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    What baby animal would you cuddle?

    created by dgriffay 35 days 11 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Hi CNET,

    Everyone loves baby animals that are super cute and just get you right in the feels.

    If you could cuddle with any type of baby animal what would it be.

    For me it be a sloth, they are such funny creatures and have you seen a baby sloth!!!! Nothing cuter or funnier. I would be highly entertained and I bet they are amazing huggers.


    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Give me all the puppies! Seriously, they are my weakness! I want to cuddle and kiss all puppies and take them home with me! My friend had posted about how there was a German Shepherd Rescue tent outside of Target one afternoon they were there and they ended up adopting a Shepherd. Ahhh! That would have been bad news for my husband if I had been there because I easily would have left with a puppy after spending quite a bit of money at Target, my other weakness lol

    Thankfully, I am also past my point of baby fever. Holding newborns after my first daughter was born gave me such strong urges for more babies. I can now easily snuggle them and hand them back to their parents now :)


    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Hey Daniella,

    Oh my goodness a sloth! That is awesome. hmmm I think I'd pick a koala bear or a baby monkey. I have heard that both of those animals can be pretty feisty or even mean, but those would be the two I would want to try and cuddle.


    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Hey Hey!

    I want a baby skunk! Baby skunks are so freaking cute it is ridiculous! I want 10!

    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Hi Daniella,

    So I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a baby with before. They're cute!

    For me, I was to cuddle a baby panda bear. Pandas are my favorite animal, and all baby animals are so darn cute anyhow!

    More logically speaking though, kittens and puppies are great to cuddle with. And since humans are technicals animals, I'm gonna go with a human baby too! I love baby snuggles.

    What a great topic!

    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?


    A baby giraffe or a baby elephant. I think that they are so cute.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    Hi Daniella!
    If I had to choose just one baby animal to cuddle, which is extremely difficult because I love all animals, it would have to be a baby monkey!!! I think monkeys are very fascinating and intelligent creatures, all the more reason to cuddle them!.

    Thank you for the interesting forum!

    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?


    In my earlier years, I was a penguin fanatic! I grew up with an arsenal of stuffed penguins and penguin figurines. When I was young, I’d have nauseating anxiety attacks, cuddling with the stuffed penguins always calmed me down. I think I’d cuddle with baby penguins. It’d feel so natural and comforting. I sort of remind myself of a penguin, I kind of walk like one, I have a similar build to a penguin, and I love to wear the colors black and white. Penguins are not even remotely aggressive. They’re my favorite. :)

    Thanks for the forum.
    Have a good evening. :)

    Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

    A baby cheetah for sure! Their markings are just so cool.