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    Do you eat healthy?

    created by crate 135 days 2 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you eat healthy?

    Hi everyone,

    For 2017, my girlfriend and I agreed to try and uphold a healthier diet than we used to. Although we have always eaten relatively well, we were pretty liberal with the amount of times we had fast food, sweets, and overall bad food. I'm sure as the year progresses we'll commit food sins again, but my hope is that we come out of this year feeling more energized and healthy than we're used to.

    Do you try to keep a healthy diet, or just sort of go with it and eat what you feel like?

    Have a great day everybody.


    Re: Do you eat healthy?

    Hey Ryan.

    I would say, lately my wife and I have been very cautious of our choice of food. Up until last six mo this we were pretty much going and having whatever we feel like. This changed.

    My doctor warned me of the dangers my food choice is having on my health. Seems like my cholesterol rate is not as normal as it should be. Therefore he suggested us to meet with a nutritionist and get a plan to reduce too much of junk food. Ever since my meeting with the doctor, we have been really careful on having healthy food. I would say our diet has become more balanced- more vegetables and less meat.

    This doesn't mean we completely stopped going out. Once in a while we eat junk food and atleast few times we buy food from outside as well. But we are not vigilant of our food choices to keep ourselves healthy.

    Thanks for the question.

    Re: Do you eat healthy?

    My boyfriend and I started the Whole 30 diet and I honestly think paleo is the way to go. We completely cut out dairy (I'm lactose intolerant so it's not a huge loss), added sugar, grains, alcohol, and processed foods. We've already noticed a great impact on our energy level and our palate is hypersensitive to sugar. Fresh fruit has never tasted as delicious as it does now.

    What ever diet you choose, it's important to choose something maintainable. I did the calorie deficit for a while, but noticed it wasn't sustainable for me.

    Best luck with your healthy changes!!

    Re: Do you eat healthy?

    Hey Ryan,

    I tend to eat whatever I want, but I also try to make healthy choices.

    I barely consume meat, and I try to eat a mostly vegetarian diet. So when I'm at a restaurant or choosing between one of two meals, maybe I'll pick a healthier option with more vegetables or salad.

    I try to avoid eating at too many fast food joints. And I tend to choose water over soda because I'm usually dehydrated.

    Best of luck with your new diet!