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    Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    created by MaryJP 98 days 5 hours ago

    Category: World

    Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hey Everybody!

    I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am having a pretty good day. I received a very nice compliment today. A staff person here at my college has nominated me for an "Achievement Against the Odds" award. This was such a nice surprise and I am very grateful for this nomination.

    Only five students per year at my college can be awarded this, so to be singled out of thousands of students to be one of the five candidates is quite a compliment. I can only go to school part-time because of financial barriers and each semester (my third in a row now) I have kept my 4.0 gpa, but because I am a part-time student I do not get named to the Dean's List. Just one of the funky rules here. You need to be a full time student to get your name on the Dean's List. I know I earned a 4.0. It's on my school account, but so many others are listed in the local newspaper for their achievement of a 3.5 gpa. Congratulations to them, too!

    So today my word of the day would be "gratitude" because I am blessed with good people around me who go the extra mile to raise my spirits and celebrate me, even when others won't.

    What would be your word of the day for yourself and your life?


    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hey, Mary!


    Today I feel more hopeful than the last couple days. My brain is buzzing with ideas and future plans. I think the break I took yesterday really helped me destress. I have two long months to find out if I get into my school of choice. It's honestly my only option so I NEED this.

    Congrats on the award by the way!!! I can tell you are such a hard worker.

    I hope you keep having a great day! :]

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Optimistic!! Odds were against my favor the past couple of months, but instead of giving up I decided to take a rest and allow things to run its course. Finally incidences that were out of my control, are turning around. Congratulations on your achievement!

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hey, that is great news!

    My word would be Relaxing.

    Even though I still had to come into work, my boss is in meetings all day and so I am kind of on my own. Plus I will be leaving an hour early!

    Tonight I will be taking my fiancee out for dinner and a night on the town, so that is something fun for this evening.

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hey MaryJP,
    Congratulations for your achievements.
    Since I am not able to complete my to do lists today, so one word that sums up today is "INCOMPLETE".

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hi MaryJP,

    Drowsy. :( I just got over a cold not too long ago and now I am sick again. I hardly get sick and this year it came back to back. So sad.

    Anyways, congratulations on your accomplishments!!! You should be so proud of yourself and you do not need validation to know you are doing an amazing job. Keep doing what you are doing and know you are on the right track. Stay positive and the right people will always be inspired to make sure you are noticed.

    I, too, have maintained a 4.0 while attending part time, but when I was full time I was on the Dean's Honor's List and graduated with Honors for my AA. It was so rewarding to be recognized for all of my hard work. Now, I am okay with not getting one. I know I'm putting in the work and more importantly learning! I love my classes and I do wish I was able to attend full time, but I can barely fit a couple classes into my busy schedule.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hi everyone,

    I had a great day today simply because I am in Houston Texas visiting my family. I just can't have enough of them , I don't seem them often so when I do come down I don't want to leave. We have tons of things to do, I am out visiting some few friends at the moment. Have a great day.

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    My word would be miserable.

    It seemed like everything went wrong today. I got stuck in traffic for an hour during work, we didn't get our major goal done today at work, I had less than 6 hours of sleep, and the rec was really busy. Basically, everything seemed to go wrong today. I am glad that your day was great though, Mary JP.

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?


    I attended the United Nations Member Day conference in New York and almost half of the participants were below the age of 25. It was a youthful crowd.

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Hey Mary,

    I think the word that sums up my day is sad, but not because of me being overwhelmingly sad. One of my favorite coworkers' last day was today and it kinda sucks. He was really fun to work with and was only a year older than me so we got along really well. It's going to be really different without him around, but I'm wishing him the best luck on his new adventure and I hope that it works out well for him! We had a taco lunch that my workplace paid for as his last meal with us and it was just really sad. Other than that my day was for the most part calm as I didn't do much, but I was definitely thinking about all of the changes that are going to happen come Monday morning, which I'm not really looking forward to.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    Today I have not really done much yet. So I am going to say a word for yesterday. Yesterday was enjoyable! I saw my girlfriend. We went clothing shopping because I was in need of new work clothes. We then went to dinner and enjoyed each other's company. It was quite enjoyable haha.

    Re: Choose ONE WORD that sums up today for you?

    My word of the Day is Productive!

    I got up early this morning, practiced guitar, and did some laundry. After that I took my dog for a run and then I finished my work out. Now I'm teaching guitar lessons. Hopefully, the rest of my day will be productive as well!