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ScreenName: mkwilliams1117 I'm a former student, wife, and mother of a beautiful daughter. I graduated with my Industrial Engineering degree from St. Ambrose University in Iowa.... [ More ]
City/State: Charlotte, NC
High School: Rock Island High School
College: Pfeiffer University
ScreenName: ellenm93 I’m a former student. Started my education at St. Ambrose university in Iowa where I first majored in Biology, which then I switched my major to philosophy.... [ More ]
City/State: Rock Island, IL
High School: Rock Island High School
College: St Ambrose University
ScreenName: margann63 [ More ]
City/State: Rock Island, IL
High School: Rock Island High School
College: Black Hawk College
ScreenName: vmose [ More ]
City/State: Rock Island, IL
High School: Rock Island High School
ScreenName: KNEAL22 My name is Karen Neal, I was a Preschool Teacher's Aid for ten years and when our Preschool closed last year I decided I would go back and finish my Bachelor's... [ More ]
City/State: Sterling, IL
High School: Rock Island High School
College: Western Illinois University

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Subject: Re: Do you shop on Thanksgiving?

Forum: Do you shop on Thanksgiving?
Absolutely not! It is so unfair to the people who have to work that should be at home with family. I think it is the crappiest thing. I will lay in bed at night and maybe look at a few online deals, but not much of anything. I have never really been too impressed with Black Friday deals as they are not once-a-year deals like they lead on. I have found the same, if not better, deals at other times of the year.

Subject: Re: Cars

Forum: Cars
A reliable one that seats a family of 6, haha! Right now I have a Chrysler Town and Country van and it is the worst! Its in for another repair that is going to be well over $1000! I just wish for a new car

Subject: Re: Ruin Thanksgiving in 4 Words

Forum: Ruin Thanksgiving in 4 Words
Let's fry frozen turkey!

Lets go out shopping!

Mashed cauliflower, not potatoes

Subject: Re: Would you DATE someone without GOALS?

Forum: Would you DATE someone without GOALS?
I do think that a person can be void of goals, but still have responsibility. Maybe it is because that person truly does not know what he wants to do, so he is hoping it finds him. If that person is still working for a living, taking care of what he needs to take care of without expecting others to pick up the slack, than I don't necessarily think its a make or break factor. Sometimes a person may have a goal that they think their life is headed in that direction and then something unexpected happens, changing that goal completely. I think it truly depends. If it is a lack of commitment, then its a deal breaker. If it has a big financial downside, then it can be a deal breaker. It really depends on the root of the issue and what repercussions they could have.

Subject: extended vehicle warranties

Forum: extended vehicle warranties
How much faith do you have in extended vehicle warranties? Is there any concrete value behind them? Does the person selling it make a difference in the warranty's validity?

We are currently dealing with a problem where are vehicle needs a very expensive repair and a warranty that I bought from a loan officer at our credit union who we have trusted for over a decade. We were told it was a warranty that covered everything and that it put those extended warranties sold at dealerships to shame. I felt so comfy cozy buying this thing as I though our issues were behind us. Fast foward a year and a half to now. We have 2 major issues that suddenly arose on our van and our warranty doesn't cover any of it. Talking to the warranty company, there is a very short list of what IS covered! So, now I am dealing with the bank that sold it to us trying to get a refund because we bought it on the word of this loan officer who is no longer there. The bank officer that I spoke with was very sympathetic to our situation and apologized for the actions of the woman who sold us the warranty under false pretenses. So, I ask, do you even bother with warranties or chock them all up to fraud?