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    Do you like getting dressed up?

    created by rileymcc97 131 days 23 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you like getting dressed up?

    Hey, Everyone!

    Last night my boyfriend and I went out to eat so we both dressed up a bit. Do you like getting dressed up?

    I actually really like dressing up! I love clothes and fancy things so I feel nice when I dress up. If I look nice, I feel nice! I have quite a few dresses, but I often don't have places to wear them. I want to host fancy dinner parties or something haha. However, I don't like being dressed up for too long. I love coming home and getting into something comfy after a night of wearing nice (but sometimes uncomfortable) clothing. It's all about balance I guess!

    What about you? Do you enjoy dressing up? Or do you prefer to wear comfy clothes? How often do you get dressed up? How long does it take you to get ready?

    I look forward to your responses and don't forget to vote twice today!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Do you like getting dressed up?

    hey Riley!

    I actually love to get dressed up ! I enjoy the process of washing my hair with a nice scented shampoo and conditioner haha and then drying my hair.

    And then the process of choosing an appropriate outfit for the event. I also love to put on I go on youtube and try to look up ways to change up my makeup routine.

    AND then last but not least, I love to put the whole thing together.

    If I have the time...then I might take a selfie lol



    Re: Do you like getting dressed up?

    Hey Riley,

    I kind of like going to a formal event and going to dinners. Since last year I haven't gone to many of such events. I used to have frequent balls or something whenever I was in England. I think I still miss the English way of formalities with its elegance and history.

    I do have few full suits in my wardrobe that I hope I will be able to wear sometime soon to some function.

    The last time I went out on my full suit was on my wedding anniversary. I took my wife to a relatively expensive place (I guess it's okay to spend some money atleast once a year) where they had dress codes to dine in. In conclusion we really enjoyed our time there. I hope to go somewhere similar with my lady soon.

    Thanks for the question !!!