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    Would you go to CNET meet up?

    created by Sammy 1059 days 20 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Would you go to CNET meet up?

    Hi lovelies!

    So I know a lot of us enjoy CNet because we get to connect with each other,have fun, win money and even make friends!

    Imagine if CNet announced an event, "CollegeNET United" where CNet participants could meet each other and hang out! No matter where the location would be, lets say one $300 win could be applied towards plane ticket/gas money, and would you go?

    On the other hand anyone can organize such meeting, but the point here is - would you go? :)

    I would and I would be very excited to meet as many of you as I can! Even if we don't see each other ever again, but to have that chance to meet many of you at once, would be great!

    What do you think?

    Talk later!


    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I believe I would attend, I am always up for networking with people from all over the place. It would be cool if you could apply a week winnings towards the trip.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    hey sammy,

    i would go to one. i have this forum that i used to be pretty active on and some of us used to tiny chat all the time. (tiny chat is like an onilne skype service where you don't have to download any software, pretty awesome if i do say so myself)

    thanks to this forum, i have friends not only all over the country, but all over the world. it's pretty cool. of course, we're a pretty close knit group of friends - maybe no more than like..30? we've had east coast meet ups and west coast meet ups. i know for a fact when any international friends come to the states, we alway try to make it a point to meet up.

    i can see and understand why people would think this could be potentially really dangerous and/or setting yourself up to be catfished, but we all have known each other for years. we follow each other on all social media, and we've video chatted so we know that everyone is who they say they are.

    what i love is that when we did meet up for the first time, there was absolutely not awkwardness and it was as if we were reuniting. it's pretty awesome :)

    have a great day :)

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I am a little skeptic about meetups like these in general (going with what eskay said above), but I have to say that I like the community here for the most part. It'd be cool to meet some of you.:)

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    Hi Sammy,
    I think this is the best idea every that you've come up with. I would like to meet and get to know the people that I am always sharing my private life and thoughts with. I really don't see the harm in meeting everyone. Maybe you should organize it and share the details with people who might like to participate . Have a good day.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?


    A year ago, I would have said definitely yes. But CollegeNET really thinned out when they put the $10,000 cap. And a lot of my favorite people that I've wanted to meet for forever are no longer a part of the community.

    I definitely would get along with some of the people who are around now, but there's so much turnover from month to month now that I really don't feel like I know as many people now as I did before.

    It really depends.

    - Meg

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    Howdy Sammy,

    I would be so up for meeting other Cnetters. I have recently met a few graduates from collegenet. I was super excited and could hardly wait to meet up. Once we did, it was like meeting an old high school friend. Not awkward at all. It was an experience I'll never forget. We still stay in contact and FaceTime once and awhile and share what we are doing in life.

    There was another time I had an opportunity to meet a couple of Cnetters, but unforeseen circumstances ruined it for me. My air conditioner went out in 100 degree weather, and I had to stay home and wait for the repair man. I was devastated. An opportunity of a lifetime and life happens. Ugh..


    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    Hi Sammy!

    I would go in a heartbeat. I think it would be fun for everyone to meet the people they're interacting with. I think it would be a fun experience.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I would totally go! I really want to meet a lot of you in person! I have started to talk about my conversation on here with my family and I always refer to you guys as if we are all in the same room, face to face talking. I think it would be a great experience to bonds between CNetters and perhaps make new ones. On the other hand, Maygan has a great point.

    Lots of love,

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I would consider attending a CollegeNet function / meet & greet. It would depend on how many people RSVP'd, where it was being held and what my schedule looked like.

    I enjoy having opportunities to meet intelligent, insightful individuals and this group has its share of those. The devil, as usual, is in the details.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    Yeah I would go to those meetings. That would be awesome to meet new friends.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I don't know. It would partly depend on where the meet up would take place. If it was close to me I would consider it if it was far away no. I'm really introverted and really don't like large groups of people so It would cause me a lot of anxiety probably.

    Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

    I would love to meet everyone on here! Especially the graduates who I don't know as well!