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Subject: Re: What antivirus software do you use?

Forum: What antivirus software do you use?
Hey Kasey!

Writing my last post for a while to you! I'm glad you understand my pain of the monthly school overload...it's just too much going on. So when you're really ready definitely take a breather.

As far as a computer antivirus, my mom use to use Norton, but when she went to an Electronic store one of the associates advised her to not spend all this money these programs use and to just use malware bytes because a lot of college students use it and it protects much better then the McAfee (which I absolutely HATE), Norton wasn't bad but pricey and since she's had Malware bytes she hasn't had any problems and neither have I when I use her computer. Definitely ask a trusted local electronics store and see what they suggest versus what you have.

Wish you lots of luck and success and thank you for replying to my forums I appreciate your help!!!


Subject: Re: Do you like air conditioning or a fan? Both?

Forum: Do you like air conditioning or a fan? Both?
Hey Unique!!!

It's been such a great experience writing on your forums. I will be taking a break for awhile, if when I begin again and I don't see you on here I just want thank you for posting on my forums and posting your own great and "Unique" forums. May you have great success now and in the future.

As for todays forum I personally have no control over using the air conditioner since I don't pay the electric bill, but I can turn my ceiling fan on which works perfectly as long as the house doesn't heat up to 90 degrees. My parents just put in a brand new air conditioner before this summer starts as we didn't have one last year because they just bought the house and it was a big fixer, so this summer we're ready!!!!

Have great day!!!


Subject: Re: Long/Medium /Short NAILS?

Forum: Long/Medium /Short NAILS?
Hey Julia!!!!

I had to laugh when you said we were both doing forums on nails, I wanted to respond to your's yesterday, but I had already used my 5 post ( I hate that)LOL!!! So I had to wait til this morning....

I prefer my nails short with no sharp ridges. I'm an athlete and I don't want to injury someone by scratching the crap out of them, nor do I want to get my nails snagged on something and split my nail to the meat. The shorter the better.

This will be my last post to you for a while as it's a big busy month for me, but it's been great talking to anther Cali person thru your post. Best success here on CNet if I don't get to post to you again and in your future.

Have a great day!!

Thankful (always)

Subject: Taking A Break!!!

Forum: Taking A Break!!!
Good Thursday CNet Fam!!!

Congrats to all of yesterday's winners and a Big Thank You to all who helped me win this week.

I will be taking a break from CNet as this is my final month of high school and have a lot of Senior activities this month coming up and finals to prep for so I won't have any time to sit and read and post, but I will try and give back by voting for other candidates since we only get 2 a day.

Good Luck and Congrats to all Graduates for the Class of 2018!!!!


Subject: Re: Craving

Forum: Craving
Hey Tom!!!!

Seeing as always I didn't get to eat anything for breakfast because it takes me forever to wake up and get ready for school so I'm always rushing, I'm now craving French Toast with maple syrup and powdered sugar with a side of breakfast potatoes and sausage.

So knowing I'm not getting that anytime soon and you've brought food to my attention I'm upset...LOL!!!

Have a great day and may everyone fulfill their cravings...soon!!!!