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    What would you change about your childhood?

    created by Nelikya 98 days 22 hours 22 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What would you change about your childhood?

    Hey guys!

    Pretty simple but interesting question today: If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?

    Personally, I always wished that my parents had enrolled me into some kind of sport when I was in elementary school. They were new to the country and didn't know much of these things so I definitely can't blame them. They did their best to raise us.
    However, it would have changed a lot of my childhood to play basketball, soccer or softball at an early age. I was always the slowest runner, I didn't know any of the rules to a lot of sports, and I wasn't outgoing. I think being involved in a sport would have boosted my confidence a lot...also it's a healthy outlet. :)

    What about you?

    Re: What would you change about your childhood?

    My family grew up really poor and since I'm the oldest of three my family had time to get on there feet after my childhood was nearly over. I've always wanted to be in band I have a serious love for band instruments especially drums.
    The school I went to required that we buy our own instruments and my family didn't have the money for it so I went without.
    I still sit as close to the band section at my schools games and fall in love with ever pep rally, so I wish I could of had the opportunity to join the band when I was little. I honestly feel like I'm a band geek at heart and have many friend in the schools band itself

    Re: What would you change about your childhood?

    Hey Regina!

    The thing I'd probably change about my childhood is my attitude toward life. When I moved to Georgia, I hated it. I always thought so negatively about it and I wish I came in with a better attitude because living here has really grown on me. I've made a bunch of close friends, some of whom I can call my brothers, and it's been a really great experience so far.

    I also wish I had started learning an instrument when I was very young. I feel like I have no time to practice nowadays, but if I were younger I'd have so much time in the world!

    - Kyle

    Re: What would you change about your childhood?

    Hello Nelikya!

    Congrats on your win :)

    I would also have liked to be enrolled in some kind of activity at an early age. I was thinking karate. I would have loved that! Hell, even ballet! I took a dance class in high school and I was terrible Lol. Maybe if I were enrolled in it sooner I could have been more coordinated? Idk but I would have loved to have learned something like that at an early age. My parents were also new to the country, so of course, I see how that wasn't their top concern for me growing up.

    Another thing I would change is who I chose as my friends. I moved schools a bit and so was eager to hang out with absolutely anyone, but sometimes they were not always the best crowd. They weren't thugs or anything like that, but they were not quality friends (some of them at least) and I wish I was less afraid to leave them and befriend others.

    Though I was not a trouble-maker I did get into a lot of fights because I stood up for myself and others. I really don't know how I would change that, but I would have liked to see myself less involved with those kinds of situations while still being able to stand up to nasty kids.

    Lol that was a lot wasn't it? Oops. Well I guess that means it was a good question.

    Have a nice day Regina and all!


    Re: What would you change about your childhood?

    Hey Nelikya!

    This is actually a great question because I kind of regret how my childhood went. I don't have any friends from my childhood that I still talk to despite living in the same town for 16 years. Sometimes it bothers me that I won't ever have a friend that I've known forever but I guess that's just not who I am.

    Another thing I wish had happened was getting involved. I started piano lessons in grade 3 but I quit shortly after because I disliked the teacher. I wish I would have talked to my parents about looking for a new teacher instead of dropping piano entirely. It's probably one of my biggest regrets.

    I don't think I was sad as a child though. I had fun when I could and so I'm grateful for that.

    Thanks for the question!


    Re: What would you change about your childhood?

    I would tell my parents their relationship isn't working out and I could hear them arguing, even though they tried to keep it a secret it was pretty obvious. My parents argued 24/7 when I was younger and they finally fully broke up last year during the summer!
    - Tyra