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    Love don't cost a thing

    created by HisChosen1 698 days 18 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Love don't cost a thing

    Hey Everyone,

    Love don't cost a thing well thats what she said. I normally don't follow up with celebrities but this one was too funny to me.

    Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) was seen wearing an $100k Tiffany necklace that was purchased by her new beau Drake. Does that mean love DO cost a thing?

    What is the most expensive gift that you received from or gave a significant other at one time?
    How much does money matter in a relationship? Would you date a man or woman who made significantly less than you?

    Re: Love don't cost a thing

    Good afternoon HisChosen1,

    Money matters a lot in relationships, and how it matters can take many forms. I would date a woman who makes significantly less than I do; given my career choice and always being on the search for new opportunities, this is the most likely scenario.

    Where it matters is if that significantly less falls into poverty wages or if my significant other wanted to be a stay-at-home wife or mother. This would not do. Sickness, injury, and death are facts of life and if my income were to disappear for an extended period of time, having the other being able to support herself would be vital.

    The other place where this is manifest is in her debt load. My debts will be clear in 10 years and I expect that she will have a plan for erasing her debts. This could be through income growth or living a frugal lifestyle; I am open to either. However, to choose neither would present a significant liability. Considering my own desire for travel, children, retirement, and emergency funds, and potentially needing to take care of my parents in their old age, I need someone who shares those same aspirations and has the means and the mind to get there.

    Great question!

    Re: Love don't cost a thing

    Hey, HisChosen1

    I don't think that material things are what shows love. Someone can buy me something very expensive but that doesn't mean they love me. I prefer sentimental gifts and homemade gifts. My current boyfriend and I haven't bought each other anything super expensive. I think the most we've spent on gifts is like $50. Instead, we make each other gifts and I love that so much more. Homemade gifts are so much more sentimental and heartfelt. Plus, he's made some amazing things for me that show me how much he loves me!

    The amount of money we have doesn't matter so much either. We both understand each other's financial situations and we come together to make it work. What matters is showing that you are giving effort towards the relationship and making each other's lives better. If one person makes significantly less, but they are looking for other work or they do a lot of housework in their free time, that shows that they're giving effort towards the relationship. It's not about how much money someone makes, but rather about what they do for you and how they make you feel. I would definitely date someone who made significantly less than me if I loved them and as long as I wouldn't have to support them. Supporting someone without them contributing is another topic and I don't see that as love. But in the end, it's about how this person impacts your life over their financial situation.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Love don't cost a thing

    hat is the most expensive gift that you received from or gave a significant other at one time?
    How much does money matter in a relationship? Would you date a man or woman who made significantly less than you?

    Hey everyone,

    I think the sentiments by Riley and thewintersun hit close to home. It's the meaning of the gift, not the amount that matters. We can get so caught up in the material world, but it really is the thought that counts.

    What does matter to me in a relationship is financial responsibility. Does the significant other pay their bills on time, or do they rack up credit card debt? Do they think it's important to invest into a savings account or are they constantly spending.

    It doesn't really concern me if they make less money than I do. That is such a small piece of the puzzle. What if, at some point, I start making less money. I wouldn't want someone to leave me based on my paycheck - that would be horrible. So long as there is responsibility and motivation/passion to move forward in the job, that is what I rather see than $$$.