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ScreenName: alohareiko07 [ More ]
City/State: pearl city, HI
High School: William T Dwyer High School
College: U of Hawaii-Leeward Community College
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City/State: west palm beach, FL
High School: William T Dwyer High School
ScreenName: bianca4040 [ More ]
City/State: west palm beach, FL
High School: William T Dwyer High School
College: Palm Beach Atlantic University
ScreenName: ncass08 [ More ]
High School: William T Dwyer High School
College: Palm Beach Atlantic University
ScreenName: LdyEricka23 I moved from Florida to New York about three years ago to fulfill my dream at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My major is forensic psychology and... [ More ]
City/State: New York, NY
High School: William T Dwyer High School
College: CUNY-John Jay C-Criminal Just

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Subject: Re: Is It Selfish to Not Want Children?

Forum: Is It Selfish to Not Want Children?
Hey Claskate,

I completely understand your opinion. I personally do not want kids right now or within the next six years because of the circumstances school has taken on my time andon the fact that I am entitled to being selfish meaning I am not ready to give up receiving Xmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc lol. Children are wonderful but the require a great deal of time and management, so I choose me while I still have the option. Now if I get married within those six years, then of course this will have to be re-evaluated because I'll have to include my husband's point of view.

I don't judge people who don't have children, I honestly think they are the nicest people I've ever met in my life. They genuinely care and they always have great advice to offer and they have a gentle spirit.

Subject: Re: Things you will do again!

Forum: Things you will do again!
Hey Rosine,

This is just what I needed tonight for some motivation.

1. I will pray and seek God 1st.

2. I will continue to compete on CollegeNet.

3. I will eat a nice bowl of butter pecan icecream tonight.

4. I will exercise for 45 minutes tomorrow morning.

5. I will do my toenails this weekend.

Have a Good Night Everyone:)

Subject: Re: Do you coupon?

Forum: Do you coupon?
Hey Jared,

I coupon whenever I can, but "extreme couponers" go from store to store and they collect coupons not only from online but also from paper coupons (sometimes they steal coupons as well because they'll take neighbors newspapers from off of their gates). It takes a really long time to be an extreme couponer, it's a full time job. This one lady had certain binders for certain coupons (green for groceries, pink for makeup/cosmetics, blue for baby, etc).

I only have time for grocery coupons and coupons I get out of the Sunday newspapers or the pennysavers. Other than that, I rely on my reward cards to do the rest.

Subject: Re: Hair colors

Forum: Hair colors
Hey Karlie,

Yeah, I've been noticing these colors lately. I saw Raven Simone's interview with Oprah a few month's ago and her hair was gorgeous. I think that when you do these bold colors, everything else has to be bold as well or it won't look right. For example, if I decided to wear purple streaks in my "extensions" for 1 month, then I would definitely take a mental note to make sure that my makeup was properly done everyday and that my hair was either curled, flat-ironed, or styled for that entire month. There would be no "I woke up like this" moments where I would just get up out of bed and throw my purple hair into a ponytail and expect everyone not to look at me strange or take pictures with their phone.

I've done purple in high school as a 9th grader but this time, I think I'd like to try the light green with a little bit of pink---but not my entire head...just some streaks lol

Subject: Re: Sister Issues..

Forum: Sister Issues..
Hey Mo Mo,

My sister and I are 5 years apart and though we are very close, we are on different levels of maturity. I've found that it works best when my sister openly comes to me seeking advice because she has open ears and is ready to receive whatever my advice is (whether it's boyfriend advice, ex-boyfriend advice, school/work advice, etc). But if I move too soon, it appears as though I am knocking on wood and can stir up an argument. Nothing gets done because no advice is given or received if two sisters are arguing or pissed the hell off, so to avoid this, I just wait and let her come to me.

I've also learned to mind my own business, yeah I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth. Your sister is young so unless she is endangering herself in risky behavior, then I would leave it alone. I understand that you want the best for her but know that if you decide to talk to her and she seems a little confrontational or if she gives you the "side-eye", then MoMo you need to make that conversation very short.