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Subject: Re: Current Stress Level: 1-10

Forum: Current Stress Level: 1-10
Hey Julia!

Congrats on your move and new beginnings at a Uni!!! Good for you staying calm and stress free with this move. I hate moving, but my parents never seem to be stressed when they've moved only when they get movers to move because some try to milk the time by moving too slow so you pay more.

My stress level today is a 1. It's been a pretty chill day today besides getting up later this morning then usual because I lost track of time last night and worked an hour more then I was suppose to because I have an early class today so I got to school 10 minutes late. Now Tuesday I would've told you my stress level was at an 8 because I couldn't get my essay to print out on my home computer before my morning class (thankfully I made it to school early to print it), and I had 2 test in my other classes. Crazy busy day it was.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: When do you usually log in to CNet?

Forum: When do you usually log in to CNet?
Hey J!

When I very first started CNet I did all my forums, post and voting in the morning only because I had more time as a Senior in high school my classes where more laid back. Now I post my forum in the morning before I leave for school (now in college) sometimes I'll get the voting done or I just wait til I have my afternoon break between classes to finish all my posting and votes because my evenings are generally booked with working and homework so no time like before.

I think it's best to do it all in the morning only because there are people from different time zones and they're not on here sometimes later then we could be depending on where you are from. I'm on the West Coast so I have to try and get those on the East Coast to hopefully vote or post for me.

Have a great day!


Subject: Correct Way Of Putting Toilet Paper On?

Forum: Correct Way Of Putting Toilet Paper On?
Good Thursday CNet Fam!

Everybody has a difference of opinion on which way toilet paper goes on...either the paper hangs under or over the roll...I know silly question!

Which way do you think is the right way?

I just put it on which ever way, but then when I get yelled at by my mom she said the correct way is over, so that means I put it on with the paper hanging under.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Dream repetition...

Forum: Dream repetition...
Hey V!

I have had repetitive dreams more then I would like. I keep dreaming about falling from a building. The dreams are sometimes not always the same, but in the dream no matter where I'm at I see myself falling from the same dang building and I have no idea where this building is nor do I ever want to visit it cause it's freaking me out. I'm mean who the heck one minute is swimming, playing ball, playing a video game and then all of a sudden is falling off a building!? It doesn't happen a lot, but once is enough for me and this happens at least 3 or 4 times a year. I feel it's a sign of some sort, I'm too afraid to look up the meaning of these dreams.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What animal would you come back as?

Forum: What animal would you come back as?
Hello Brenda!

If I came back I would like to come back as a big thick Bull! My zodiac sign is a Taurus and seeing as I play football, when I was playing youth at the time my mom would always tell me to act like my sign and hit like a bull because I'm a defense player. So that's what I did and still do. I know so people fear bulls, but they're only aggressive when they feel threatened and that's me, they eat a lot of protein vegan style, I eat protein meat style.

The one animal that I fear would be almost anything poisonous, crocs/alligators and snakes. Sorry couldn't just choose one.

Have a great week!