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Subject: Re: Do You Speak More Than One Language?

Forum: Do You Speak More Than One Language?
I am a native English speaker and I'm currently taking a few French courses. I don't think I can say I SPEAK two languages because I speak English but I know American Sign Language, which is a visual language and not one that is spoken, for obvious reasons. For me personally, I am not an auditory learner so spoken languages are very difficult for me to learn because I am a visual learner which is how I was able to learn Sign so quickly. I do believe that knowing at least two languages, whether spoken or visual, is very important going into any career because it allows you to communicate more fluidly with more people. By learning another language, you also refine your skill in your native language in order to more adeptly learn the new one.

I work at a restaurant so I've had people come in before that I couldn't effectively communicate with because I didn't have any basic knowledge of their language, but on the other hand, I've had people come in who were deaf/hard-of-hearing and tried communicating with my coworkers through text but they were getting frustrated. As soon as I started signing with them, they became really happy because someone took the time to learn their culture and language and could communicate with them. I feel like in general, most Americans don't take the time to understand or embrace other cultures and as an American I can say that it's true for the most part that we think that everyone should know our language and if they don't understand us then it's their fault when really it's not.

Basically Learning a language is just as important as learning someone's culture. They are intimately entwined, you can't have one without the other.

Does anyone else feel like this or have a similar experience?

Subject: Re: Is One Year Worth It?

Forum: Is One Year Worth It?
Hi there High!

Like many others, I believe this decision has a lot to do with the individual. I have seen people decide to take a year off before college and tell everybody they will start taking classes later and either never do or do not finish with school. To a certain extent, it seems as if they lost the motivation to go into higher learning once they got a break.

On the other hand, I have seen highly-motivated friends succeed in high school and jump into university head first, only to become overwhelmed by the experience and suffer from anxiety. The remedy my friend chose was to take a semester off from college and reevaluate her college major. Now she's much happier, even if her and her parent's hopes of graduating in four years and following through with her major didn't come true.

I myself am one of these people in the latter category. I just finished my first year in college and it was much tougher than I imagined. There were financial issues for sure, but the main problem was not being sure of my major or what I wanted to do with my life going forward. I am currently considering taking a break from college for anxiety due to this mental questioning and blockage.

Life isn't a one way path everyone goes down. As individuals, we all have different circumstances going on after HS graduation that makes the post-grad plans different for each of us. Although financial aspects are considerable and should be taken into account, I think you also have to consider the relationship and expectations coming from yourself and of parents. If they are expecting you to go down a path you don't feel comfortable with (whether it be major choice, college choice, or college altogether), you need to evaluate whether or not you can confront them with that and voice what you want to do with your life.

My advice would be to take classes for a year or semester and fully engage with what your college has to offer.Then, evaluate if you want to keep going down this path or try something new. Take things a semester or year at a time and ask yourself "Is this the right place for me?"

Sorry about the rantish answer, this discussion hits close to home for me. :)

Subject: What's the strongest argument AGAINST Gay Marriage

Forum: What's the strongest argument AGAINST Gay Marriage
Hello world! This is my First Discussion Forum post, so any feedback would be great.

I view myself as socially liberal, and one of the most prominent social issues in the US right now is same-sex marriage. I believe very strongly that gay marriage should be permitted as it is a civil right and same-sex couples should receive the same benefits as their straight counterparts.

I've seen and heard many points against my view that I don't view as sufficient, including:
-Marriage is an institution for procreation. (Wouldn't this mean infertile heterosexual couples shouldn't be able to marry either? This argument also doesn't counter the point that marriage being discriminatory when it is only available to a portion of the population.)
-Homosexuality is unnatural. (Same-sex attraction is present in species other than humans.)
-Homosexuality is against the word of God. (So are many other things that have assimilated into modern culture, including trimming, working on the Sabbath, and selling land permanently. Also, if we do not permit gay people to marry as it is a sin, does that mean all sinners shouldn't be allowed to marry either?)

These are just a few of the arguments I have seen and my responses to them. Which argument (whether it is one I mentioned above or something I didn't mention) is the strongest against Gay Marriage and why? And if you feel any of the arguments for or against gay marriage mentioned are weak or incomplete, why?

Subject: Re: what is your favorite saying/ inspirational quote?

Forum: what is your favorite saying/ inspirational quote?
Hi RBrooksnp!!! I really like this discussion topic.

My favorite quote is "Gardens aren't made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and singing in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling. I interpret this quote as motivation, like an effort has to be made for you to receive the results you want. You can't just build a garden by just hoping everything is going to look pretty: you got to get in the dirt and plant some seeds.

Hope you liked my response!


Subject: Re: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

Forum: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!
I think that this is a great idea, and I need to do this more often for myself.

I love that I am patient, strong willed, and I try hard at everything I do. I always want to be the best version of myself.