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ScreenName: Chris Millison “Performing arts are my passion. In the last six years, I have participated in over 29 musical productions in professional, community and educational... [ More ]
City/State: Bear, DE
High School: Cab Calloway Sch of The Art Hs
College: Elon University
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High School: Cab Calloway Sch of The Art Hs
College: University of Delaware
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Subject: Re: Best/Worst Teachers in School

Forum: Best/Worst Teachers in School
Hello to anyone reading,

I am studying production in film, television, and music as an audio engineer. I began my college career as an anthropology major but quickly changed to a subject I felt fit more.

As for best and worst teachers, I have many anecdotes for both.

My best teachers and professors were all very transparent in their teaching styles and offered criticism only after getting the whole story first. They made me feel human, and that my mistakes were not debilitating to my education or career. As a kinetic learner, it was vital that they allowed me to try again on the same thing in order to actually learn what the purpose of the exercise was. And they always did remember me in passing and ask me about what I was doing and where I was going which is always a confidence boost.

My worst professor refused to allow discussion in a class that was expected to be that way. He would introduce a topic we were expected to discuss, give his extremely biased perspective on it and then open the floor to discussion and debate. No one ever spoke though because either they agreed or knew that if they brought up a contested idea, instead of allowing the students to discuss it, the professor would shut them down immediately. Often he wouldn't show up prepared and changed the syllabus almost as frequently as we had classes. It was more stressful trying to figure out what our projects were than actually completing them.

I hope you gained some insight from my response! and good luck in your journey to becoming a teacher


Subject: When do you do your best Work

Forum: When do you do your best Work
Hey Cnet!

So, today I was thinking about the odd times that I get all of my work done. I'm a super late night person and a lot of the time I'll get my leisurely activities and what not out of the way during the afternoon so that I can work at night. I feel like I'm the total opposite of most people.

So when do you guys do your best work? Or study? Do you have a time that you think you work best?

Subject: Re: Is Life Easier for Attractive People?

Forum: Is Life Easier for Attractive People?
I think life is easier for people who are viewed as sort of universally attractive and it's pretty odd.

I always refer to Louis C.K.'s bit about how every musician is attractive, he says he'd figure that there'd be one ugly guy with a guitar by now, but there's not. It's interesting isn't it? Like, does every celebrity have to be some flawless person? There isn't a few profoundly talented people who aren't models that deserve a shot?

Subject: Re: Date Nights In or Out???

Forum: Date Nights In or Out???
I think date nights in are the absolute best.

My lady and I have pretty busy schedules and we go to different schools so seeing each other is a little bit tough when the semester gets into full swing and we end up pretty stressed. So, that being said, when we do get our occasional date nights we love to stay in a just be super lazy! We go out on occasion and it's nice when we do but absolutely nothing beats just staying in and being a bunch of a lazy loafs.

Subject: Re: Does the Teacher Influence what Classes you Take?

Forum: Does the Teacher Influence what Classes you Take?
I think that the professors absolutely influence the classes I sign up for, mostly in my major.

I think as we go through college and we kind of get to know our major's department in starts to shape the classes we select, at least it does for me. When if first started college I was pretty open about my professors and giving everyone a shot but at this point in my education I am SUPER selective about my professors, I know who I get along with and who I work well with. Outside of my major I'm still pretty open because I don't know what the class is going to be like so no point in me judging them. I think I just became more selective with time in my program because I just know what I want by now.