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College: DeVry University-Chicago IL
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Subject: Re: Taking Naps?

Forum: Taking Naps?
naps are my favorite activity!

I absolutely hate it at the same time. I end up sleeping too long or ending up feeling worse. Sometimes, though, its necessary. Its a battle i have been working on for years. I guess with depression and anxiety mixed together really make it difficult for me to stay awake. ugh! but im getting there.

I tried coffee and red bull but it got to addictive and it might have sent me to the hospital because i ended up having to pass a really painful kidney stone. to this day i havent been able to touch a red bull and i have drank coffee a hand full of times since then.

I wish i could figure it out but only time will telll hopefully i can get into a healthier routine and eat better. maybe b12 vitamins.

Subject: Fishing for Catfish?

Forum: Fishing for Catfish?
good day!

In todays word many of us have tried to use an online dating platform. as for me I occasionally swipe left, left, right, etc. Not much of success..yet.

Last night I stumbled upon a match, but the one picture he had was odd. only one picture?! and this picture was someone who looked so familiar ~ someone youtube famous might i add. I asked for another picture or two to confirm if it was him. long story short I found out it was someone completely different.. it was a catfish!

I would of wanted to get to know him more if he didn't try to be someone else. I honestly didn't understand why he did it but my trust was already out the door from that guy who seemed pretty cool.

I've heard stories from friends being catfished.

what are your thoughts on situations like these? have you been catfished? what was your story? what makes you think people do this?

Subject: Re: What do you miss about being a kid?

Forum: What do you miss about being a kid?
This is an great forum topic.

Growing up and becoming an adult is definitely a life altering experience. I miss everything about it. I miss the freedom of creativity and mystery I had of the world. I remember nature and being outside- feeling so small. I thought the sky was so blue and the clouds where so huge as I would lie on the grass and look up, feeling the breeze on my body. I didn't care much for the dirty. I wasn't worried about the germs or even concerned much about all the bugs. I had a raspberry tree in my neighbors yard and Its branches would hangout into our yard. Every once in a while I would snack on one or two. I will never forget how good those raspberries tasted. I will also never forgive that neighbor for taking down the tree years later. because of her I was never able to enjoy the freshness of those raspberries again (haha).

Another one of my favorite memories was when I was aloud to walk home for lunch in elementary school. I would visit my mom for lunch at the house and help her with her daycare. This was a very special memory for me because I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, and I was close to my mom. Sometimes I'm grateful I didn't have a lot of friends because I was able to make more memories with my mom.

Subject: Re: Could you downsize and live in a "Tiny House"?

Forum: Could you downsize and live in a "Tiny House"?
Honestly, i would love to live in a tiny home -If I had the funds of course.

as a child I always dreamed of having a tiny play house. There was a little store a few blocks from my house and I would always dream to have that exact pink painted house that I would occasionally pass by for years. This small home was not fit to live in though but was so realistic.

When I first heard about the tiny homes and that they were livable. I was totally interested.

Its almost like a like a motorhome but without the engine to drive around and explore. Now the real question is would I want a moterhome or a tiny home!

Subject: Re: Free college- How would it work?

Forum: Free college- How would it work?
A lot of talk in these posts, but no consideration of empirical facts.

The United States is unique in that students have to take on so much of the financial responsibility for their own education. For all of this magical thinking about how all the wonderful free market wizardry is going to make college so much better, the reality is that educational outcomes in the US are falling, whereas outcomes in countries with taxpayer-funded education systems are rising.

And this is why, despite the initial overhead costs of paying for this education, these countries' economies are doing much better than our own right now. A college education isn't just a luxury or something you get because it's nice to have, it enables a person to be more productive, to do higher-paying work, and thereby contribute more to the economy. Other countries therefore understand that this is an investment that pays for itself over time. There is a benefit to having a smarter population, and education is how you achieve that. For instance, the Chinese have certainly recognized the value of an education populace, and just look at what's happening now: the center of the world's technical progress and scientific productivity is shifting from America to the East.

So you're not paying for other people to go to school, you're paying to help society become smarter and more productive. The world benefits when there are more scientists, doctors, and engineers. It does not benefit when the potential of bright young people is wasted by depriving them of the skills they need to contribute to humanity's progress.

And don't tell me there's no money. Our government last year signed off on billions of dollars in handouts to the rich so that people who don't need any more money can have more money to not do anything with. Every time the government cuts taxes on the rich, that's not "lowering taxes", that's powerful people taking society's money -your money- and giving it to those who don't need it at the expense of those who do.