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Subject: Re: Happy Hump Day

Forum: Happy Hump Day
Hey Amanda!

A crazy saying we say during game time in sports is "Let's Get It" or "Do the Damn Thing".

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you have any pets?

Forum: Do you have any pets?

We do have a dog. She's a year old and still in training. I definitely understand your feeling of being distraught. Many years ago when I was about 5 years old my parents had a Boston Terrier who I was growing up with as he was only 6 months born before me. One day my mom let him outside to go use the bathroom and next thing she heard a yell sound and my dad went outside and someone stole him. It was devastating to us. To this day my mom won't get another Boston Terrier and it's hard for her to get close to another dog emotionally.

Happy Daisy made it home and where she belongs. Stay blessed!


Subject: Re: Favorite way to study?

Forum: Favorite way to study?
Welcome to the CNet Fam!

My way of studying is a lot of note taking and highlighting. We're also allowed to record our professor during lectures only, so I always go back and listen and if any questions I ask my professor. I also go to tutoring for math to make sure I'm breaking things down right as my teacher doesn't always explain things in detail. I also use post its. Everyone has a way that works best for them that didn't work for others. I can be a bit all over the place, but I know what works for me and it hasn't failed me yet.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What is your age?

Forum: What is your age?
Hey Slynch!

I'm 18! In my first year of college, which has been so much better then high school.

Have a great day!


Subject: What's Your Favorite Fast Food Place?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Fast Food Place?
Good Wednesday CNet Fam!

What's your favorite fast food place to eat? We're all from different places so some we may not have heard of which is interesting to me!

Mine is In-N-Out Burgers & Popeye's Chicken.

Have a blessed day! Congrats to all who win today!