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    Is it raining where you live?

    created by ___itsover9000!!! 132 days 20 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Is it raining where you live?

    It's raining like crazy here in los angeles, California. It's going to rain all week too, not really looking forward for the next couple days since I am still recovering from a cold.

    What is the weather like right now in your location ?

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Free and clear in Alabama. Although we just had a small ice storm that shut everything down. I am glad that I have a few days of clear weather, but do not like the freezing temperatures very much.

    Re: Is it raining where you live?


    It's raining like crazy here in San Luis Obispo, California too! I love the weather. It's really great that California is finally getting lots of rain, hopefully, they're able to recover a bit with all this rainfall.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Hey there!

    The weather here in Chicago has (thankfully) calmed down. Earlier in the day, it was raining and extremely windy. This kind of weather is pretty unusual for Chicago in the middle of January because it only ever snows from December to March. We barely got any snow this winter.


    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    I live in Texas, and the weather here is extremely crazy. A couple days ago the high was 30, and now the high is in the 70's! To answer your question, there hasn't been any rain here for a while, but there was a tiny layer of snow about 5 days ago! That's really the only type of precipitation that we have been having here recently!

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Hi everyone,

    It rained a lot last night and we are supposed to get some more rain tonight. I love the rain a lot ... dancing or walking in the rain is my thing, it makes me feel as if I am cleaning my sins away. I live in the New Jersey and I have to say that the rain is better than the snow we've been getting. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    hi hi!

    Yes it did rain this week in Chicago, which is a little strange for January. We have temperatures in the 40s today which is awesome! When it's cold, obviously the rain turns into snow, but I'm liking this chilly weather.

    Talk later!

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Hey Abril,

    It's snowing here! I woke up to about an inch of new snow on top of what we already have and it's supposed to snow all day long. I really like when it snows because it's very calming and quite out. They actually say that because of the way that snow sticks together that it actually helps deaden the sound around you which is really cool. I don't think it was supposed to be warmer than like 4 degrees today so it's going to be a bit chilly. Good thing I just bought some hot chocolate!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Hey Abril and all!

    I'm in Wisconsin and it is raining here, snowing and freezing cold - about 28 degrees worth. There is ice everywhere, covered by a dusting of snow! Not fun!

    Earlier this week I found out that I fractured a bone in my foot at work, so I have a boot cast on my right leg. It is not easy trying to navigate these streets, walking, with a boot cast on! I am learning to do the one stop shopping method of needs. Oh how I miss wandering the mall - and I have had this boot cast for only three days of time with two months to go! Some planning needs to be done!

    Anyway, I am doing fine and will get through this somehow. Winter weather in Wisc is not easy. We are close to Lake Michigan and get a lot of slushy snow here. Mich winters are so much better and easier to get around in.

    Take care all!


    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    My kids have only gone to school One day this year! ONE!

    They are getting so stir crazy. It has snowed more in the Boise, ID area this winter than it has in over 30 plus years.

    It did rain the majority of the day yesterday but that has just created flooding and more issues with the snow.

    The manhole covers are all iced over so the city officials and the news media are begging residents and business owners to find them and dig them out to help with the draining.

    The Boise area has been known for their mild winters and in fact has become a retirement heaven because of them. This year is a fluke year and we keep hoping for the sun to come slowly melt the ice ruts out of our dead end street so we can get to work and school safely.

    Good luck with your rain. We all need the precipitation to get through the summer. I just wish it would spread its self out for all of us.

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Its melting in my home town or Mechanicsville Va or the snows melting that is! It snowed Friday night and I am still of school and it is Wednesday but its actually starting to melt today so unfortunately I'm going back to schooll tomorrow.

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    In Colorado Springs, CO we have experienced extremely high and damaging winds. Power has gone out in areas, buses and semi-trucks have tipped over, and people holding on to anything within reach to not blow over. We need the moisture, but have had very little. I believe tomorrow we are supposed to have snow.
    I wished I lived where it rained more. To me, the rain smells amazing and the sound is so calming.
    Thanks for the question,

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    My place of residence is here in San Antonio,TX. It's like the weather has an mind of its own, one day it will be extremely cold and the next it would be blazing hot. You never know what to really expect here in San Antonio. One day may have to wear a big coat the next day may can wear shorts. It rarely rains here where I live , we haven't seen a drop of rain since 2 months ago.

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    Well, the weather here on
    Long Island is changing daily. We had snow, rain, now 50 degree weather and then it is supposed to be freezing temps again this weekend...brrr

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    its actually damp where I'm at I'm in east tn and we have been getting rained on quiet a bit lately besides the snow and ice we had a few days ago

    Re: Is it raining where you live?

    yes in fact it did rain yesterday night where I live