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ScreenName: tigger2rule Hello, I currently live in California with my 2 sons, the oldest is 11 and the youngest is 5, and my best friend my boyfriend. I work for AIG insurance.... [ More ]
City/State: Vallejo, CA
High School: Skyline High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: citygirl3520 [ More ]
City/State: Oakland, CA
High School: Skyline High School
ScreenName: Evelyngarcia Hello my name is Maria and i am a 27 year old women. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management, but i have this burning desire to go to Bible School.... [ More ]
City/State: Oakland, CA
High School: Skyline High School
College: Patten University
ScreenName: Stephnic [ More ]
City/State: CA
High School: Skyline High School
College: California Culinary Academy
ScreenName: gt9 Just started college. Don't have a major yet. I hope that I'll be able to complete community college and be able to transfer without any major setbacks... [ More ]
City/State: Oakland, CA
High School: Skyline High School
College: City College of San Francisco

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Subject: Re: Where does your phone sleep at night?

Forum: Where does your phone sleep at night?
Hello CNET!!!!

I also sleep with my cell phone under my pillow. I sometimes scroll on my phone before I sleep, watch TV shows and movies, youtube clips, or check my emails. I know this is a bad habit because screen time prolongs the time before you actually end up sleeping. I do plan to change this awful habit. I don't use my phone as an alarm clock because I actually have a proper alarm clock. I do sometimes look at my phone in the morning when I wake up. I look at it for the time as well.

Happy Friday


Subject: Re: What is your all time favorite sitcom?

Forum: What is your all time favorite sitcom?
Hello iKasey!

What a great question!! I love King of Queens. That is one hell of a hilarious show. I loved the funny moments between Doug and Arthur. They crack me up everytime they have a go at eachother. The return of this show is unfortunately not as popular. I think this newer show is funny as heck too.



Subject: Favorite TV show?

Forum: Favorite TV show?
Happy Friday CNET!!!

What is your favorite TV show?

My current favorite show is Gotham. I like watching detective shows. I especially admired Jada Pinket Smith's compelling acting. She plays a villain very well. I have to admit I'm not a Marvel nerd, but this show is very underrated. I like the relationship between James Gordon and a smart precocious kid, Bruce. It is kind of annoying to see British actors play a butler, that's such a posh stereotype.

Subject: Re: Hairy vs nonhairy women..

Forum: Hairy vs nonhairy women..
Hey Court!

Happy Friday!

I despise very hair armpits. However, a small amount doesn't bother me. I have a small amount of hair on my legs so I don't go out of my to shave my legs. You can't tell if I have hair on my legs. I do shave my armpits because it is more obvious although sometimes I am sometimes lazy and don't always shave my armpits in the winter. I especially shave my armpits if I am wearing a shirt or a tank top. I try to shave once every 3-4 weeks because my hair growth is very slow and hair amount is small. I don't mind men with hair chests but very hairy armpits are very off putting. I'm sorry but it is too much for me.



Subject: Re: Do You Look Like Your Siblings?

Forum: Do You Look Like Your Siblings?
Hello Unique girl,

What a fun question! I have only one sibling, an older brother. People say we look alike but then again I don't see it. We both have an oval face and wear glasses, but I think we look very different. My brother is the lightest in the family and I'm the darkest. He used to look like a biracial person in his early childhood, but he got somewhat darker later in the years. He has a much smaller forehead and my eyes are more tiger-eyed shaped and larger.

However, I look like my mother. We have the same forehead shape, nose, and ears even though my mother is lighter-skinned. When I was in grade school people thought she was my older sister. I am told by family members that I look like paternal grandmother the most. However, I have never seen her or her pictures and I have never met her. I think I have the personality of both parents. I share a lot of the same values such as post-secondary education and strong family. I have a very competitive streak like my father although I am certainly not as smart or as competitive as my father. I also like to debate like my father. My mother is very clean like me.