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    Driverless Cars

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 1059 days 15 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Driverless Cars

    Once again, congrats to all of the scholarship winners yesterday, good luck to you all over the next week.

    Lately I have seen some great forums to throw in my two cents. So far I have enjoyed being able to express my opinion freely on this site, even though I am in a small minority.

    Let's get to it, shall we?

    I don't know if any of you read The Wall Street Journal, but last Friday January 15, they had an article about driverless cars that I wanted to hear your own opinions about. In the article it talks about how the Obama administration is proposing a $3.9 billion budget to accelerate the acceptance of driverless cars on U.S. roads. You can probably find the article on the web, but without going into too much detail what are your thoughts?

    I will respond tomorrow, I ran out of posts today.

    Re: Driverless Cars

    I think that would be a great invention of modern technology, where cars become a new experience for the driver and the nation alone. Look at the one horse carriages in the 1800's and how the Industrial Revolution changed the way we travel, from steam and coil powered boats and faeries, to the assembly line of the ford Company where cars became the new fad.
    So this would be the exact imitation of the transformation throughout American history. So i say give it a go!!!

    Re: Driverless Cars

    I don't really understand what the purpose of these cars are, currently. Are they being marketed to the general public or to businesses? Are they just for domestic use or can coorperations use them? I know that Google did have a few driverless cars in their Goole Street view program to map out city streets.
    I think this is a great investment to start the move towards safer roads if, and only if these cars are being marketed the correct way and the technology behind them is can safetly interact with other human drivers and sriverless cars. Of not, I think this will be a major flop.
    Cool forum!
    Lots of love,

    Re: Driverless Cars

    I could see how this could lead to safer roads and maybe even more efficient travel in the cities and urban areas. However, I am a car enthusiast and the drive is a huge part of the love for automobiles. So I don't think that I could give up driving entirely. Maybe through a commuting sense like I stated earlier(through the cities, to and from work, ect) much like public transportation. But I love driving and I think I always will.

    Re: Driverless Cars

    Basically the administration is throwing money at the issue so regulators, manufacturers, and states can start having conversations on what guidelines need to be set up for public safety and traffic laws so the manufacturers can start designing marketable vehicles for public and commercial use.

    I too love the act of driving my car, but only for fun. I dislike having to sit in traffic during my commute are not being able to read the paper or eat while driving long distances. I think it would be awesome for something like we see in i,Robot or the Minority Report, but both of those are a long way off.