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    A place you always try to avoid

    created by JeneluRose 134 days 2 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: World

    A place you always try to avoid

    Good morning to all you guys and gals,

    Happy Election day! The place I try to avoid is Walmart during the day. Just because there's too many people and your tripping over them or people just don't move out of the way. So...........What place do you try to avoid???

    I'll be looking forward to reading your comments.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: A place you always try to avoid

    I will try to avoid the areas of drug usage around my school as I want no part of it. People can take in what they want for their bodies but drugs is not something I want to take part in. Whenever I discover an area of prevalent drug usage, I tend to avoid it unless something significant is causing me to go into that direction.

    Re: A place you always try to avoid

    Hey, Jenelu!

    It isn't exactly the place but who I'm going with. I avoid shopping with my mom because she takes sooo long. When my sister would go too, it turned into an all day event. lol

    Re: A place you always try to avoid

    Howdy, Jenelu!

    I generally try to avoid driving in the city. I hate driving in such crowded places with very narrow roads. It really brings up my anxiety, and while I can do it, I just try to avoid it. I know other people love driving in the city, but that just isn't me. My favorite places to drive are alongside lakes with no other cars around.

    Have a great day!


    Re: A place you always try to avoid

    Hey Jenelu!

    I think I try to avoid going to any government related buildings because the wait is usually soooo long, the people in line stare you over, everyone looks suspicious, and it usually turns into an all day event. I hate it because no one cares if you're inconvenienced or not. There's no choice!

    A good example of these would be the DMV to get my drivers license renewed, the immigration offices (end up waiting for 2-3 hours sometimes even with a schedule), getting a marriage certificate copy, passport offices (usually a 5 hour wait or longer), government hospitals for the sole purpose of volunteering or shadowing...etc. Too much paperwork. Too much processing.

    I was also recently selected to be on jury duty...the selection process took 8 hours and I was finally relieved because at the end of the day no one selected me to be on a jury. I was pretty excited because I was one of the last people in the last group.
    Unfortunately my bad luck seemed to kick in because I was finally chosen to be apart of a court case that took 3 (almost 4) weeks to settle. So for 5 days a week for 3.5 weeks I got to go to court and listen to testimony after testimony. It took a lot of effort not to look bored or fidget too much.

    From now on I've learned my lesson and I try not to get involved with anything government related. I try to resolve all issues through phone calls or online services. I do my best not to even step into a government building.

    Thanks for you question!
    Warm Regards,