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    Would you rather have time or money?

    created by Tubamaster 443 days 2 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you rather have time or money?

    Good morning all,
    Today is a lovely Thursday and it just reminds us that we are almost to Friday! Woot woot! Which makes me think of how we as people value the time we have and how we manage it. Though of course we are truly trying to also get by and make a living, but today's question is truly a simple yet very tough one to comprehend and answer:

    'Would you rather have time, or would you rather have money?'

    Let me know your responses and let's discuss :)

    Have a wonderful day all!

    Re: Would you rather have time or money?


    Can't I have both? :) It would be really hard to choose if I absolutely had to choose just one. There are also variables that I would question. How much time and how much money?

    If I chose money and I were given a reasonable amount of time, this would be my choice. I would choose money and get done everything that I want to do. Set up my kids for life, travel around the world, stay in nice hotels, and anything else I can think of. I think I would be okay with having very little time and since I had so much money, I could cram as much things into that time as possible. That is one way to answer that question.

    When you say time, do you mean time here on Earth? Or do you mean time in a day? My answer above is based on the assumption that you meant time here on Earth. If you meant time in a day, I would choose time over money. If you didn't have time, what good would money do you?

    Re: Would you rather have time or money?

    Hello Tubamaster,

    I'm tempted to say money, seeing as I could really use it to pay for my ever linger college tuition, but overall, I value time much more. It really depends on the extremes of the decision. I know I could defiantly benefit from more time in the day, as I often find myself struggling to get everything I need done in time. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had the ability to slowdown time like the Flash. Man I could accomplish a lot!



    Re: Would you rather have time or money?

    Time as people often wish for money first then use that money in expense to try and reclaim the time that was lost attempting to obtain that money.

    Re: Would you rather have time or money?


    Great Question.
    I would probably choose money because aging doesn't sound like a fun thing at all. Also I personally think time isn't really a good thing If I am not productive because If I get more time then I would be wasting more time so no point.

    Thank you