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ScreenName: Grapetime I really don't know what to put here or what to say.... lol [ More ]
City/State: Louisville, KY
High School: Benicia High School
College: Jefferson Community College-KY
ScreenName: mkchandler23 [ More ]
City/State: Vallejo, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Ashford University
ScreenName: melissab My name is Melissa and I am 28 years old. I received my Associates Degree from the local community college about 5 years ago, and have finally been at... [ More ]
City/State: Concord, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Sonoma State University
ScreenName: purvis University of Oregon student. Majoring in family and human services and minor in special education. Track and field athlete as well. [ More ]
City/State: eugene, OR
High School: Benicia High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley
Univ of California-Los Angeles
University of Miami
University of Oregon
Texas A&M Univ-Main Campus
ScreenName: KMN178 [ More ]
City/State: Benicia, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley

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Subject: Midterm Elections

Forum: Midterm Elections
When do you prefer to vote, during early voting or on election day?

I try to vote in early voting but sometimes I have to wait until election day.
Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: You Won!

Forum: You Won!
Awesome ideas everyone! I especially like all of the dedication to the less fortunate members of society!

I think I would buy a well established company that would support my family and their families on a long term basis.
I did visit Arizona this weekend and purchased 10 games of Mega million tickets! As we were leaving the state and heading into Nevada, the 2 gas stations near the border had lines out the door and around the parking lot!
Nevada doesn't participate in the lottery so we have to go to CA or AZ to play!

Subject: Re: Are you voting in the midterms?

Forum: Are you voting in the midterms?
Whattup Slynchie!

I am absolutely voting in the midterms! This is the chance for the country to get together and push all the useless and corrupt Trump supporters out of office and get the country back in one piece!

I actually even registered my son to vote (hes 19) because he is one of the people who don't care. I plan on filling him in on everything, because in NV we are in limbo with which candidates get elected in Congress, as so many other states in this election. It will be an extremely close race, and every single vote matters.

Thanks for the forum!

Subject: You Won!

Forum: You Won!
Imagine you just won the mega million jackpot! You already paid off your debt, bought yourself and your family houses, and you still have millions left over.

What do you do with the extra Millions? Do you quit your job? Take on volunteer positions? Donate to charity? Create a new charity? Or perhaps you just come back to college now and offer all of your competitors scholarships? :)

Let's add another element. What if you were just told you have 6 months to live and five hundred million dollars? Where would it go then?

Let's hear it!

Subject: Re: FRIEND or PHONE... a tough question

Forum: FRIEND or PHONE... a tough question
Aloha Kat!

Your post intrigues me, and I feel like I might have an oppositional opinion; or maybe I just have oppositional defiance disorder? Lol, you tell me Ms. Shrink! :)

When I think about the 20 years I've lived as an adult, working and raising a son by myself, I try to imagine life back then without a phone. Keep in mind, this is about the time cell phones went viral, iPhones didn't exist yet, and most people still had home phone lines. This is right after pagers and the pager alphabet texting that pager owners used when paging other people. This was right around the year 2000; before digitalization of most snail-mail communications. The most we could ask for was a tracking number on a package.

Keeping your question in mind as well as my experience back then, I will gladly give up my cell phone and install a home phone. Because in reality, the only advantage to having a cell phone over a home phone is response time. Mobile web, texting, and the like is available at home, school, and work; it is not necessary to over-expose ourselves to constant screen time.

Always thinking outside the box, I am! :)