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    What phone company do you use?

    created by alexclevy 96 days 20 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    What phone company do you use?

    Hey guys,

    So my husband and I are looking at alternatives to paying for Verizon's ridiculous monthly bill, and we've been looking at Straight Talk as an alternative. What I see is that it looks fairly decent, has great pricing options, and good data plans. We only have a few options up here like AT&T, Verizon, Straight Talk, and Cricket Wireless. I don't want to lose my phone in the change, but it really is awful what we get for customer service and the payments are just ridiculous for two people. I'm trying to find something that won't be terribly expensive, but comes with good customer service because that is something that Verizon seriously lacks.

    So guys, who do you use for your cell phones? Do you like them? What are the pros and cons?
    (Side Note: if you use Sprint or anything like that please feel free to add also because you might help someone else out!)

    Re: What phone company do you use?


    I use Sprint because it has a good connectivity .I have to call India every second day.

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    Hey Everybody!

    My cell is through Boost Mobile, but my home phone, cable TV and Internet are through Time Warner Cable (whatever their new name is they recently acquired).

    Things are going well with these. We don't have Roadrunner Internet. We have the slower offer they had, but it is serving the purpose for now.

    That's my story!


    Re: What phone company do you use?

    Hello Alex,

    I use Verizon as my phone carrier. I have a net ten phone and it cost's $50 00 a month with unlimited talk text and data. It's been good to me I always get reception no matter where I am.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    hi hi!

    My phone service is Tmobile and I've been with them for 12 years. I hated it at some point because of how expensive my bill was, and the connection is bad in sky rise buiuldings, but not that I'm their golden customer since couple years ago, my bill is 40 bucks for unlimited everything, and since I got a new phone recently, I love how great everything works. So finally after so many years I'm completely satisfied :) I think it makes sense to pick a phone provider and stick to them, because they sure will appreciate your loyalty and you will have your way.

    Talk later!

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    Hey alexclevy,
    I have a Tmobile service with unlimited text and internet. It has been a long time using the T-mobile services. The connectivity is good and the prices are fair enough. Sometimes, they may screw up with your billings when you exchange phone with them that had happen few times. Also, you might need to call customer service few times to fix the expensive bill problems. Other than that, I am okay with its service.

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    My family used to have verizon as well but we just recently switched! We now have Cricket and I would highly recommend it. Prices are much lower and unlimited data is included! One downside is that this "unlimited data" only really works exceptionally up until you have reached 2 gigabytes. It is definitely cheaper though and we have had no issues thus far!

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    I use Straight Talk and I am pretty happy with it. I pay under $50 a month including tax for unlimited talk, text, and 5 GB of LTE. It says unlimited, but they step it down to 2G after the 5 GB. The only issue I had was that my data would cut out once or twice a month until I downloaded the correct program. Oh, I am on the bring your own phone program. That is why I had the issue with the data.

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    Hi there,

    I use sprint, it is a very good phone company.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: What phone company do you use?

    I have AT&T.