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Subject: Re: Free college- How would it work?

Forum: Free college- How would it work?
A lot of talk in these posts, but no consideration of empirical facts.

The United States is unique in that students have to take on so much of the financial responsibility for their own education. For all of this magical thinking about how all the wonderful free market wizardry is going to make college so much better, the reality is that educational outcomes in the US are falling, whereas outcomes in countries with taxpayer-funded education systems are rising.

And this is why, despite the initial overhead costs of paying for this education, these countries' economies are doing much better than our own right now. A college education isn't just a luxury or something you get because it's nice to have, it enables a person to be more productive, to do higher-paying work, and thereby contribute more to the economy. Other countries therefore understand that this is an investment that pays for itself over time. There is a benefit to having a smarter population, and education is how you achieve that. For instance, the Chinese have certainly recognized the value of an education populace, and just look at what's happening now: the center of the world's technical progress and scientific productivity is shifting from America to the East.

So you're not paying for other people to go to school, you're paying to help society become smarter and more productive. The world benefits when there are more scientists, doctors, and engineers. It does not benefit when the potential of bright young people is wasted by depriving them of the skills they need to contribute to humanity's progress.

And don't tell me there's no money. Our government last year signed off on billions of dollars in handouts to the rich so that people who don't need any more money can have more money to not do anything with. Every time the government cuts taxes on the rich, that's not "lowering taxes", that's powerful people taking society's money -your money- and giving it to those who don't need it at the expense of those who do.

Subject: Making money online

Forum: Making money online
Lately I've been looking in to ways to make more money online. I've been working for this great company called CrowdSurf for about the last two years doing audio transcription and it pays decently well and recently I've branched out into writing paid articles for Medium. Plus obviously I'm back here on CollegeNet.

But I'm always open to more suggestions. What are some ways that you've found to earn money online?

Subject: Re: UFO's?

Forum: UFO's?
Well of course there are aliens. If we went to another planet, then we would be space aliens.

And since there's no reason to think that we're somehow special in the grand order of the cosmos, the balance of probability is overwhelmingly in support of the existence of aliens. In our galaxy alone there are at least 60 billion
planets besides our own that could potentially support life.

Now, as for whether aliens have visited us or if we're likely to make contact in the reasonably close future, I doubt it. Space, it turns out, is actually pretty big, and this means that even with the enormous number of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy, to say nothing of other galaxies, the distances between civilizations are likely to be staggeringly huge and it's unlikely that any would just make the effort to come all that way to abduct and probe some conspiracy theorists and then crash in the desert.

Plus, the universe is still pretty young in terms of projected life cycle. It's entirely likely that we're a very early intelligent civilization and that not many others have come into existence just yet.

Subject: Re: Mornings

Forum: Mornings
My morning typically begins at around one in the afternoon when I get up, have lunch, and get ready for class at 3. I have afternoon and evening classes, then I work, and I usually get to bed around 4 AM.

That's just my natural sleep cycle. I have delayed-phase sleep disorder so trying to stick to a morning schedule is difficult and very unhealthy for me, but I do extremely well when I can live on my natural schedule.

I always work out at the beginning of the day before I've showered so that I don't have to wash off twice. I've also found out that my hair is much easier to style after a workout and a rinse and conditioning (shampoo only once a week because of my hair type), and that's good because my hairstyle is a bit high-maintenance.

As for advice, if you're having trouble keeping to an alarm, then maybe it's because you're trying to fight your body's natural sleep cycle. For some reason, society insists on trying to force us all into the same patterns, everyone has to be up at 7, everyone has to be at work by 8, everyone has to go to bed by 10, even though many people just can't do this. And when you can't, everyone calls you lazy and irresponsible. Meanwhile trying to force yourself to live on society's clock means putting your mental and physical health at risk and it gives this huge systemic privilege to people who happen to have the right chronotype. It's absurd. We evolved to have different heights, different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, why should we expect that humans wouldn't have different sleep cycles?

Anyway, rant over. Sorry about that.

Subject: Re: "Women are dying because we are losing elections"

Forum: "Women are dying because we are losing elections"
When reactionaries come into power, women's rights are among the first issues on the chopping block.

Look at what's being cut. It's not just funding for reproductive health care that's being slashed. It's also sexual education in schools and funding for programs to prevent and prosecute sexual offenders. Recall, for instance, when in 2017 the Betsy DeVos-led Department of Education moved to rescind Title-IX guidelines that would require colleges to have comprehensive plans to prevent and respond to rape among students.

And we still can't ignore the reproductive health issue. Contraception is a medical necessity. Death during childbirth is a leading and cause of mortality
cause of mortality among women. Access to safe and effective contraception and abortion are a necessity for women's safety in a society where about 1 in 3800 women will die during childbirth.

Let's also look at some of the attitudes that the current political situation has given a voice to. Some of the very worst people in our culture have become emboldened by the current leadership. I'm not going to link it here, but if you ever want to lose your lunch, check out what's happening on the subreddit called r/TheRedPill and similar online movements. Their political goals include, but are not limited to, the legalization of rape, an end to women's right to vote, government programs that would assign women to men, and allowing men to kill women who reject them on grounds of rejection being "abusive". And all of these people have been energized by the Republican control of the government.

That's just one sliver of the broader alt-right, who believe that women's rights are a plot by communists and Jews (yes, really) to lower white birth rates. This YouTube channel provides a lot of analysis and debunking of alt-right ideology and contains quite a few very frank discussions about the movement that we're currently dealing with.

So yes. When reactionaries have power, women suffer. It's no stretch at all to suggest that increasing the number of moderate and progressive voices in government is truly an issue of women's safety.