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    Where do you do homework?

    created by alexclevy 699 days 13 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Where do you do homework?

    Hey guys,

    So today I've been working on homework all day and I've been working on it in my home office. I used to do homework on the couch before we moved into the house that we're in now, or try to do most of it at my job. I still tend to do a lot of homework at work just because it's hard going to school full time and working full time and trying to find 8 extra hours to work on homework! So my main places I do homework are at work and here in my home office.

    So guys, where do you do your homework?

    Have a great day!

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hello Alex,

    I honestly have to say I do my homework at the kitchen table. I have more room there. except when my kitties like to climb up there and lay down. Then not so much room

    Have a great evening!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey Alex and all!

    I share a house with several other adults, so there is not a whole lot of peace and quiet here on any day. I usually stay on campus and use the computer lab or a library study area to do my homework. It's just easier that way.

    Works for me!


    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey Alex,

    I live in a house with 5 other people and sometimes stuff can get pretty chaotic. If it's easier homework that I can finish quickly, I'll usually retreat to my bed to get it finished. If it's a project or a bunch of homework that I know will take a couple hours, I'll head to my favorite coffee shop to help me focus.

    Something about the chill atmosphere and a warm drink can really help me roll out quality work quickly!

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Though I have a desk in my room, I prefer to do my homework at the kitchen table. I like to lay out all of my supplies when I am working, so I like the larger surface of that table over my small personal desk. My parents aren't always at home, so often this setup works great because I am not distracted by others who are in the kitchen or living room. I will resort to doing work at my desk if need be, but most often I can get away with taking over the kitchen during study time.

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey Alexclevy,

    I would start with where I wont be if I am studying. I woudlnt be in my room. For some reason I have to get out of my room to get me going. Being in my room or on my bed I feel lazy and probably get distracted easily.

    I usually like libraries but I prefer cafes. I love to be in a not so noisy cafe to just do my reading and writing. I like to have a cup of coffee with me as I work through the material. At the same time, it depends on my mood I like libraries as well. But yes; either libraries or cafes are my choices for study places.

    Thanks for the question.

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    I had always wanted the opportunity to be able to do homework at my job, if only my job doesn't require standing all day long and walking around assisting customers XD. But darn how great would it be to be able to stay productive with your homework during slow hours on the job right..
    I usually just do my homework at home in my living room, where the lighting is usually the best, otherwise I would resort to my own bedroom for complete peace and silence. I sometimes also go to the library to cram some studying in, because the atmosphere in the library somehow forces me to stay focused, but only on the good days when not a lot of noisy people are around. The library at my school gets crowded so easily, and there's a floor for quiet studying and a floor for semi discussion and studying. I somehow always end up on the latter where I have to try to block our noises all the while of studying and it does get exhausting at times XD. I still think my own home is the best place to study!

    Have a good one!

    Re: Where do you do homework?


    I typically do my homework in my room because it's a comfortable place with not a lot of noise!
    Great question!


    Re: Where do you do homework?

    I need quiet and peaceful place to do my homework so I prefer to go to the library to complete my work


    Re: Where do you do homework?

    It's been a while since I've had real homework.

    But while in school I had three main places for homework. I loved the coffee shop. I am one that has tennitus, a ringing in my ears, so super quiet is not good for me. I tend to just focus on the ringing and not my actual work in front of me. The coffee shop had so much background noise that it allowed me to just focus on my work.

    I rarely used the library. Mainly because of how quiet it always seemed. Plus I didn't have a smart phone nor did I own an iPod. So I didn't get to carry around music and headphones as easily as most of us do now. Can you even imagine life without these things (smirky smile).

    Lastly I worked at home. I struggled the most at home. Mainly because I had so many distractions. I would gravitate toward doing dishes, or laundry, or sometimes even the tv. The best thing I did is not buy cable or satellite tv when I moved out on my own.

    Good luck in your studies and your homework.

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey, Alex and all!

    I usually do my homework at home, on the couch. It's not the optimal way since I often lose things or have things piled up around me haha. However, there's not a lot of light in my room where my desk is and we don't have a dining table haha. Sometimes I'll do my homework in bed too. It's just easy to do it that way for me. If we had a big table I might like to do it there. I sometimes do it at my desk, but like I said there's not a lot of light and also my back can start hurting from hunching over. Sometimes, if I have simple homework I'll do it at a Starbucks. I guess it depends on my mood and where I am, but I usually do my homework on my couch.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey Alex,

    I do most of my homework at home on my laptop. On my laptop, I have software on my computer that transforms my speech to text. It makes it a lot easier when attempting to write papers. I tend to get my homework done a lot faster when I use the software. Plus at home, I do not have many distractions and I could listen to music while doing my assignments. Sometimes, I do my homework at work. But my job is very demanding, and I often get called out to crime scenes, so it is a rare occasion that I do my homework during work hours.

    – Joey

    Re: Where do you do homework?

    Hey, Alex!

    I like to do my homework anywhere time permits! As I just recently got my car this past year, I can say I've done my homework everywhere from starbucks and tea shops to the bus, as well as on campus, but my favorite place to do my homework is the dining room when no one is home because I get food, coffee, and a nice, spacious table!

    Although I often do my homework in my room, it's not ideal since I don't have a desk (soon to come!) and my psychology professor told me that it's not good to do your homework on your bed or room, since you associate it with sleep and relaxation.

    Good question :)