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    what sport do you prefer?

    created by ERICKMED 94 days 10 hours 3 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    what sport do you prefer?

    Hi everyone,

    what sport do you prefer?

    The sport that I prefer will have to be soccer. I love this sport!

    Have a nice day! Share!

    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    Hey Erickmed and all!

    Give me a good basketball game any time! I love to watch these. I never played on a team at any stage of my life, but I shoot some hoops in the driveway every now and then. It's a good stress reliever and fun, too.

    My niece, Katie, is barely 5 feet tall and she can play basketball very well. She was on the team in grade school and high school and was often times the high scorer for the game. My little peanut can run and shoot very well!

    B-Ball it is for me!


    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    My favorite sport is Rugby, love to watch it and play it. Though I have not played it professionally, only the occasional pick up game with friends.

    We have a decent team in my city that I would like to try out for, but I need to increase my training efforts to keep up with some of those guys. Most of them played in college or high school and couldn't give it up.

    I usually will settle for soccer. We have a USL team that I have season seats for and I love going to watch live soccer.

    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    Hi there Erick :)

    I love tennis!
    I played tennis for three years in high school and I also enjoy watching it on my tv.
    Sadly I haven't played it since high school because there is no one I know here at college that will play with me.

    Much love,

    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    Hey Erickmed,
    I like soccer. I used to play soccer, a lot, with my friends. But these days, we can not play anymore due to cold weather. I have been following soccer leagues as well. So, I prefer soccer.

    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    hi hi!

    I love soccer! Crazy how in America this sport is in the corner, while at the rest of the world it is one of the biggest and oldest sports in history! The world calls it Football, but somehow here it's soccer, while the actual American Football has nothing to do with foot. It's a handball game!

    Talk later!

    Re: what sport do you prefer?


    I prefer softball and baseball!

    I have played softball since I was 10. I played travel ball and in high school I was a starter on varsity for 4 years. I love the game but I did not want to commit so much time to it in college because I knew it would be the end of my softball career and I wanted to focus more on my career. However, I do play for the club team for my school and it is so much fun!

    I also love watching baseball. My favorite team is the Orioles and I can't wait until the season starts and I can go to some games.


    Re: what sport do you prefer?

    I prefer soccer cause that's the only sport I used to play since I was growing up, I'm so attach to it.