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Subject: Re: Thoughts on paid essay services

Forum: Thoughts on paid essay services
i can see why your friend is conflicted.

I personally would never do this for myself, part of the satisfaction of holding that degree in your hands is the hard work you put in plus I would not want my kids to do that and I have to set the example.

On the other hand if you have a skill you can use to make money on the side I would encourage getting your hustle on. We all know how hard it is and the cost of living doesn't help.

I mean to each their own.

Subject: Re: Adopting from A Shelter or Buying From A Breeder?

Forum: Adopting from A Shelter or Buying From A Breeder?
Not all breeders are bad I too have a friend that is a breeder and he loves every single dog they have.

However the reason i am not a fan is because most of these dogs are not neutered and then we end up with extra dogs in shelters that should never have been there to begin with, or someone gets a dog from a breeder and they just didn't expect so much responsibility that comes with it and that dog ends up in a shelter.

Granted full breed dogs end up getting adopted quickly leaving the little mutts there, they are just as cut and just as loving.

I have cried at the shelter before wanting to take all the animals home with me but I cant, there are too many dogs in shelters and not enough people willing to care for them so they get put down, so the lest end up in shelters the less get put down.

I cant say I am agents breeders but I also cant say I am pro breeders.

as for breeds I love Huskies, German Shepard's & golden retrievers.

I have a dog I adopted and he is a mutt and he is perfect, I wouldn't trade him for a full bread he is part of our family. <3

Subject: Re: what's your role in your family?

Forum: what's your role in your family?

Kudos to you!!!! What you are doing is amazing and I know it can be hard but as the oldest you need to set the example for the rest of your siblings. Keep it going and you will see it will pay off in the long run and even though your siblings or parents may not show it much they are very grateful for you I know I would be.

Me, I have a bunch of siblings ranging from the age of 15- 52, yeah my dad had a lot of kids and thought it was okay to keep going when he was in his 60's! I like to call myself the middle child I am 33, I fall right in the middle I am young enough to relate to the older siblings and the younger siblings and I am the glue, my dad had 3 wife's and 1 mistress so there are 4 separate families (are you still with me, I know this can be confusing LOL) I get along with everyone and I am the one that pushes all of us to be united and together especially since my dad passed away, out of all of my sibling they can all count on me, I am there for everyone.

Also I am a mother, a wife full time job, part time school my husband says I am the Matriarch of our family...


Subject: Religion and Discriminations

Forum: Religion and Discriminations
I wanted to talk about the Religion and Discriminations that is going around the world.

On Facebook this morning I saw a few videos that Muslins are making all around the world and posting them online and they touched my heart.

They had a sign up saying they were Muslim and saying what country they were from and because of that people were labeling them as terrorist, it also said "I trust you, if you trust me give me a hug."

I love that they are doing this because unfortunately ignorance fills our hearts with hate and these innocent people are being discriminated on this will only lead to them not having a place in society forcing them to the ISIS which is what ISIS wants. They wasn't a war with the "Believers" vs. the "Non Believers"

Evil is evil and there are Catholics, Muslims, Christians that are evil just because of their religion, there are Atheist that are the friendliest nicest people that you will ever meet and other that are horrible it really has to do with the person, even some satanic people are very peaceful.

Now there is even a stigma with Christians which I find very unfortunate, some people automatically assume if you are Christian you must hate Gay people, you must be a proud you must have been offended by Starbucks red cup and the list goes on, that isn't true and we need to stop the hate.

There is a possibility that Europe and the US will no longer allow refugees in their countries due to fear of terrorist attacks, this is discrimination its wrong.

back to the videos I saw this morning, one of them was in Paris and there were several people that hugged the guy that was blindfolded with the signs and they started crying, there were other Muslins, other skins colors that also cried. when the guy was done he thanked everyone that hugged him and said that just because he was muslin did not mean he was a terrorist, and that his religion for bits killing that he had never killed anyone in his life and offered his condolences for the one that lost a loved one and said he is in just as much pain and disbelief as the rest of them.

What are your thoughts?

Subject: Re: Walmart or Costco?

Forum: Walmart or Costco?
I am not a big fan of Wal-Mart but will say they are the most affordable. I still go once every two, three months to Wal-Mart. if it is on the way and I need to do a quick stop.

Costco is not always the cheapest but in most cases you get a great deal, I will stand in there and do the math on how much I spent on a smaller pack of something and find that buying it in bulk will save me money in the long run plus I trust Costco and their products, I know that if Costco sells it, it is a good product.

I have friend that are either single or they have a small family and still shop at Costco they wont go as often as I would but they too love it. you do have to be a little creative....

I <3 Costco