and which ones are you looking forward to and not?

Personally, since I work for LSU, I'm looking forward to the traffic!!! 1 hour just to get 3 miles down the road to Winn-Dixie, when it should normally take 5 minutes. Whoopie!!

Actually, I'm looking forward to football season!!

Your turn, CNet!!

By the way, GEAUX TIGERS!!

Subject: Re: what do you sleep with?

Forum: what do you sleep with?
I have one pillow, 1/7 of the bed.

The rest belongs to a black dog named Avery Saw Palmetto or Moose Comere and occasionally VooDoo Louisiana, mostly in the winter, when they like to curl up next to me on top of my blanket. Summer, not so much.

Subject: Re: Sleeping alone, or beside someone else

Forum: Sleeping alone, or beside someone else
Well, I never sleep alone. I usually have a dog or two next to me while sleeping, especially on the cold, winter nights, their body heat is enough to keep me warm that I throw the blanket, comforter, and sheets off.

I remember being at Mom's house during the holidays one year. My room is at the back of the house, so I'm cold and it doesn't get much heat. River (our black lab) slept next to me. I was so hot, I was sweating and it was 20 degrees outside, and about 50 inside.

I can't sleep alone. Even when I'm on a vacation, I can't sleep because there is no dog next to me!