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    Man vs Animal

    created by Pr04Tennis 1059 days 16 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Man vs Animal

    Good afternoon, everyone.

    First, allow me to make a disclaimer. I am totally an animal person. The dog I grew up with - best dog in the world - came from an animal shelter. The quaker parrot my mom has was abandoned outdoors, and still suffers from trust issues due to its previous owner. Besides, many point to Genesis 1:26 -28 as being God's directive for us to be stewards of the earth.

    So, let's start with this video about a snapping turtle (you'll have to copy and paste to watch):

    In summary, a 17-lb snapping turtle broke his brumation (hibernation) to surface from his pond. This big guy has some obvious issues, as evidence by his lopsided shell. So the wildlife center to which he'd been brought transported him to another center to get a CT scan.

    Now CT scans, and all these specialized treatments, cost a lot of money. I will point out that, in this turtle's case, it is paid for by donations.

    Let's now juxtapose the turtle video with this story:

    This story is about a homeless man who, because he could not gain shelter for the night in Duluth, attempted to walk all the way to the Twin Cities to a big Salvation Army shelter there. In. Sub-zero. Temperatures. Fortunately, someone spotted the man and a State Trooper got him to safety. Which makes for a great "good Samaritan" story (also Biblical, Luke 10:25-37)

    But let me ask you this: is there ever a time when society gets things wrong? I mean, we get so involved helping out animals, that we forget about helping out our fellow man? Or do we simply assume that, because many (most?) of these agencies are donation driven, things somehow take care of themselves?

    Let's hear those thoughts and comments.


    Re: Man vs Animal

    Yes i feel the same way there are many child who are homeless and starving instead of taking care of them we dedicate all our care and attention to our beloved pets. However Loving an animal is not a bad thing but as we are human we should show humanity first that's our first and foremost priority.

    Re: Man vs Animal

    Oops! I should also put in the "vice versa." Is there ever a time when society gets so focused on helping their fellow man, that they forget about the animals?


    Re: Man vs Animal

    These stories are really suprising and kind of up lifting separately, but together, I am really horrified. The amount of money spentto save a snapping turtle, which I have learned through personal experience (being chased around the front yard by one while screaming and trying to fight it off with a broom), are nasty and mean animals, is preposterous. That is a wild animal, and wild animals live and die by how strong and healthy that are. That is Mother Nature speaking, not me. I can't believe money was allocated to that instead of providing it to people who could really use it.

    At the same time, I see how people tend to donate and be kinder to animals rather than other humans. Animals tend to either look or feel more innocent and sweet to us. When we see another human, especially those in poverty, we tend to assume the worse about them. That they deserve to be that way and we shouldn't give them any money because they will just spend it on booze and drugs.

    Anyway, very interesting topic. You earned my vote and I look forward to reading more of your forums!
    Lots of love,

    Re: Man vs Animal

    To be fair, I should point out that the Wildlife center is simply operating under it's stated purpose: to help out injured non-domestic animals. And the services given to the turtle may have been donated by the people performing them, since the turtle was an interesting case.

    Also, the homeless man who began the long walk did, in the end, find help. The state trooper bought him dinner, and the homeless man was allowed to spend the night in the lobby of the nearest state trooper headquarters until someone could drive him to the Salvation Army site that had room for him.

    It seems to be a delicate tightrope-walking act - taking care of the other creatures that inhabit our earth, without neglecting caring for our fellow man. Hopefully, the law of balance will help make sure the scale doesn't permanently tip one way or another.

    Re: Man vs Animal

    I just saw this video, and felt it illustrated the perfect blend of helping both man and beast. To summarize, this organization finds stray dogs, and fosters them with inmates at a minimum security prison. Both inmates and dogs benefit from their time together.

    Maybe it doesn't have to be one or the other. Maybe, with a little creative thinking, it can be both.