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ScreenName: Grapetime I really don't know what to put here or what to say.... lol [ More ]
City/State: Louisville, KY
High School: Benicia High School
College: Jefferson Community College-KY
ScreenName: mkchandler23 [ More ]
City/State: Vallejo, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: melissab My name is Melissa and I am 28 years old. I received my Associates Degree from the local community college about 5 years ago, and have finally been at... [ More ]
City/State: Concord, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Sonoma State University
ScreenName: purvis University of Oregon student. Majoring in family and human services and minor in special education. Track and field athlete as well. [ More ]
City/State: eugene, OR
High School: Benicia High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley
Univ of California-Los Angeles
University of Miami
University of Oregon
Texas A&M Univ-Main Campus
ScreenName: KMN178 [ More ]
City/State: Benicia, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley

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Subject: Re: Filtered or tap

Forum: Filtered or tap
I purchase large multiple gallon bottles of water. I have lived in areas where the tap is fine. I also lived where we had well water that had sulfur in it...that's when I started buying water. I have lived a few other places but continued to purchase bottled water as filtering it myself got expensive due to the water quality. I would use a pur or britta filter and the water was so hard and dirty that the filters would only work for a few weeks before they would be clogged. I now have started buying ionized water and am looking to find the best filter system for this.

Subject: Re: Jury Duty

Forum: Jury Duty
I have been sent a jury summons multiple times. However, I have only ever had to serve once. I was called to serve and the jury selection started. Once they detailed what the crime was, they began asking each potential juror if anyone they know had been a victim of the same type of crime. It just so happened my mother had been a victim of the same type of crime and upon knowing this, I was then immediately dismissed.

Subject: Re: Goal by the end of 2017?

Forum: Goal by the end of 2017?
Goodness this year is going too quickly! I want to get through my first two terms back at school. I also just got two new jobs, so I want to improve at those to the point where I am doing good enough that at the end of my probation period, I am eligible for a raise.

Subject: Re: Favorite rainy day activity?

Forum: Favorite rainy day activity?
I love a good rainy day for a hot pot of tea and a good book with music in the background. Unfortunately I am now living in Arizona and those cool rainy days are few and far between!

Subject: What Kind of Milk Do You Drink?

Forum: What Kind of Milk Do You Drink?
Hi All!

I am curious what type of milk you all drink? Cow, goat, camel, rice, almond, cashew, coconut...etc.

I am curious if this was a voluntary choice or due to an allergy.

Also if it was voluntary why did you choose that particular type of milk?

I have always had problems digesting cow milk so I went without for many years. My mom jumped on the soy milk bandwagon when it became popular and brought that into our house, thus, I drank that for a while. I have since moved more towards almond milk but am wanting to hear what everyone else drinks and why.