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City/State: Benicia, CA
High School: Benicia High School
College: Univ of California-Berkeley

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Subject: Re: Children and video games

Forum: Children and video games
Hello there,

In my opinion, violent video games are only extremely damaging to children under 8. This is because they are still learning about life and how to behave properly, polite, and acceptable in public and at home.

Additionally, they are learning about society as a whole, and are intently observing behavior of others, outside of their own families. News reports, music, and anything else that condones violence as a normal and regular occurrence will teach young children that it is normal and acceptable. Not only is it normal, it's a successful way to get what they want - using guns and violence.

Children this young also cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy, and actually believe the violence displayed is authentic, which may cause them to put up a guard in case they are ever confronted with this behavior by imitating it. If anyone believes this to be false, they should ask themselves, does the child still believe in flying reindeer and fat men in red going into fireplaces? What about a tiny fairy that pays children for their teeth? Children believe in these things until they are around 8; sometimes younger sometimes older.

The point is, children under 8 are still thinking about unicorns and coloring books. They use play as a way to gather information and learn about the world, and with their imaginations they can create anything. Do we really want them to include guns and violence in their pretending stages where they are learning about life and society?

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: What time is it right now where you live?

Forum: What time is it right now where you live?
Hi Nancy!

Your forum was posted at 10:42am according to your information and it says it posted at 8:42am PST, making you 2 hours ahead.

I always wonder what to say when greeting the forum as well, I guess all would be appropriate because there are people from the East Coast all the way to Hawaii. Quite the difference in time zones, that's for sure!

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Re: Chose Money or Love

Forum: Chose Money or Love
Hello there Jon :)

Money does indeed make the world go around!

Love and money can be both blessings and curses in society; they both can bring people together or tear people apart, bring new people into the world, and force people to take others out. The effects of all the possibilities of outcomes from love and money are equally pleasurable as they are evil.

However, when it comes to paying rent, we all know what wins; and I refuse to even consider using "love" to pay the bills, whether that be a rich boyfriend/friend, prostitution, or anything of the sort!

Thanks for the forum, I appreciate the genuine outlook on life!

Subject: Re: Cannabis Coke?

Forum: Cannabis Coke?
Hi Kasey!

I'm not surprised CBD is making it into soda, since dispensaries are selling canna-beer. What I'm surprised about is that Coke decided to give it a go because coke products are such high selling items I would think they would be afraid of losing customers for releasing CBD infused soda. Further, the product would have to be sold strictly in dispensaries which excludes a lot of Coke customers that are underage. However, it is also important to consider who is drinking Coke because most people already decided it's bad, in fact, some religions have even forbade it in the same way they forbade beer and wine.

I live and breathe Coke Zero, and nothing except taste would deter my opinion. But it does make me think deeper about the billion dollar industry that is cannabis, and the greedy CEOs who think they can get the icing for their cakes made of Coke! :)

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Success

Forum: Success
Good Evening!

As we all complete or have completed our educational goals, how do you define success?

Does success mean having a high paying job after college? Or does it mean finding your husband/wife and having a family? Maybe a combination of both?

I define success as using my education toward my career so I acquire a decent paying job to pay off the loans I collected!

Let's hear what you determine successful for you!