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ScreenName: mottsazusa [ More ]
City/State: walnut, CA
High School: Nogales High School
College: Art Center College of Design
ScreenName: benjifire finish school asap [ More ]
City/State: West Covina, CA
High School: Nogales High School
College: Mount San Antonio College
ScreenName: Kryss [ More ]
City/State: West Covina, CA
High School: Nogales High School
College: American Career College
Pasadena City College
Ashford University
ScreenName: Tiffany86 [ More ]
City/State: Upland, CA
High School: Nogales High School
College: Citrus College
ScreenName: MissAi Hi :) I'm a 22 year old Cali girl currently attending the University of Dominguez Hills. My name is Daileen Cortez and I'm currently completing my undergraduate... [ More ]
City/State: La Puente, CA
High School: Nogales High School
College: CSU-Dominguez Hills

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Subject: Re: What Time Does Your Weekend Officially Begin?

Forum: What Time Does Your Weekend Officially Begin?
Hi Kerry,

Sometimes I feel like my weekday is never going to end. I have a Saturday class and that makes the feeling 10x more enjoyable -__- I guess I can say my weekend begins when I take a break from schoolwork Sat & Sun. I love to go shopping so once I hit the mall, my weekend gets lit?

Going out at night is also the best for me, but I haven't been able to do so in quite a few weeks due to school. Once thanksgiving week comes around though, you can find me at LA's rooftop bars. They have one of the most gorgeous views of all Los Angeles.

For now, I'm stuck with catching up on sleep and food for a nice weekend!


Subject: Re: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By

Forum: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By
Sorry to hear that Abby, I certainly smile by instinct when I see someone walking in my direction. And I feel dumb if I say hi and they keep walking. So I know how that feels.

The hard part is, at what point do I look up and smile? If I do it too early, it's awkward and if I wait too long they turn away before I could say hi. So I calculate! If that's not weird at all?

I volunteer at a hospital and it's so common to walk past nurses, physicians, janitors and techs down the hall. Thank goodness most of them greet me. The ones who don't seem really shy and look away quickly for some reason, I'm not sure why aha.

When I was younger, I would use my phone to avoid greeting. So immature now that I look back in hindsight. The older I get, the more confident I am in my interpersonal skills.

So I hope this lady's cold faced stare doesn't stop you from your future kindness.

Have a great day!


Subject: What would you change about College Net?

Forum: What would you change about College Net?

Is there anything you would like to change about CNet? For instance, while writing posts, I usually want to refer back to someone's comment so they can see that I am including him/her in my response.

However, unless this user visits the post again, they will never get to see that I mentioned them. If I could change something about College Net, it would be adding in a feature that could allow us to (@) someone in our responses.

How about you?

Subject: Re: Last thing you ate?

Forum: Last thing you ate?
Hello Markertt,

Pancakes I would say. I've had a fever and been sick for the whole week so my appetite is basically 0. I hope to recover soon and start eating healthy to feel 100 again!


Subject: Re: How to get through the school semester

Forum: How to get through the school semester
Hi Sayala,

Try to keep your body well nourished with the right energy foods for your brain, specifically. Green tea and Chamomile are excellent antioxidants to get ride of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are basically atoms with an unpaired electron which can cause acne, toxin build up and general lag of the body.

Most importantly, remember why you're doing this. I always remember the bigger goals. Why do you want this again? Who are you doing this for? Visualize it. Yourself, future family, comfort, stability. The answer to this question should be the overarching motivation of your schoolwork.

Also, it helps to make a schedule. Sometimes, I don't complete it 100%. But in this way, your mind won't wander about what you need to achieve next; you've already scheduled this prior to starting your current task.

By eating well (including omega fatty acids, antioxidant rich teas, water), scheduling precise tasks and remembering WHY you're doing this are your keys to success (like DJ Khaled says lol). At the very least, this is how I combat mid-semester lag. Hopefully this helped!