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    Do you have any pets?

    created by joeycaggz 98 days 9 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you have any pets?

    Hey guys,

    simple question today. Do you have any pets? I have a Parson Russell Terrier. It is kind of like a cross between a Dalmatian and a Jack Russell.

    If you have a pet, what kind is it? Is there an exotic animal that you wish you had? I always wanted a pet monkey.

    I look forward to reading your responses.

    – Joey

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    I do not have any pets. I like animals, I just don't have the time and commitment available to take care of an animal. Growing up I had a dog named Spike.

    Happy Friday!

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hi Joey!

    I only have one cat. He's some sort of an American Shorthair mix. We got him and his brother (who passed away this past fall) from a family friend who took in a stray about 14 years ago.
    I've never really thought about having an exotic animal as a pet... I don't know why but it never really came across my mind.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hey Joey,

    I don't have any pets, but I would love to have a dog. Nothing exotic comes to mind but if you count a Great Dane as one, then yes. I just don't have the time as I'm a graduate student full-time nor the money to spend on pets and pay extra to my leasing company.


    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hi there,

    I do not have any pets, but I will love to have a golden retriever. I've always wanted to have one.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hey there,
    I don't have any pets but u dint even think I need one too anyway.

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    I have a chocolate lab that is about to turn 4 years old in March.

    If I had to choose an exotic animal for a pet I would go with either a lemur or koala bear.

    Re: Do you have any pets?


    I have 3 pets; 2 cats and 1 dog. My two cats are Ollie and Vivi, I've had them both for about 5 years now. Ollie and Vivi, like most cats, are very easy to take care of and when it comes to me having to totally isolate myself from the world I am at least exposed to some form of life when I don't allow myself to talk to anyone.
    My dog Lucy Moose is a year old Rough Collie (like Lassie) and she is my sturdy ROCK. She is sleek like a dolphin with the wit and sass of Carrie Fisher, and so, so smart. Potty training was a 3 day issue then afterwards she figured it out. Despite the idea of a full time college student having a puppy, having her is the best thing that I have ever decided to do. All of my pets ground me and keep me humble, as well as stick to a budget. I always make sure they have food instead of for myself.

    I've had an exotic pet before, I had a hedgehog. It was a little difficult to handle at first since unlike a cat or a dog you can't handle them to console or have them get to know you, since y'know they have quills. I'm not sure if it would be considered exotic but I'd love to have a pygmy goat.


    Re: Do you have any pets?


    I currently do not have any pets, but I like to dog-sit for my friends and family. I think once I'm more stable in my life and feel confident about taking care of another animal, I want to adopt two dogs.


    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hello to whomever is reading this,

    Well, if it's pets you ask about, you've got an interesting story. I won't go into a lot of detail, but my mother has always been an animal lover, which is why we have a lot of animals. Currently, we have:
    -Tiny Tim the Turtle
    -Ginger and Rocky, a guinea pig couple (aww)
    -Fudge, the grumpy but sweet rabbit
    -Hugo the rat; rats are misjudged, they are very smart and super sweet
    -Wasabi the green cheeked parakeet

    Well, we had many animals before too, but they are in a better place now (r.i.p. my loves)

    If you're reading this I appreciate your time! Good luck to all of you!

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hey, Joey!

    I have one Yorkie that will be 7 years old soon.

    My life is going to get busy and I really don't want her home alone for large amounts of time for the first time in her life, so I am going to get another dog this summer! I want a big dog. I'll be living alone with relatively decent things and the areas I can afford have known break-ins. So a large dog should help deter some! I couldn't imagine my Yorkie trying to intimidate burglars. They could hurt her far more easily.

    I also want a cat one day but that will have be farther into the future since most apartments only allow two pets.

    Have a great weekend!

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    I have 2 dogs, a boy and girl labrador. I always wanted a monkey or a cat! I love cats, they don't need much attention.
    - Tyra

    Re: Do you have any pets?

    Hello Joey and all!

    That sounds like an awesome dog. I can't say I would want a monkey, though. Where would you keep it? Or would it just be a small one?

    I have wanted a snake for years now. I had one a striped cornsnake a few years back and sadly, she got loose. A friend was watching it climb on a cherry tree and lost sight of it in the tall grass. We spent hours looking for Waldo, but did not find her. She was a little over a year old and still very small. I miss her dearly. I had gotten her from Petco, but have now made the commitment to only adopt. Our shelters are just terribly cramped with pets that are no longer wanted, why breed more pets when there are already so many?

    My dream snake is a red-tailed boa/boa constrictor, which can grow over 10 feet long. Because of their size, they are a little bit harder to care for and often seen as dangerous. But in general, snakes are very docile. They just need to be handled right. It's also hard to find an apartment that will allows large snakes such as red-tail boas (sigh).

    In a few months, I'll be adopting a snake, but I am not set on any specific species. I'll take a snake I bond with and am sure to be able to care of. One of the great things about snakes is that they are low-maintenance pets in terms of feeding because they eat on average once per week. I can't wait to adopt one :)

    Have a great rest of your day :)