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Subject: How Much Makeup is Too Much?

Forum: How Much Makeup is Too Much?
It seems like young girls are starting to wear more make-up earlier. Society in general seems to expect people to wear a lot of make-up. Some people will not leave their house without make-up on, and have zero self confidence unless they are wearing some.
Paying someone a compliment when they are wearing makeup vs. not wearing any is difficult. Makeup, when used in a good way, can be very flattering. But how do you tell someone that they look really nice without implying that they look better that way?

Do you need make-up to feel good about yourself?

Are there people that you know that need to tone it down on the make-up use?

Do you think that there is a way to tell them what you think in a kind way?

Subject: Over-Dosed Society?

Forum: Over-Dosed Society?
It seems that these days there are constantly new drugs that are becoming available, and that drugs are becoming more common and accessible. I'm talking about prescription drugs. When you go into the doctor's office and describe your pains, the answer mostly seems to be a prescription. I realize that there are a lot of justified illnesses that require medication, but I think that there are a lot of drugs that people are taking when a change of lifestyle would be much more beneficial. I think that we should focus on healing our whole selves instead of just treating the symptoms.

Do you think that the over exposure to medication will have negative consequences down the road?

Do you think that the quick fix that is given by some medications can mask a deeper problem in our systems?

Have you noticed this trend?
Do you think that it will continue to grow?

I appreciate your experiences and opinions! :) Thank you!

Subject: Re: First thing in your mind this morning?

Forum: First thing in your mind this morning?
Welcome back! :)

The first thing that popped into my mind this morning was my phone, and checking my phone. I set my alarm on my phone, and so when it goes off I grab my phone and shut it off. Because I have my phone in my hand I want to check my Instagram or Facebook. I have to resist this, and I try to give the first moments of my day to my Heavenly Father and pray and read the scriptures. This isn't always how it goes, but that's what I keep trying to do. I think that what you first do in the morning is very important to how the rest of your day will go.

Subject: Re: Real or fake tree this year?

Forum: Real or fake tree this year?
My family has had both, and as the kid I would rather have a real tree simply because there are more memories involved. The way that it smells, the pine needles (despite the messiness), making sure it had water, and just different things like that were exciting for me as a kid. But as an older person, a fake tree is so much easier! No mess, and it looks very nice. My family currently has a fake tree, but we have had live trees before as well. For a few years we would buy a live tree in a bucket, and then after Christmas we would plant it in our yard! That was so exciting as a child! I actually miss that whole ordeal. It might have been more stressful for my parents, but I really did love everything that went with getting a real tree.

Subject: Re: Addiction

Forum: Addiction
That's very interesting that you've noticed that about yourself. I think that it's a great thing to be aware of; that way it's easier to stay safe. I know that I have an addictive gene in my family as well.

I think that I am addicted to my phone, and food. When I first got my phone I never imagined that I would become so attached to it. It's gotten to the point that it's hard for me to set it down for extended periods of time. I know that it's bad sleep hygiene to look at your phone right before you go to sleep, but it's very hard for me not to. I also think that I'm addicted to food because I always eat too much, and I eat when I'm bored, and I eat my feelings. Luckily my metabolism isn't too shabby so I can get away with it, but I worry about when I begin to get older. I know what is going to be on my New Year's Resolutions list this year! ;)