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ScreenName: Wanderlust618 I work as a School Nurse Practitioner and I love my job. I went to University of Hawaii at Manoa for my nursing studies and it was one of the best decisions... [ More ]
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High School: San Domenico Upper School
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Subject: Re: Sunday Fun Day!

Forum: Sunday Fun Day!
Aloha Jon,

Wow you have a jam-packed week of finals! I am sure you will do great on all your tests! Thanks for the comment on my living passionately forum. Yes as a college student bogged down in homework and classes and running from here to there it can be hard to think of yourself as living passionately. But in a different respect you are following your dreams by attending college and pursuing something worthwhile! You are making something of yourself and that is passion at its finest right there.

Today, Sunday December 9th was a fun day in some respects as I challenged myself to be the best I could be on my first marathon course! Today was all about crossing that finish line as strong as possible. I woke up at 2am to eat breakfast and hop on CollegeNet to get some posts in. Got myself all prepped for the marathon and left at 3:30am to get to the starting line. It was so exciting seeing so many people. It really was a fun once in a lifetime experience. They set off fireworks when the race starts which is pretty cool. It was a Sunday to remember for sure! A unique day to reach a milestone that I had planned for over the course of many months. Sunday Marathon Day!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Board Games

Forum: Board Games
Aloha Grace,

I certainly enjoy a good board game every now and then. That reminds me I haven't hosted a board game night in while. I think my last board game night we played Catan which is a lot of fun and I highly recommend that game. It can be a little intricate but it is a clever game once you figure out the rules a bit. The other board games I like to paly are dominos and the classics are fun too such as monopoly and the game of life. I like to paly those every once in a while because they are fun and remind me of childhood since I played those games as a kid. I agree that over the holidays when the weather is cooler and we are staying indoors more a board game or two is a fun past time. I also play games such as Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? which I recommend as they can be lots of fun but depends on the crowd you are playing with.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: If you could bring an animal back from extinction.

Forum: If you could bring an animal back from extinction.
Aloha yourockmysocks,

Cool forum! I would bring back the Malagasy hippopotamus. I took a class on Madagascar when I was in college to get a science credit. I remember being fascinated by all the unique wildlife and saddened that some of it was no longer in existence. We humans have really done a number on this earth and when I look at this list of animals gone extinct it really hits home how destructive we humans have been and how we have been responsible for so many animals going extinct. I wish we as a species were doing more to help the world and it's animal kingdom thrive.

Thanks for posting in my forum on athletic achievements. Your outdoor climbing adventures sound really awesome! Good for you for making it up Koko head. That is one good workout!

- Wanderer

Subject: Marathon morning and how passionate are you?

Forum: Marathon morning and how passionate are you?
Aloha CollegeNet,

Well it's 2:25am on the morning of the marathon! I've made it this far and am excited to get my run on. Wow, I've prepared for this long and hard and it's finally here. I'm making sure to take in the gravity of this day. A first marathon- a once in a lifetime thing! So I went to the marathon expo and of course bought cool stuff lol. I bought some yoga/running clothes from this one brand whose slogan is Live Passionately. It got me thinking and wondering how passionately am I living? On a scale of 1 to 10 how passionately are you living your life?

I would say currently I am at at 7 or 8 perhaps. I think through work and running I am really throwing myself into the unknown and challenging myself in new ways. I seek to live from a place of passion for life and not taking anything for granted. Seeking out new experiences and fresh ideas is something I strive for. From running my first marathon to starting a mindfulness program at my school I would say I am living rather passionately. Although there is always room for improvement and I do want to push myself to continually live more and more passionately throughout my days here on earth.

How about you? How passionately are you living? Rate yourself 1-10. Wish me luck!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: How often do you bake ?

Forum: How often do you bake ?
Aloha Romeo,

I used to bake much more often but especially since I've become more and more healthy and keep less sweets in the house I have seemingly left baking behind. I was actually just thinking about baking some gingerbread cookies or something for the holidays. I have gone through baking phases for sure. A few years ago I got into baking pies and baked my first apple pie which was delicious. It was really fun to make it from scratch and figure out all the details of making a pie. Writing this reminds me of the fun discovery that I had and how I would love to do it again. Homemade apple pie is the best. I also made a pumpkin pie too. I much prefer homemade to store bought and since I don't know anyone who bakes pies it's up to me if I want some lol. It's fun to try new recipes and bake with new ingredients! It can make me a bit nervous to bake something new especially if I am counting on it to be good if I am making it for a party or something. I wouldn't say that I am afraid to deviate as it can be neat to cook something unique and when it turns out good I am especially proud. I would say I am cautious about new recipes!

- Wanderer