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    Have you been to court?

    created by Amanda Langston 1390 days 19 hours 58 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Have you been to court?

    No, I am not going to court... But, I was wondering, have you been to court?

    How horrible of an experience was it?

    What was it like?

    Were you scared?

    Will you ever be in court?

    Re: Have you been to court?

    No, I have never been to court but I did accompany a friend once. I did not feel scared but I did feel weird being there.
    I do not plan on ever being in court either.

    Re: Have you been to court?

    When I was in twelfth grade I took a Street Law class and we did a mock trial in a real court room with a real judge presiding.

    The other time I was in court was two months ago when I fought my traffic tickets. It was this tiny court off the highway in New Jersey.

    So the first time was pretty exciting. I played one of the prosecuting lawyers and we actually managed to get a (mock) conviction on one count (and a mistrial on the other).

    The second time was a bit harrowing but I didn't have to do any talking besides answer yes to a few questions to it wasn't as bad as I expected.

    In the future, if I get the job I want there is a strong possibility I will end up in court at least a few more times.

    Re: Have you been to court?

    Hi Amanda!

    Yes, I have been to court. It's been several years and it was only one time.

    I was involved in a car accident with another friend of mine. We were racing each other and things turned bad. Luckily nobody was physically hurt. We both were cited for different infractions.

    I ended up having to go to court, I don't really remember why.

    I was so nervous and embarrassed at the same time. There were a ton of people there to be seen before the judge as well. Even though I knew those people committed some sort of offense, I still felt like I was the only one there that was in trouble.

    When it came time to talk to the judge, I was a mess. I even started crying. I knew I had upset my mom and other people I knew. I think it was just an overwhelming experience for me all together.

    I hope I never had to go to court for any reason at all.


    Re: Have you been to court?

    Hi Amanda,

    Have I been to court?

    Yes, don't worry I am not a terrible person. I was 19 at the time; my little cousin who was 17 had a court case. His parents were unable to accompany him. Both me and his step brother (20) represented him as his guardians because they would not carry out the case without adults present.

    Truth is I was paranoid. I have never been to a court hearing before and being so young I didn't know what to expect. The judge was shocked to see such young guardians. It was pretty cool nonetheless.

    Will you ever be in court?...... Again?

    I would hope not lol

    Re: Have you been to court?

    Sadly yes, for a speeding ticket. Long story short I was going 10 over...BUT accidents happen. Court is not that scary. It was a bit overwhelming as a high schooler, but it was very fast pace. No, you do not get a lawyer and it is nothing like how Law in Order is, but hopefully I will never need to go back, besides for jury duty..

    Re: Have you been to court?

    I went for a speeding ticket once. It was actually kind of interesting. If you like to people watch, it is more entertaining than daytime television.

    It gave me a better perspective on both sides of the justice system. The entire courtroom smelled like stale cigarettes and insolence. The majority of the people there seemed to have incorporated their courthouse field trip into a regular routine. A few were in PJs. And then there were a few, younger mostly, people dressed in neat, professional clothing and shaking like a scared puppy. I would like to think most humans contain a reasonable amount of good and somewhere there is just a blockage to their innocence and that the courts are cruel and snooty, but the Judge and DA were so, normal. The judge looked a little tired, not quite jaded, generally intrigued by what each person had to say. You could see an air of twisted pleasure fall over him when the nervous, sweaty newbies shyly approached him and attempted to keep a steady voice. He was kind to them. He thanked the ones who made an effort to groom themselves and returned any disrespect with wit and authority. He seemed kind and fair. I imagined him as my dad and how he would sound if I got suspended or came in past curfew.

    The woman next to me kept making weird bodily noises and shifting around. At one point I obviously, and no doubt rudely, stared at her and wondered where all these people were during the day. She didn't even notice. I would like to think she was just on drugs but unless 40 percent of the room was also on drugs, I doubt it. I felt like I was sitting in the meeting of a subculture. What was even weirder was the fact that the most normal looking people there were in cuffs sitting up in front in different colored jumpsuits. Two were my age, one was pretty cute. There was someone's grandpa and another man who looked like he could have been my neighbor, a store clerk, maybe even a teacher. I wasn't sure if it was stranger that criminals look so "normal" or that all of the people surrounding me weren't the criminals. My heart broke a little for humanity and started making up stories and excuses for everyone.

    The DA must have called my name three times before I heard him because when I walked up and started talking to the judge he asked me if I was OK and if ADD was the reason I was speeding.

    Re: Have you been to court?

    I never been to court but I have accompanied a lot of friends and family I guess I am good moral support. I hopefully never expect to be in court.

    Re: Have you been to court?

    I have been to court. Long story short, when I got back from Iraq and then out of the military, I was broken. So I got into some minor trouble with the law. I found court to be a bit scary but mostly a hassle. I considered it the problem at the time and not my behavior. I have a whole new outlook on life now, so I am not sure what I would percieve it to be like if I ever had to go back to court.