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    A Little, Lonely Stop Sign

    created by 1SmartCookie16 1060 days 11 hours 36 minutes ago

    Category: World

    A Little, Lonely Stop Sign

    Hi all. Sorry I haven't really been that active. The Spring semester just started up and I needed to focus on that for a little bit. This semester is focused mostly on business courses because I needed some electives for my high school education. So far, it has been very interesting and fun. One of the courses I am taking is Legal and Ethical Environment of Business.

    The professor, Professor Sandy, starts out the class by asking us what is the definition of law and what purpose does the law serve. We, the students give her a wide variety of answers like the law is to protect civilians and businesses, to provide structure to a civilized society etc. Professor Sandy writes all of these answers up on the chalk board (while getting chalk all over her black shirt), and then turns to us and begins to paint a mental picture.

    She said that we are driving along on a straight road in a wide open plain, much like Texas's environment. Its clear for as far as the eye can see, not a soul in front of you or behind you. All of a sudden you come upon a stop sign. No one is around, no hidden cops. Do we stop for the stop sign? Only two people including me in the entire class said that they'd stop. Two, in a 30 something large class. After this talk of how important the law is and what it does, only two people wouldn't break the law in this scenario.

    So this conversation got me thinking. What does the law mean to you? Is it the government controlling us and limiting our freedoms or is it a creator of order and peace in society? Would you CNetters stop for this lonely little stop sign? Why would or wouldn't you stop? Would your moral compass be wounded if you didn't stop?

    I look forward to reading and responding to your answers! I'm hoping we can get a little discussion going!

    Lots of love,

    Re: A Little, Lonely Stop Sign

    I would probably do a little stop and then keep going. Im a rule breaker. I have always had a problem with authority and them telling me what to do. I have gotten into some trouble for breaking the law but I will not let anyone tell me how to live my life. If I want to do something, Im going to do it regardless of what the "rules" say. Who came up with the laws anyways? It kind of relates to my sociology class about questioning the norm. Why does everyone follow these laws that someone created?
    I do think the world be a mess without them. I will admit they have created alot of order for us. But Im a little rebel at heart :)

    Re: A Little, Lonely Stop Sign

    I would probably float the stop sign. I would find it ridiculous to stop in the middle of no where with no other people around at all. Some rules can be bent, or even broken at times depending on the situation.