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ScreenName: Mary Freytag What you need to know about me! 1) I am Mary 2) I have two daughters ages 9 and 7 3) I am married 4) I work for Walmart 5) I am so far in debt it... [ More ]
High School: Carl Sandburg High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: mv540q [ More ]
City/State: Orland Park, IL
High School: Carl Sandburg High School
College: University of Illinois-Chicago
ScreenName: kgupta [ More ]
City/State: Orland Park, IL
High School: Carl Sandburg High School
College: Purdue University
University of Iowa
ScreenName: adevenut [ More ]
City/State: Chicago, IL
High School: Carl Sandburg High School
College: De Paul University
ScreenName: pgriffey91 Hi. I am going into my sophomore year at Illinois State University. I am currently an undecided major, however, once the application period opens I will... [ More ]
City/State: Orland Park, IL
High School: Carl Sandburg High School
College: Illinois State University

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Subject: Re: Best advice ever received

Forum: Best advice ever received
"Stop doing things for other people, then you will realize who you really want to become."

Subject: Re: Favorite Ice Cream and Why?

Forum: Favorite Ice Cream and Why?
There is this fresh ice cream shop by my home called the Plush Horse. It is super old and super amazing. First of all, they make all their ice cream freshly there. Secondly, they really load your cone. A single scoop is honestly enough because it is the size of your face. By far, my favorite flavor there is banana. Reason being, it really tastes like a fresh banana melting away in your mouth. There are no artificial colorings or flavors, it's all real and really good. Going there also brings me a sentimental feeling of being a child. My dad worked there when I was first born, so I was there as a kid a lot. It's really good! Anyone near Orland Park, IL ever should get the chance to try it. Make sure you go to the original shop in Palos, because the second new location in Tinley Park is nothing like it.

Subject: Re: Dogs or cats?

Forum: Dogs or cats?
I am for sure a dog person! I have always had a dog in my life since the day I was born. However, since my dad is allergic to cats, I guess I never got the chance to experience what it is like to own a cat. I think they are beautiful creators and I would consider owning one some day. So I am a dog person by default, but cats are pretty cool!

Subject: Re: First, Middle or Baby?

Forum: First, Middle or Baby?
Are you the oldest, middle or baby of the the family?
Sadly, I am the oldest....I hate it.

Do you think one's placement in birth order has an effect on one's life?
YES! My little sister and I are like night and day. I grew up with the very strict lifestyle my parents gave me. As for my sister, they were much more lenient and gave her hardly any chores. I grew up to be very responsible, hardworking, and respectable, while she grew up lazy and rude.

Do you think that there is a difference in parenting when it comes to expectations, discipline or responsibilities depending on if you were born first, middle or last?
I do think so, but it depends on the family. In my case yes. They disciplined me much harder, which I understand, since they had me at 16 and I was their first child. They had my little sister 7 years later so they had time to understand the right and wrong ways to raise a child. Of corse they thought they were being a better parent, but now they have an 11 year old daughter that refuses to wash her own dishes or clean her own room.

If you are an only child, did you ever wish you had a brother or sister?
When I was an only child I dreamed of having an only sister. When she was born, it was great. She was cute and didn't talk back, but as her attitude grew with her, now she hardly likes me. I think the age gap has a huge thing to do with it. I know one day she will mature and we will probably be great friends.

Subject: Love is Love.

Forum: Love is Love.
So while scrolling through Facebook, I say yesterday that same sex marriages were finally made nationwide. I was utterly shocked and happy for all of the people who's lives were going to change from this. I am a strong supporter of the LGBT community and feel that anyone has the right to love whomever they want. Later that night I saw another popular post about how people who do not support this decision and threaten to move to Canada. First of all, I was a bit confused because I thought Canada was like the fourth country in the world to rule same sex marriages. Then I was utterly disgusted by the nature of these humans. Life is going to go on the same as it always did, just people now can put a ring on it and have it legalized. I hope that in time these hasty judgements will change. But if they don't, then I guess you should move elsewhere. What's done is done. LOVE IS LOVE and everyone has a right to it!

Hope you guys feel the same way! If not, I hope you are just open minded enough to respect the huge privilege people from the LGBT community have been granted! Please share your thoughts! Thank you!