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    Are you photogenic?

    created by KingArthur 301 days 47 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you photogenic?

    Hey guys,

    Are you photogenic? Are you satisfied with the pictures people that of you?

    I’m definitely not!

    Have a good night!


    Re: Are you photogenic?

    I am usually satisfied with the pictures of me, but only if I am not wearing my glasses! I hate how I look with glasses on, I look like a completely different and unattractive person.

    Re: Are you photogenic?

    Good Morning Arthur,
    Happy Wednesday! The majority of time I like my pictures however, I think I always focus too much on how my hair looks (lol). Thanks for the forum and have a blessed and fabulous day.


    Re: Are you photogenic?

    Hi Arthur,

    Most of the time I am okay with my pictures. I have to always keep my eyes in check though. Sometimes they are so squinted that they look like they are closed, and other times it looks like I am forcing them to stay open. Usually I prefer my pictures much better when I have my glasses on.

    It is weird to think about how you photograph. I had a roommate who once told me that I look different in every picture, whether it was my hair or my smile or my eyes, or just the angle of my face. So interesting!