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City/State: Arvin, CA
High School: Arvin High School
College: Harvard College
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City/State: Woodlake, CA
High School: Arvin High School
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Subject: Re: what are you most afraid of losing?

Forum: what are you most afraid of losing?
A message from Catti.

Hello Nikeisha.

I once heard a person speaking to Greg Laurie. (Pastor) When she spoke she said as he was playing with his granddaughter, “Don’t ever hold on to something so tightly that you are afraid to lose it.”

I began to think a lot about the things that we have and what we may not want to lose.

After careful consideration, I came up with the following. The only thing that I believe that I cannot do without is the love and support of Jesus.

I live a blessed life and I know who is responsible. When you think of the many parables and passages that are spiritually based and you follow that path, you know what is important and what is not.

"Job", lost everything that he thought was valuable and learned a most important lesson about his faith and beliefs.

When you have the correct paradigms, you are always driving in the right lane.

Thanks for your time…..Catti.

Subject: Re: Are you going on Vacation this Summer?

Forum: Are you going on Vacation this Summer?
A message from Catti.

Hello futureteacher1996.

This summer is bitter sweet for me as it is my last summer (in-between the Junior and Senior Year) before I must go off to college.

I will start college in the summer prior to the fall semester of 2017.

While I plan to take some time off, as I am double majoring with an additional minor, I must begin early.

Sometimes we must sacrifice in order to stay on the path of success.

I believe that the time that I plan to spend starting early will yield huge benefits in the upcoming years.

Thanks for your time……Catti

Subject: Re: Do you play an instrument?

Forum: Do you play an instrument?
A message from Catti.

Hello Gleb. I am a woodwind specialist, violinist, and vocalist.

My musical career began at the age of three.

I guess you can already figure out that my parents are also musicians.

My dad is a professional musician and professional music educator.

I love all aspects of music and hope to share my talents and desires with my children one day.

At the very least, I want to be able to share the music culture in the way of concerts and other venues.

Thanks for your time….Catti

Subject: Re: What Are You Watching?

Forum: What Are You Watching?
A message from Catti.

Hello Miamichelle. Presently, I watch many shows with my dad.

One of our favorite series is Law and Order.

There is LAO, LAO criminal intent, and LAO Special Victims Unit.

The other two show that I would recommend are The Game of Thrones, Rogue.

If you like adversity, intrigue, social class struggles, the Game of Thrones is your show.

If you like suspense, twists and turns, and disinformation strategy,

Rogue is just the ticket. Let me know how it turns out. Thanks for your time….Catti

Subject: What price salvation...... George B. Shaw

Forum: What price salvation...... George B. Shaw
A message from Catti.

My dad often talks about how things were when he was young.

He talks freely and proudly about how you could hitch a ride from California to New York and back again.

These days, people are cautious about giving rides to hitch hikers, and even more cautious about getting into a car with strangers.

My question is about the world we live in today.

What happened to the society where you could trust others with your safety, and have we spent so much time basking in our age of technology that we no longer have a connection with people?

What say you? Thanks for your time…..Catti.